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Chapter 257
The city of Slyfall was a simple one .

It wasn't luxurious or clean, it only featured a large market, a few hostels, and many taverns .
'This really resembles one of the pirates' hideouts of my previous world, I kind of like it . '
The streets were filled with drunkards and women with revealing clothes, what surprised Noah even more was that most of them were cultivators!
'It seems that I ended up in the gathering point of the criminals of both nations, I should go on my way as soon as I finish my most pressing matters . '
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Noah had his hood lowered, the soldier had advised him not to wear it inside the city and he had finally understood why .
'Everyone here should have quite a record, they won't like someone unwilling to show his face . A hood would just attract trouble . '
He went looking for the best hostel that he could find and he rented a room for the exorbitant price of one hundred Credits per night .
Noah didn't care much about that price, he was in a seemingly lawless city after all, they could set any price they wanted .
Also, the one chosen by Noah was one of the best hostels in the city, he needed the right structure for what he was going to do .
'I can't just absorb the Bloodline Inheritance anywhere, I need a safe and silent space to focus completely on it . '

The records about the Bloodline Inheritance were scarce, Noah only knew how to absorb it and its effects .
Yet, what he knew for sure was that the head of the rank 4 worm was deteriorating and he needed to hurry in absorbing its sea of consciousness before it became ruined .
Noah immediately went to his room and closed the door behind him .
The room was simple but wide, it had a large bed and one couch with a mat laid on the floor .
Also, the density of "Breath" wasn't bad either, Noah guessed that all the expensive habitations had a way to increase its concentration .
'This will do, I don't think it will take more than two weeks . '
Noah had paid the rent for three weeks already, he needed that amount of time to return to his peak form and undergo the absorption .
Four months of constant march weighed on his physical condition, he couldn't just straight up cultivate again, he needed to rest .
Noah went directly to sleep, the fatigue of the travel forced him to rest for more than half a day before his mind could be considered recovered .
'According to the records, I will undergo the life of the beasts while I absorb it . '
Noah ate a satisfying meal before sitting cross-legged on the mat on the floor .

Then, he took out the barrel where he had sealed the head of the rank 4 worm and he opened it .
A pungent smell immediately enveloped the room, four months were really too much even for a rank 4 material .
Noah stabbed his hand in the severed part of the head and took out a small dark-red crystal from it .

That was the solidified sea of consciousness of the magical beast, the Bloodline Inheritance that he had worked so hard to obtain .
'To think that this small thing is one of the best medicines for the mental sphere of a cultivator… My mind should be able to handle it, right?'
What worried Noah the most was the capability of his mind .
A Bloodline Inheritance essentially contained all the experiences of the magical beast and of its predecessors .
It could come in many forms, depending on how much time had passed from its creation .
Of course, the more a beast with a sea of consciousness lived, the more its mind would be valuable .
The sea of consciousness of a magical beast was essentially a worse version of the humans' one, it contained only raw thoughts and strong emotions, it couldn't really be used for the casting of spells and similar .

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However, that was exactly why the cultivators could absorb it!
Their thoughts were denser, their emotions more diversified, they basically had a more complex mind .
Yet, if a beast had lived for too long, its mind could equal the might of the heroic ranks, making it impossible for cultivators in the human ranks to absorb it .
'It shouldn't have been more than twenty years, I don't believe that the Royals would have let it live if they had recognized the Inheritance . '
Noah didn't know it but the last cleansing performed by the Royals had happened only fifteen years ago, his mind could completely cope with the absorption process .
The crystal seemed frail, its surface was rough and uneven, it was really far away from a perfected sea of consciousness .
Noah exhaled loudly and then neared the crystal to the middle of his eyebrows .
The crystal crossed his skin and trespassed his skull, passing unhindered by Noah's brain to reach for his sea of consciousness .
As soon as it entered Noah's mental sphere, its borders broke and the mental energy contained inside was poured in Noah's mind .
It was at that moment that he lost control of his body and began to dream .
Cultivators scarcely dreamt, as their minds improved, they would be more aware of their surroundings in their sleep .

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Yet, Noah completely lost control of himself as his mind started to absorb the thoughts of the beast .
In the dream, Noah opened his eyes only to see a dark underground place .
He ran through tunnels and cavities by instinct, his mind was only led by one basic feeling: Hunger!
Noah had never felt so hungry before, it seemed something compulsory, an instinct that he could not suppress .
He followed the trail of the "Breath", he knew that it came from a living being .
However, when he arrived in the place where the "Breath" was exuded, he found himself in front of a hundred of worm's corpses .
Those were his companions, his pack, he was momentarily stunned by that sight .
Then, a human appeared in the air, his facial features were unclear but Noah clearly recognized the golden color of his armor .
The cultivator simply waved his hand, creating a dense layer of air that completely stomped Noah, reducing him in a meat paste .
It was at that moment that Noah died, the exact moment when hate appeared in his mind .