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Chapter 229
"They are coming!"

Milo shouted and prepared for the assault of the magical beasts .
The others in his group did the same and set themselves up in a circular formation that covered every angle .
Daniel wielded a silver sword, Milo had two daggers, Phoebe held a spear with both her hands, and Troy and Manuel were ready with their swords pointed toward the walls .
"They should be only rank 3 beasts, no need to waste mental energy on them . "
Daniel loudly ordered and the others nodded in approval, their strength was way superior to that of those weak creatures .
Three of them had a rank 4 body after all, using spells would be overkill .
The worms slowly came out of the tunnels and inspected the situation .
In the eyes of those simple beasts, the five humans in a circle in front of them were simply too scary .
They exuded a strong battle intent and they were working together, they would rather go after the solitary human in the deeper parts of their lair .
However, their leader had given specific orders so they jumped at them after a short moment of hesitation .
The result of that fight was quite predictable .

Sixty or so magical beasts in the third rank tried to encircle the cultivators but were vanquished in a few minutes due to the immense difference in power .
Daniel gracefully waved his sword which emitted sharp shining lights that cut the creatures as soon as they came in contact with them .
Milo inflicted precise wounds on every worm that came too close to the formation, killing each of them in one blow .
Phoebe used wide attacks, fully expressing the power of her long weapon, and preventing most of the creatures from coming close to them .
Troy and Manuel were slightly less impactful but still killed a few worms .
It wasn't that they were weak but rather that their three companions were much stronger than them .
When everything was over, Daniel moved to collect the corpses with a satisfied gaze .
His space-rings were already equipped with items that gathered the blood of the worms so the collection part was fast and smooth .
'I should collect three to four hundred of these to be sure . These ambushes are quite useful . '
He thought before being brought back to reality by a strong earthquake .
The room began to tremble just like it had happened to Noah .

Daniel shot an inquisitive look to Milo but he could only shrug his shoulders in answer, he was confused about that situation too .
Then, cracks began to fill the floor of the room and big pieces of the terrain fell in the empty space downward, creating dark pits in the ground .
In the end, the ground broke and revealed the hive-like structure of the lower layers .
The five nobles didn't have any method to fly or to slow their descent .
When they lost their footholds, they fell straight into the nest, separating themselves during the fall when they managed to reach for a cave .
Meanwhile, Noah was running at high speed, killing as many worms as he could .

His tactic was simple: kill all the weaker beasts and have a one versus one against the rank 4 creature .
'Intelligence is useless if you don't have the necessary strength to use it!'
Those were his thoughts .

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The fact that the rank 4 Excavating worm had a Bloodline inheritance and had awakened its sea of consciousness didn't directly increase its battle prowess .
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Intelligence required means to be scary, it was almost useless if it didn't have ways to be applied .
That's why, Noah decided to vanquish its army before facing it, without the possibility of setting encirclements and formations, the threat of its intelligence would be greatly reduced .
However, the exploration of the lair revealed itself quite challenging .
Most of the tunnels were vertical and required the usage of his wings to effectively explore them .
Also, the worms could freely dig their way away from the battle, escaping Noah's chase and reorganizing in another area .
'This is annoying, I've only managed to kill around thirty worms since I entered the lair, they always escape when I kill too many of them . The way in which they escape is suspicious too, it seems that they are trying to lure me somewhere . '
Noah was chasing every trace of life that he found as he had planned, yet, when dealing with a beast with a Bloodline inheritance, he could not act in the same way he did with normal magical beasts .
He had to be wary of the plots and traps of his opponent, he couldn't just jump at every worm he saw .
'If I end up in a closed space with hundreds of magical beasts in the third rank and the leader, I might be in trouble . '

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Then, a tremor ran through the underground area which made Noah stop his advance and jump in the air, warily inspecting the terrain as his wings kept him flying .
'Mh? Did it come from above?'
A sound shifted his attention toward the upper parts of the lair .
As he watched, two figures fell from one of the passages, doing their best to slow down their speed .
One of them was a woman wielding a spear that continuously tried to stab on the walls to create a handhold .
However, her efforts were vain since she could not exert much strength as she fell and her weapon always failed to stick in the wall .
The other one was a man with a sword that Noah found familiar .
He was panicking, looking at how the floor was nearing him .
Then, the woman gave up on stopping her fall and used the spear to launch herself toward the man .
Once she reached him, she grabbed him and prepared herself for the landing .
A loud thud resounded in the area as the two cultivators hit the ground and created a cloud of smoke .
Noah was surprised and calmly went back on the terrain without moving his gaze from those two cultivators .
When the smoke vanished, he was able to see that the woman was squatting with a pained expression as she held the man safely in her arms .