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Chapter 254

Chapter 254: 254 . Detonation

The truth was that Noah had always been careful in showing his strength and, also thanks to William's help, he had been able to hide some of his strongest abilities .

His most important trump card at that time had been the Body-inscription spell, it was the ability that had allowed him to triumph in the inheritance ground and obtain the Demonic form spell .

Then, there was his space-ring, stolen from the members of the Gray Shadows, which he had ultimately substituted with a better one .

In the end, he had hidden the incredible pace at which his sea of consciousness improved, hiding his status as a mage thanks to William's assistance .

What had simply been a bastard with some skills in Thomas' eyes was, in truth, a beast that had hidden his sharpest fangs .

"I have really underestimated him . "

Thomas concluded, shaking his head .

He had found his answers, the heirs and soldiers were dead and all their resources had been plundered by Noah, there was really nothing else that he could hope for .

"So, are you saying that this demon has been a student of the academy? Do you simply allow anyone inside?"

However, Fred wasn't happy with the results of the investigation and expressed his complaints .

Thaddeus opened his mouth to answer him .

"The entrance test values the battle prowess and he has performed far better than anyone in his generation . The Royal family is not to blame for being willing to nurture such a talent . "

"What now? Do you have any other lead?"

Meredith joined the conversation and sided with Fred .

Thaddeus shook his head at that question, he really didn't know where Noah could have gone .

Silence fell again in the group of cultivators, they were slowly accepting the worst option .

It was Thomas the one that gave voice to their thoughts .

"I bet that he has left the country already . This is my fault, that kid was raised without any loyalty toward his family or nation, he is only interested in his personal power . "

Cecil neared Thomas and placed a hand on his shoulder .

"Don't worry, we are at fault too . We will emit an arrest warrant and his picture will be affixed everywhere in the Capital . If he dares to show his face, we will surely catch him . "

His voice was firm which gave some confidence to the other nobles .

Fred and Meredith nodded, they had lost their heirs after all, what they wanted the most was to find the main suspect for their son and daughter's demise .

Ian was a bit regretful but he could only accept that outcome .

The Royals had already lost enough face with that matter and he could not prove that they were aware of Noah's real identity, he had to accept that small victory .

The only one completely uncaring about the matter was Kent .

His worries concerned the inheritance ground from which his family gained most of its wealth, knowing that it had been damaged made him fear about the future prospects of his family .

It was with hesitation that he spoke to the group .

"Should we leave? I don't see any reason to protract our stay . "

Thaddeus smiled and pointed at the terrain .

"We have a complete inheritance ground in front of us, I say that we see what it contains . Don't worry, the Royal family won't take anything and you will share the profits equally . "

The cultivators became immediately interested .

That was a separate dimension created by a mighty rank 6 cultivator, it would surely contain something that interested them .

However, Eccentric Thunder was ready for that turn of event .

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The runes that composed the dimension began to tremble as soon as Thaddeus spoke .

Then, they began to explode one by one, creating a chain reaction that detonated bigger pieces of the dimension .

"What? How can this place still hold so much power?"

Cecil was surprised and began to retreat, the other cultivators that came with him did the same .

Eccentric didn't answer, he was using the last reserves of "Breath" to destroy the entire dimension .

'They can't know that someone has taken the inheritance . It's time to vanish for the sake of my heir . '

He was only a will after all and his mission had been completed, he would gladly use his remaining power to erase the traces of June's passage .

Explosions rang everywhere, space itself began to curve due to the power expelled by the orange runes .

Little by little, the entire inheritance ground began to crack and transform in smoke .

Eccentric Thunder's figure slowly transformed into smoke, as soon as it vanished, the three layers of the dimension exploded completely .

Pillars of orange fire shot out in the sky in the spots where the entrances to the dimension were .

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There were nine entrances in total but they were replaced by nine fiery pillars .

June turned due to the commotion that was happening behind her .

She was in a murky swamp, at tens of kilometers from the Shosti's domain .

'Master destroyed the separate dimension, it seems that the invaders were strong . '

She had learned all the defensive protocols of that place, she could immediately link the orange pillars to the destruction of the dimension .

'All of Master's wealth is with me and he even left me some of his lessons in the form of runes, he was already prepared for a similar situation . I should just go back to the mansion, I have a lot to study . '

She walked in the direction of the Ballor mansion, unaware that, upon her arrival, she would learn a lot more about the man that gave the inheritance to her .

Noah soon became publicly a criminal, the information about his past was revealed as it did his deeds .

The Balvan family actively cooperated with the Royal family to create a complete profile of Noah .

In just a few days after the destruction of Eccentric' inheritance ground, Noah became widely known throughout the nation .

His picture was affixed near the criminals' board of the Capital and a bounty was set .

However, no one was able to find him and many began to think that he had completely abandoned the nation .