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Chapter 246

Troy and Milo expressed their surprise at the same time but Daniel simply continued to stare a Noah in the eyes .
"Why would we even accept you? We know nothing about you and I'm sure that your record isn't clean either! Why would the noble families even accept you?"
Troy continued to express his enmity toward Noah .
"My aptitude and, well, I'm the most promising cultivator that has ever existed . "
Noah answered plainly .
He was the only one that really knew his own strength and he knew that his achievements were unmatched .
"Such gall! The most promising cultivator is right in front of you an-"
Milo began to speak but Daniel raised his hand to interrupt him .
"Enough, he is right . His centers of power are on my same level even though he is way younger than me . Don't let your status blind your judgment . "
Daniel had a broader point of view compared to his fellow nobles .
His family had pressed him to study the art of politics since his aptitude was discovered, he knew the value that a cultivator like Noah could have in the Cause .
Also, if he really managed to bring on his side such a promising man, his status would rise by a lot and more families would be willing to join the Cause .
'A cultivator of the light element and one of the darkness element fighting side by side against the domain of the Royal family . I bet that most of those undecided families will immediately join our ranks if this news was spread . '

He could see the bigger picture and project it in the years to come, Noah was a valuable asset that could convince the public opinion to side with him .
"I believe that you want something though, you clearly know your value . "
Daniel's words surprised the other two nobles but they didn't dare to complain .
If Daniel wasn't against it, there was nothing that they could do about it .
"Resources, techniques, spells, and time . "
Noah didn't hide his intentions and basically asked for everything he could think about .
"Spells are off the table . My family has already indebted itself to nurture me, it can't support another cultivator with a rare element . Resources are not a problem and techniques can be purchased with the joint support of the other nobles . What did you mean by time?"
Noah nodded and fell silent for a bit, pretending to be struggling to find an answer .
"The Royals control me, they would rather kill me that seeing me join their enemies . I need time to prepare and I want to set a meeting with the one leading the Cause . I believe that would be your patriarch, right?"
Daniel nodded and waited for Noah to continue speaking .
"I need two months of time in which my aptitude must remain hidden, the Royals will apprehend me as soon as I'm discovered . Also, I need a safe place where to meet your patriarch . The Royals have cultivators in the heroic ranks making plans for me, I need the protection of someone with a similar strength to effectively switch side . "

Daniel put a hand under his chin and fell deep in thought .

Noah's requests were reasonable, he knew the spying network that the Royals had throughout the country, he was sure that they would act as soon as they heard rumors about treason .
'Yet, Dad will be hesitant in openly accept him, he will probably think of this as a trap that the Royals have set to catch him . I have my doubts too . '
"I… don't trust you . "
Daniel hesitated a bit before saying those words .
His position forced him to be careful, his status couldn't be affected by his poor judgment .
Yet, two heirs had died in his mission, no matter how pained he was about that loss, he had to think of a way to make up in front of the other nobles .
Also, Noah was right, his cultivation speed was unmatched, bringing him on his side would be an incredible feat .
"You can set the time and place . Honestly, I don't really care who comes at the meeting as long as he has the strength to protect me . I just need those two months to handle some personal stuff . "
Noah took a step back in the negotiation .
The truth was that he really couldn't care less about the meeting, he only needed two months of anonymity .
Daniel thought for a long time before nodding to him .
"Deal . Let's meet two months from now on the mountain path near Vonduhr . The nobles have claimed that place after a certain event so the Royals can't really control it . "
Noah smiled and closed his eyes again to focus on his recovery .

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The three nobles did the same, they were exhausted too and Noah's mineral allowed them to spare their precious potions .
It took an entire day for Noah to recover .
He hadn't moved from his position for the whole time and his veins would become black from time to time to aid the healing of his body .
"I will go first, I believe that you should be fine . "
Daniel nodded .
He had completely exhausted his mental energy and was in need of sleep, he needed more time to heal .
"See you in two months . "
Noah smiled at those words and took back the "Breath" blessing in his space-ring before climbing out of the room .
"Do you trust him?"
Milo asked as soon as Noah went away, he wanted to understand Daniel's true intentions .
"Not really but we know his secret, he has to keep our mouths shut in some ways . Anyway, we will decide what to do after the meeting . "
Meanwhile, Noah was running as fast as he could toward the exit of the dungeon .
His wings were unfolded and helped him in the vertical tunnels and, in less than one hour, he managed to return to where the floor had crumbled .

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'Two months of time! I need to use every second!'
Noah didn't stop and continued to climb until he reached the exit leading to the surface .
The light of the sun illuminated his features and he stopped in place as he crossed the exit .
His gaze turned south .
He knew that in that direction, after many forests, mountain ranges, and plains, there was a mansion in the middle of a grassland .
He clearly remembered its features, the defensive wall, the buildings of the outer circle, his old lodgings .
Then, a smug face appeared in his vision .
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It had a blindfold on its left eye and looked at him with disgust and arrogance .
'My hatred will bring me back there eventually but I'm still too weak and the leash around my neck is becoming too tight . '
He sighed, suppressing his killing intent and turning his gaze north .
Then, black flames enveloped his figure, making him disappear in less than a second .