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Chapter 248
A rumor began to spread in the nation .

Vance, the strongest student of the academy of his generation, was secretively a cultivator of the darkness element .
Also, he had kept his aptitude a secret thanks to the help of the Royal family with whom he worked to obtain resources and techniques .
The rumor spread in every direction, surprising everyone that had met him and the Udye family even provided a drawing of his facial features, they were basically aiming to destroy his anonymity .
As for why they did such a thing, there were many reasons .
The first one was to uncover his actual identity, the Utra nation was built using the noble families as its foundation, it was almost impossible to become a cultivator without the approval of a noble family .
That meant that there had to be some records about the birth of a cultivator of the darkness element somewhere, he couldn't have just appeared out of anywhere and have the strength to pass the entrance test of the academy .
Another reason was to uncover some of his businesses with the Royals, if they kept his aptitude as a secret, it meant that the missions in which he was involved had to be socially unacceptable .
The last one was to remove that pawn from the clutches of the Royals, a simple rumor could hinder the plans that they had for such a cultivator .
It didn't take much for this rumor to reach the ears of Evan Balvan, the second son of the patriarch of the Balvan family .
He was in charge of the economic aspect of the family, it was in his duties to be informed of the changes inside the nation that could affect his investments so he was the first to obtain that information .
Of course, he immediately suspected something and activated his network to gather more information .
The rumors piled up, as more people spoke about Noah, his stories would be distorted and modified, making him appear like an unfathomable character .
However, Evan couldn't care less about the rumors, his attention was completely focused on a large sheet with a male face drawn on it .

This man was young, he had long black hair and icy-blue eyes .
His facial features were delicate but they didn't exude any warmth, there was only coldness radiated from his expression .
'It's him!'
Evan was surprised beyond reason .
The investigation in the Shosti's inheritance ground had brought no results for almost five years, he was beginning to lose any hope in finding his daughter and son .
'Noah Balvan is alive! He must know what has happened there!'
Those were his first thoughts as he hurriedly stood up from his desk and ran toward the lodgings of his big brother .
"Adrian! Big brother! Look at this!"
Evan was quite fat but he ran faster than he had ever done in his life at that moment .
A door opened, revealing a burly cultivator with black hair and a stern expression .
"What is it?"
That man was Adrian Balvan, Thomas' firstborn, he was in charge of the personal army of the Balvan family and handled all the missions outside the mansion .

"Look at this!"
Evan couldn't mask his excitement as he handed Noah's picture to him .
"Who is this? A cultivator of the darkness element? Wait, do you think that the bastard survived the events in the separate dimension?"
Adrian had never seen Noah's face so he could only make that connection due to his element .
"I don't know but this man is definitely him! He will surely know what has happened there!"
Adrian fell deep in thought for a few seconds before speaking with a dark expression .
"We can't be sure . Let's confirm his identity with little brother first . "
Evan's expression became dark too but he nodded immediately .
A few minutes later, they arrived in front of a luxurious room, the stench of booze could be sniffed even outside it .
"Rhys, we need to talk . "
Adrian spoke but no answers came from the room .
"It's about Noah, your son . We believe that he is alive . "
Evan added .

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Some noise could immediately be heard from the other side of the room and, in a few seconds, the door opened to reveal a shabby middle-aged man with a patch on his left eye .
"What did you say?"
Adrian and Evan ignored the stench coming from the room and handed him Noah's picture .
Rhys watched incredulously at the sheet, even if Noah had grown since the last time that he saw it, his features were extremely similar to Lily, he recognized him immediately .
"It's him! He is alive! Where is he? What has happened to Fabian?"
Rhys seemed revitalized once some clues about his lost son appeared .
"We don't know . Apparently, he had been in the Royal academy all this time, he is considered one of the strongest youths of his generation . "
Evan spoke but Rhys had already started moving toward his father's lodgings .
"I don't care! If that bastard has something to do with my son disappearance, I will personally tear his limbs one by one . "
Adrian shook his head but Evan's eyes became cold at that though .
He still hadn't considered that possibility, thinking that his son and daughter might have died because of Noah made him even more determined in finding him .
The three arrived in the main hall of the inner circle and reached for a door at the end of that room .
"Father, Noah has reappeared, the Elbas family had him . "

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"Let me see . "
Thomas materialized himself right next to Evan and took Noah's picture from his hands .
Evan seemed used to that behavior and wasn't surprised by Thomas' sudden appearance .
"It is indeed him . Tell me everything you know . "
Evan didn't hesitate and began to report all the rumors that he heard about him .
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Adrian's eyes widened as he listened to that while Rhys gritted his teeth with more strength every time another heroic deed was told .
Noah had broken the record of the entrance test of the academy, he had been the strongest student of his generation, he had secretly worked with the Royal family, and these stories were only the official ones .
"I understand, it seems that I have to make a trip to the Royal city . "
Thomas spoke once Evan had ended his explanation .
"Wait, father, let me come!"
Rhys begged Thomas but the latter answered with a cold gaze .
"This genius could have been part of our family if you could have handled your lust! Go back in your quarters until I return . Adrian, you are in charge while I'm gone . "
Adrian bowed and Thomas disappeared right in front of their eyes .