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Chapter 249
A man shot through the sky of the Utra continent, dividing the clouds that he encountered .

That man was Thomas Balvan, Noah's grandfather, who was flying on top of a transparent circular platform made of air at high speed in the direction of the Capital .
That platform was a spell of the wind element, even though Thomas could naturally fly, he preferred to arrive at the Royal city as fast as he could .
The matter concerning the concealment of his grandson had great importance in his mind, it could be said that the future of his family depended on it .
After all, a noble family was founded on strong cultivators and resources and the Balvan family has lost both of them in the separate dimension .
They lost three heirs, twenty among the most promising soldiers of the new generation, and the resources that they carried .
Also, if they really were dead, all the resources invested in them would have been for naught, gravely endangering the future prospects of the family .
Yet, since Noah was alive, there was a chance that the other cultivators were alive too .
'That kid has the answers, I must find him!'
Those were Thomas' thoughts as he hurried toward the Capital .
He surpassed large forests and vast plains until he could finally see the shape of the huge defensive wall of the Capital .
That travel took him less than two weeks, crossing the country for a cultivator in the heroic ranks was not a big issue .
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Thomas reached the top of the defensive walls and spoke in a soft voice, seemingly to no one .
"I am Thomas Balvan, patriarch of the Balvan family, I request an audience with the Royal dynasty . "
His manners were polite and he even bowed as he spoke those words .
However, nothing happened no matter how much Thomas waited .
'Do they want to wait until the storm quiets down? Hmph!'
Thomas retreated slightly and focused his "Breath" on his vocal cords .
"Noah Balvan! I know that you are disguised as Vance of the academy! Come here and greet your patriarch!"
His voice reverberated from his position mid-air through all the Royal city .
The defensive walls trembled and a transparent membrane that enveloped the skies of the city did the same .
Apparently, the walls were only one of the defensive formations of the Capital, there was another one that covered the entire upper part of it .
However, Thomas' voice was not an attack, it wasn't blocked by the membrane, and his voice was able to spread throughout the city .
Gasps and surprised shouts could be heard among the citizen, many of them were cultivators after all, the news of a cultivator of the darkness element was known even there along with all the rumors that it carried .

"Vance is a noble? But I believed that he was a commoner!"
"Balvan family? I've never heard of it . "
"It's a medium-size noble family . They were quite wealthy for their status until a tragedy hit them a few years ago . I don't know the specifics though . "

"Wait! If Vance belongs to a noble family, does that mean that he escaped? The first cultivator of the darkness element to appear after such a long time is a criminal?"
Voices rang everywhere inside the streets of the city as the cultivators began to wonder how many secrets a twenty years old man could hold .
Another rumor was added to the pile: Vance, the student of the academy, was secretly Noah Balvan, a noble .
That realization inevitably led to a conclusion: The Royal family had helped his concealment!
It wasn't a secret that the Royals worked to bring promising heirs on their side but purposely hiding a possible criminal was a completely different matter!
Once the citizen understood that the Royals could use criminals for their means, their image of them was greatly affected .
As for the voice that spread through the city, they didn't bother thinking too much about it .
The patriarch of a medium-size noble family was generally a cultivator of the heroic ranks, they knew that his power had to be unfathomable .

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Thomas waited with a complacent smile right over the defensive walls, he didn't dare to take a step inside the formation without the permission of the Elbas family .
Nevertheless, the transparent membrane soon opened, showing Thaddeus' father standing in the air behind it .
"Thomas, there was no need to create such a mess . "
His expression was dark and his brows were furrowed, they stressed his displeasure toward Thomas' actions .
"Thomas Balvan greets His Majesty Cecil!"
Thomas performed a formal greeting and waited for a reaction from Cecil .
"You can't just come here and do whatever you want, your family has no special privileges, you must use the official ways to get in contact with us . "
Cecil didn't give him permission to stand so Thomas remained in his bowing position .
"I beg to disagree Cecil . This matter involves the future of his family, you will surely forgive his lack of manners . "
A voice sounded behind Thomas as a cultivator with long silver hair and a loose white robe appeared in the air .
The cultivator then slightly bowed, performing a simple greeting .
"Ian Udye greets His Majesty . "

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That man was Daniel's father, the patriarch of the Udye family, one of the wealthiest men in the entire country .
"What are you doing here Ian?"
Cecil was surprised by his presence, that event was too coincidental .
"He is looking for answers, Your Majesty . All of us are . "
A female cultivator appeared right next to Ian, her facial features resembled Phoebe's ones, she was clearly her mother .
"I would like to know if my daughter met a criminal in her mission, a criminal that you disguised as a student . "
"Meredith is right, I also would like to know if this so-called student had something to do with the events near Vonduhr . "
A third cultivator appeared mid-hair, he had long golden hair and he very much resembled Samuel .
'Fred Muwlos is here too . I bet that these vultures have waited all this time nearby, they knew that someone like Thomas would appear . '
Cecil's eyes became cold at that thought but he still smiled on the surface, signaling to the four cultivators to follow him inside the city .
"My son is in the Capital, follow me if you want to hear what he has to say . "