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Chapter 242
"What does he mean by that? What is happening?"

Milo was confused by the exchange of words between Daniel and Noah .
The weaker beasts had arrived in his position and he was swinging his knives to fend them off but he still had the time to ask that question .
"Deal . "
Daniel didn't bother answering Milo but limited himself to give his approval to Noah .
Noah nodded and jumped toward Troy unleashing the full power of the First form of the Ashura .
A large part of his liquid "Breath" had been expended but his body had completely recovered thanks to that .
Twenty ethereal sabers swept the battlefield, sometimes launching wind slashes, sometimes directly beheading the worms .
In a few seconds, Troy's encirclement was broken, Noah had successfully cleared the area around him .
"Go back there and focus on protecting Daniel, I'll take it from here . "
Troy and Milo were stupefied by the speed in which Noah killed all the beasts and Troy instinctively felt that he had to follow his orders .
Daniel nodded at Noah and followed Troy to the back of the underground area, only Noah and Milo remained on the battlefield .
"You go there too . "
Milo, Daniel, and Troy asked at the same time .

"I can't really fight with other people but if you really want to stay, you do that at your own risk . "
Noah plainly answered and took off his upper clothes, he was ready to go all out!
Echo and Shadow came out of his body and stared fiercely at the rank 4 worm that was still trying to break the blockage of light .
Then, Noah's veins bulged and became black which made them completely visible from over his white skin .
Lastly, black smoke came out of his figure and slowly covered his entire body, spreading itself to his two blood companions .
Milo's pupils constricted due to the sense of danger that he felt coming from Noah and he instinctively retreated where Troy and Daniel were staying .
The three nobles watched with an incredulous expression as Noah transformed into a fiend .
The Demonic form had been activated .
Daniel was the first to understand what was happening due to the repulsive emotions that he felt watching the execution of that spell .
"It can't be, his aptitude is darkness!"
He couldn't help but give voice to his thoughts .
Troy and Milo's eyes widened even more and finally realized the source of that dangerous feeling .
Vance, the strongest student of the academy of his generation, was a cultivator of the darkness element with centers of power that matched Daniel's ones!
"That, how? He is too young!"

Troy said with unwillingness .
He was one year older than Noah but he had been in his same class for more than two years .
He could accept that Noah was a battle genius and that his talent in the martial arts was unparalleled among his peers .
Yet, he really couldn't understand how he improved so fast!
The centers of power required time and resources, he had plenty of them as a noble!

However, all his efforts and status paled compared to the young man in front of him .
Noah turned toward the three nobles and spoke in the usual guttural voice that he had when he entered the complete Demonic form .
"Sixty breaths, not one more . "
Milo and Troy gulped at that scene but Daniel resolutely nodded and sat on the ground, he was going to focus completely on the preparations of his final spell .
More worms rained from the ceiling and tried to attack the four cultivators .
Nevertheless, Milo and Troy were enough to block their assault,
As for those that aimed for Noah, they were consumed as soon as they came in contact with the black smoke .
A screech resounded in the underground area which made Noah focus on his opponent, the leader of the worms had finally destroyed Daniel's spell!

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'It's not weakened by its recent injuries, this will be tough . '
Noah judged seeing the leader inspecting him .
'I really hope that Daniel's spell can kill it, I'd hate to have gone to such length only to lose the Bloodline inheritance . I'll have to rely on the shard in the worst-case scenario . '
His mind was set so he didn't hesitate to jump on the beast .
Twenty fuming ethereal sabers were created in the air around him as he charged and his two blood companions followed closely on his sides .
The leader of the worms recognized that technique and used the previous tactic to break it .
The beast shot like a bullet in the air and crashed on Noah's body, uncaring of the blades that landed on its body .
However, this time, Noah's attacks were empowered by his spell and the black smoke that they released was extremely corrosive .
The sabers pierced its skin and stabbed themselves deeply between its muscles where they released even more smoke from inside its body .
Noah was flung away due to the impact but the rank 4 creature was forced to stop its charge to fight back the smoke that was corroding its insides .
Meanwhile, Echo and Shadow assaulted it to prevent it from attacking and recovering .
Echo was unable to inflict any damage and could only increase the quantity of smoke around the leader but Shadow's fangs managed to pierce its skin!
'Fusing the Elemental forging method with the Body-inscription spell was indeed the right choice!'
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Noah was satisfied by Shadow's battle prowess and he struggled to stand up .
The last clash had destroyed the protective membrane of his spell and even dislocated his shoulder, the sheer power of the leader was incredible .
Noah adjusted his shoulder and relied on the healing proprieties of his body to fix it, in a few seconds, he was back at full strength and the smoke reformed around the uncovered part .
'I can't endure this kind of damage for one entire minute . '
He thought, slowly approaching the leader that was continuously destroying his blood companions only to see them immediately reform .
Noah waved his sabers .
Those movements seemed slow, they created some slight distortions in the air where they passed .
Then, his weapons began to treble, increasing the distortions around them .
Noah felt an incredible pressure weighing on his arms and shoulders but his body was strong enough to endure it .
The leader was enraged, it turned its attention toward Noah and pounced at him again .
Noah's six arms combined together, joining the six sabers to form a single one .
As the worm was about to clash with him, Noah performed a downward vertical slash that precisely hit the head of the worm .
To the surprise of everyone in the room, Noah and the worm were both sent back by a few meters .
'Second form of the Ashura: Fusion . '