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Chapter 244
Daniel's hand shone with a blinding light, it created colorful wonders inside that crystalline area .

The light then converged in his forefinger, gathering its might in one single point .
Next, it shot out .
A beam of white light was launched, it was fast, so fast that the leader of the beasts couldn't even understand that Daniel was attacking it .
The beam pierced the rank 4 creature's body and came out from its backside, burning the wall at the end of the underground room .
The leader screeched, it tried to curl up to defend from that powerful spell but to no avail, Daniel's spell severed everything in its path .
Then, Daniel moved his hand, it manipulated the beam to slowly trace a line on the beast's body .
Noah was astonished as he watched the leader of the worms slowly being cut in two .
'This spell is way stronger than my Demonic form, no wonder it took a whole minute to cast it . '
The rank 4 Excavating worm was powerless, it couldn't avoid the spell nor protect itself, it cried to no end as his body was divided horizontally .
'Amazing . '
Noah was the nearest person to the beast, he praised in his mind as the effect of the spell unfolded .
A straight line was drawn on the body of the leader, its long form was cut in half, making it fall powerlessly on the ground .

The leader struggled to stand up but half of its body was gone, its efforts only made it lose more blood .
The weaker beasts cried, they stopped their assault on the nobles and returned to the tunnels, they wouldn't dare to fight humans that were able to kill their leader .
'Is it over?'
Noah neared the upper body of the worm, he wanted to inspect its head to look for the Bloodline inheritance .
However, at that moment, the worm jumped from its lying position, it bit on Noah's shoulder and rolled its remaining body around him to prevent his escape .
'This fucking bastard! Just die already!'
Noah was still in his Demonic form but his movements were hindered, he could not perform his martial art .
Also, the leader seemed set on eating him, it didn't care about the damage that it was suffering due to the black smoke .
Noah felt his blood being sucked by the beast's bite, he understood that the leader was using its remaining strength in a desperate attempt for survival .
Noah didn't hesitate, a black shard appeared in his free hand and he injected "Breath" in it .
Then, he launched the shard toward an opening of the worm's mouth .

That shard was his strongest attack, the inscribed item that he created after many attempts and tens of wasted materials, it was the first success in the creation of the Demonic sword .
The shard entered the beast's body and exploded, it wasn't used in the execution of a martial art so it didn't have the power to cut the beast's flesh .
Yet, the power that it held was incredible .
The explosion destroyed the leader's internal organs and created a cloud of black smoke right inside it .

That smoke was different from the one created with Noah's spell, it wasn't as wild and untamed, it focused all its destructiveness in a single spot, inflicting way more damage .
The leader tried to endure the internal pain but it had suffered too many injuries .
Its body was severed in two, its skin was consumed and scorched, and its internal organs were wounded due to the constant damage that they suffered .
It was with unwillingness that life abandoned its body, making it release its grip on Noah's shoulder and fall on the terrain .
The leader of the worms had finally died!
'Damned worm, you better have what I need . '
Noah dispersed his spell and cut the worm's head from the rest of its body .

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Once the beast was dead, most of its defenses were lowered, allowing Noah to easily cut it .
Then, he inspected the head with his mental energy and stabbed his hand on the bleeding side to better analyze its insides .
It was only when he found a small solid crystal that he heaved a sigh of relief and put the head in his space-ring .
'It was indeed a Bloodline inheritance, I was not wrong . '
Until that moment, he still held some doubts about the existence of that miraculous item .
It couldn't be helped, the sea of consciousness of a magical beast was too rare and it was really hard to discover, Noah could only be certain of its existence after he saw it .
'Now, I should tell a good story . '
Noah turned toward the nobles .
Daniel seemed exhausted, his complexion was pale and large eyebags had appeared under his eyes, he seemed completely drained .
Troy was in a similar situation, he had fought magical beasts nonstop with his weak body, he had reached his limit long ago and was only supporting himself with the help of his pills .
Milo was far better compared to those two .
He had fought for a long time too but he had never suffered any injury and he had only used his martial art, his centers of power were relatively full .

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Then, Noah inspected himself .
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He was full of wounds and his insides needed some time to recover .
Also, his centers of power were almost empty .
The liquid "Breath" inside his body was depleted, his dantian was empty, and only a sliver of mental energy remained inside his sea of consciousness .
'I need to recover before going out of here . '
He was exhausted and beaten but the situation forced him to act .
Noah took an item from his space-rings .
It was his "Breath" blessing, it instantly increased the concentration of "Breath" inside the underground room and it surprised the three nobles .
"You are indeed full of surprises . "
Daniel commented as he gulped some potions .
Noah sat right over the big mineral and drank a potion to aid his recovery before opening his mouth to speak .
"Let's talk . "