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Chapter 226: 226
Of Daniel's group, only three of them had a rank 4 body .

One was, of course, Daniel, while the other two were Milo and Phoebe .
However, with the exception of Daniel, all of them had their mental sphere still in the first rank, even though some of them were extremely close to the breakthrough .
It couldn't be helped, the sea of consciousness was the hardest center of power to train: not only it required a long amount of time and a painful training, but it also needed for the mental sphere of the cultivator to be thick and sturdy .
Such requirements could not be met by such young cultivators, especially if their social status was lofty and comfortable .
Sufferings and hardships were required to harden the mental sphere, things that nobles of wealthy families rarely encountered .
They had access to a large number of pills and potions that targeted that center of power but their effects could not match real-life adversities .
Only Daniel, who lived under the constant pressure of being the focal point of the Cause, could achieve a rank 2 sea of consciousness by the age of twenty-three .
Being made of rank 1 mages though didn't mean that the party was weak .
They were still rank 2 cultivators equipped with protective items in the second rank .
They all had a rank 4 martial art and inscribed weapons that suited their combat style, underestimating them would be a mistake .
The five nobles crossed the entrance of the dungeon and immediately noticed something .

"Someone is here!"
Milo exclaimed, giving voice to the thoughts of his companions .
There were clear signs of Noah's passage on the dusty floor, it hadn't even passed half a day since his arrival after all .
"Someone from the Royal family?"
Phoebe asked but Daniel shook his head .
"Unlikely . The footprints belong to a single person and the Royal army always sends at least five men on each mission . It can only be a hunter or some lone cultivator looking for hiding . "
Milo snorted when he heard those words .
"Lone cultivators… This name is too nice to describe what they really are: criminals!"
In a political system like that of the Utra nation, a lone cultivator was almost always a criminal or a fugitive .
Techniques and spells were held by the nobles after all, it was impossible to accomplish something in the cultivation journey without having any relationship with them .
"So, what do we do about this?"

Troy asked timidly, turning his gaze to Daniel .
"If he is a lone cultivator, we will question him and decide if he needs to be apprehended . If he is a hunter, we will try to buy the corpses of the worms that he has killed . "
Daniel answered casually, as if what he was saying was the most obvious thing in the world .
The others in the party nodded at Daniel's upright decision .
In their situation, anyone could have easily decided to take advantage of the unlucky fellow and make some gains out of him .
They outnumbered him and that location was quite remote, no one would find clues of a battle if they were thorough in covering them .

Yet, Daniel didn't even consider that possibility, improving even more his image in front of his party .
Such behavior was the complete opposite of the cultivator that was in the lower layers, smilingly killing magical beasts .
Noah waved his sabers with impeccable dexterity, in only a few minutes, the last beast was killed, leaving more than thirty corpses laid on the ground .
'I'm getting closer but I still have to see any rank 1 or 2 worms . Are they in the center of the pack being fed to stronger beings?'

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Noah thought about the possible options while he gathered the corpses .
'It should be like with the Albino snake, just for a different reason . The environment doesn't have enough "Breath" so they resort to cannibalism, the terrain can't match a living being after all . '
He moved toward a deeper area, raising his attention to the peak .
'I've killed more than fifty rank 3 beasts, if this is still far from the pack, then the report must have been quite old . '
He was certain by then that the Royal family was periodically cleaning the dungeon .
Magical beasts weren't as smart as humans but they weren't completely idiotic either: if the situation didn't force them, they would have already changed the location of their lair, especially with a rank 4 specimen leading them .
The fact that the pack still occupied that area was the confirmation that the beasts were purposely being kept there .
'All these efforts just to create a source of money, being the head of a country seems really annoying . '
Noah sighed internally thinking about how much time the Elbas family had invested in that place .
When he arrived in the lower layer though, the sight changed drastically .
It was still a detention room, with cells scattered randomly on the ground .

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Yet, the walls were full of holes, signing the passage of a high number of magical beasts .
Also, the cells had biting signs on them and were vividly consumed, it seemed that something had sucked off the metal from each bar .
'Were these cells inscribed items?'
Noah guessed, nearing one of the cells to inspect it more carefully .
'Mh, they have eaten the inscriptions on them, I wonder how populous the pack is . Excavating worms are known for their high reproduction rate, I wouldn't be surprised if the Elbas family had purposely planted those beasts here for this reason . '
More magical beasts meant more "Breath" dispersed in the environment when the cleaning operations happened .
That method sacrificed the final amount of Credits obtained but accelerated their creation .
'I don't really know how much does it take for a Credit to form but two thousand years had passed already, the fact that I didn't find a single crystal means that I'm still at some distance from the core . '
Then, a sound forced him to stop his thoughts .
Each hole in the walls began to emit a crawling noise that echoed through the entire underground room .
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'I can't really guess how many there will be like this, I hope they don't destroy the place . '
Noah wielded his sabers and prepared himself for the imminent assault .
At that moment, more than fifty worm's heads came out from the cavities around him .