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Chapter 251
Those three words silenced the nobles, only Cecil was aware of the situation .

The truth was that after Noah's element was revealed, they had actively investigated his whereabouts without being able to find any clue .
Noah seemed to have disappeared!
"He hasn't returned to his rented habitation and his academy and hunter tokens can't pinpoint his location . They are either in a space-ring or broken . "
Thaddeus added with his head lowered, he really wasn't prepared for such a situation to happen .
He had given Noah plenty of resources and kept his identity as a secret, he really couldn't understand his actions .
Generally speaking, his terms were the best ones that a cultivator could hope to find in that nation, the was really no one willing to give away that much to a lone cultivator .
"Hmph, how would we know if you are telling the truth? Let's say that you really didn't know about his real identity, how can we be sure that you are not hiding him now that this information is widely known?"
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Ian pressed on, he wouldn't let go of that chance so soon .
At that time, Cecil stepped on .
"Our family division had a meeting about that . We have decided to let any willing noble join the investigation of the Royal dynasty . "
The nobles were surprised by that statement .
Allowing the noble families to join an official investigation of the Royals had a great importance on many sides .

Not only could they prove their innocence in front of witnesses, they could also satisfy the need for information of the nobles .
Ian, Fred, and Meredith weren't that happy about those terms but Thomas was ecstatic!
"If that's the case, I'm willing to follow the Royal dynasty in the search of my grandson . "
He said, performing a deep bow .
It couldn't be helped, Thomas was only the patriarch of a medium-size noble family, his power alone couldn't make the Royals budge, he was more than happy to accept those terms .
His goal was to uncover the whereabouts of all his lost heirs, he had more to lose than anyone .
Cecil nodded to Thomas and waved a hand in the direction of a specific quarter inside the Capital .
"Then, Lord Balvan, I believe you'll be interested in what his Master has to say about him . "
His phrase piqued the attention of the other nobles who silently followed the two Royals toward Noah's previous habitation .
They arrived at a relatively simple building but that featured a high density of "Breath", in Thomas' eyes that place was already extremely luxurious .
Cecil took out a token from his space-ring and he used it to open a certain flat .
The flat was composed of a single large room where a shabby cultivator was sleeping .
"I must warn you, this man has a cracked sea of consciousness, the only information he is able to store is that concerning his inscription method . "

Cecil warned the nobles and entered the room, lightly tapping on Ivor's shoulder to wake him up .

It took a while for Ivor's eyes to open and to gain clarity, it really seemed that his mind was reaching its limits .
"You again?"
Those were the first words that came out of his mouth, it seemed that the Royals had already questioned him .
"Would you mind telling what you said to me a few days ago to these Lords?"
Cecil's manners were polite, he even took out a jar of wine and handed it to him .
"What did we talk about a few days ago?"
Ivor took the jar and began to drink, expressing his confusion about the topic .
"Your student, Vance . Tell us everything you know . "
Thaddeus said .
Ivor took a long time to sort his thoughts .

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"He is a talented kid, one of the most prominent in the Elemental forging method . Honestly, his life must have been tragic for him to have such a strong mental sphere . "
Ivor's words made the cultivators in the room turn toward Thomas who could only sigh helplessly .
He knew that Noah's life hadn't been easy but he was only a bastard, there was no reason to give him any special privileges .
Also, as soon as his aptitude was discovered, his mother had killed herself to stop being a burden to her son, Thomas could only curse to how fast those events had occurred .
"Yes, his life wasn't easy . Do you know where he is now?"
Thomas changed the focus of the conversation .
"No idea, he just comes and goes as he wishes, he never tells me where or why . Oh, now I understand . You have lost him . "
Ivor was shaking his head when realization dawned upon him and he couldn't help but break in a sonorous laugh .
"Hahaha! That kid is the most talented mage in the history of this country and you actually managed to lose him! What a joke!"
Ivor continued to laugh but was forced to stop due to the waves of pain that his mind sent to him .
Thaddeus neared him to speak in a soft voice .
"Your student has abandoned you here . Don't you want to find him and ask him why?"
However, Ivor only laughed more to those words .

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"Haha! Who cares about me! I'm just a wasted cultivator and I've already passed all my knowledge to him . It's actually comforting knowing that he is willing to abandon the people close to him, you will never find someone with that character! I can be ensured of the survival of my method now . "
Ivor's words made the expressions of the cultivators in that room turn dark .
"Can't we simply inspect his sea of consciousness?"
Fred asked to those around him but Cecil shook his head .
"His mental sphere is almost completely cracked, we would just destroy it as soon as we try to examine it . "
Silence fell in the room, they really didn't know how to approach Ivor .
It was at that moment that Ian snorted and turned his attention toward Cecil .
"He is clearly hindering the investigation of the Royal family, what will you do about it?"
Cecil understood the meaning behind his words and focused his mental energy on Ivor's mind .
That action took only an instant but Ivor's mind couldn't withstand the pressure radiated from Cecil and broke, making Ivor's consciousness vanish in the world .
The light in Ivor's eyes vanished and he fell back on the sofa where he was sitting, spilling the wine in the jar everywhere .
Ivor was dead .
"Was he your only lead?"
Thomas asked plainly, the death of a cultivator wasn't really a big deal .
Thaddeus answered him with his gaze still fixed on Ivor's corpse .
"No . We will go to the Shosti's inheritance ground next . "