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Chapter 253: 253
Over the entrance of the inheritance ground, the known one near Mossgrove city .

Eight cultivators stood in the air, carefully watching as one of them sent brown runes on the terrain below .
Five of them were from different noble families while three of them came from the Royal dynasty .
The nobles were Ian Udye, Fred Muwlos, Meredith Ramgett, Thomas Balvan, and Kent Shosti, the latter had joined the group since the investigation involved his family's domain .
The Royals were Cecil, Thaddeus, and the woman that was forcefully opening the inheritance ground .
A rain of brown runes came out of her stretched hands and she kept her eyes closed to focus on the task, the cultivators around here watched in reverence as the process continued .
Her status seemed to be superior even to Cecil since he stood with his head lowered on her side .
After a few hours, a gap opened on the terrain which showed the seemingly endless green plain of the separate dimension .
The woman then opened her eyes and sighed .
"The entrance is open and most of the defensive measures have been destroyed, there is only a will inside . "
The other seven cultivators bowed toward her and Cecil personally expressed his gratitude .

"Lady Edna, your might incredible, such a powerful inheritance ground couldn't last a few hours in front of you . "
Lady Edna snorted at those words .
"Most of the work was done by the time that has passed since its creation . Eccentric Thunder was a monster with a rank 6 dantian, he specialized both in runes and formations, I could have never obtained this result with my power alone if thousands of years hadn't passed . "
She uncaringly replied before continuing with her explanation .
"Remember, even if it has only a small part of its former power, this is still a separate dimension of a mighty expert . Don't try to go all out at once, just slowly exhaust its reserves . I will go now, I've lost way too much time in sorting your mess . "
Lady Edna vanished from her spot but the cultivators there still performed a respectful bow .
The truth was that Cecil had specifically requested for her help to enter the inheritance ground, he simply didn't have the power to force its entrance .
"I'll lead the way . "
Kent took the vanguard position, it was his family's domain after all, he couldn't let anyone guiding him inside the inheritance ground that they have guarded for hundreds of years .
The group of seven entered the pit and found themselves in a green plain with an orange sky .

Even though they were all cultivators in the heroic ranks, they were still surprised by the width of such creation .
Standing on the plain, there was an old cultivator that wore an extremely large hat and a luxurious orange robe .
Eccentric Thunder had appeared as soon as the cultivators entered his dimension!
"You must be senior Eccentric's will, it is an honor to finally meet you after so many years . "
Kent bowed toward Eccentric's figure but the others in his group didn't follow his example, they didn't have any special relationship with him while the Shosti family had built its wealth on that separate dimension .

Eccentric snorted and opened his mouth to speak .
"It is fun seeing some intruders speaking of honor, have you come for the resources of my dimension? Ha! I will destroy them before handing them to you . "
The runes that composed the dimension began to flicker and emitted an ominous noise, it seemed that Eccentric was ready to detonate the entire dimension .
It was at that moment that Thomas flew in front of Kent and bowed toward eccentric, pleading him in a loud voice .

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"Lord Eccentric Thunder please wait! We have come to investigate a matter concerning the opening of the inheritance ground five years ago . The entire group of cultivators from my family has vanished and there is no trace of it! I wonder if you could tell us what has happened back then . "
Eccentric fell deep in thought .
He knew exactly to what event he was referring to but he was somewhat conflicted about showing it .
'That kid is not my disciple but he still provided me with an heir . I also have to buy some time for June to safely escape the area of the dimension . I'm sorry kid, my disciple has the priority . '
Eccentric sighed, even as a will he still maintained his human gestures .
"I can provide that but you have to close the dimension afterward, I'm still looking for an heir . "
"Deal . "
Cecil answered immediately and Eccentric sighed again before making an ample gesture with his right arm .
The runes on the terrain shone and some faint images appeared .
They pictured a group of soldiers in red armor that was silently encircling a suffering youth with his eyes closed .

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That was the moment when Noah had just come out of the second layer and was enduring the transmission of the Demonic form spell!
The imagine then moved and showed to the cultivators the battle that followed that event .
There was also the sound of their voices, Thomas couldn't help but knit his brows hearing Noah's conversation with Lena .
Then, Noah used the Demonic form for the first time and completely overwhelmed the heirs of the Balvan family, taking all the corpses in his space-ring and leaving in a certain direction .
A moment of silence followed the end of the images, the cultivators were still surprised by what they had seen .
Not only the complete Demonic form was clearly powerful but also its wielder couldn't be underestimated .
After all, Noah was only fifteen during that battle and he was already extremely proficient in combat, some of the nobles couldn't help but internally shake their heads seeing such a talent being forced to rebel against his own family .
"I hope you would forgive my frankness, Lord Thomas . "
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Meredith spoke, turning her head toward the patriarch of the Balvan family before continuing her phrase .
"How could you not suspect him from the beginning? He is clearly one of the strongest youths of the country . "
Thomas showed a complex expression at that question and coughed a couple of times before he was able to give an answer .
"I didn't even know that he had a space-ring . "