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Chapter 259
When Noah woke up, he could clearly feel the benefits of the Bloodline Inheritance .

His mind was clearer, his thoughts faster, his mental sphere firm .
Every advancement of the sea of consciousness would actively increase the capabilities of a cultivator's mind: not only did it make him smarter, it also enlarged his point of view, allowing him to consider more possibilities that he thought impossible before .
Of course, what Noah immediately noticed was the increased size of his mental sphere .
'I've gained two to three years of training, the records about the Bloodline Inheritance were right, it really is the best item for the training of the mind . '
Absorbing the sea of consciousness of a magical beast directly increased the mental capabilities of a cultivator, there were really no other potions or pills that could achieve something like that .
However, such a sudden enlargement could lead to an injury or worse, Noah had relied once again on the advantage of his sturdy mind to absorb that inheritance .
'I should stop applying pressure on my mental sphere for a while to let it stabilize, I'm not resuming my training schedule just yet after all . '
Noah decided and focused on the gaseous "Breath" contained in his mind .
He immersed it in the crystalline sea inside his sphere, that water was the representation of his thoughts and will, he was going to refine that "Breath" .
However, he didn't leave that energy inside the sea for long, he took it out as soon as he became able to control it .

Then, he simply dispersed that "Breath" in the air .
His mind had to always endure a constant internal pressure due to his blood companions and the "Breath" needed for the Elemental forging method, Noah had decided to remove one of those things to ease it .
'Without the "Breath" inside my mind, I basically feel no pressure at all . '
His normal state had been one on the verge of a splitting headache for the last two years, he had to admit that having a completely relaxed mind was a good feeling .
'I'll stay like this for a few weeks then I'll increase the quantity of "Breath" stored, I need to become a rank 3 mage as soon as possible . '
Of course, peace and relax were the last things that Noah wanted .
His dantian was improving at a fast pace since he obtained a rank 4 body but, even if it reached the liquid stage, the actual advantages would be limited .
Noah guessed that, if he reached the liquid stage of the second rank of the dantian, he would finally be able to kill a rank 4 beast all by himself .
'That would still require me to go all out but my attacks will surely inflict more damage . Yet, the third rank of the mind would put me on a completely different level . '
Since he was reborn in that world, Noah's biggest advantage had always been his more developed mind .

Then, Noah began to rely more on it because his most powerful spell depended on his mind .
'Performing the Demonic form spell with a rank 3 sea of consciousness would increase my battle prowess far more than when reaching the liquid stage . It is a completely different rank after all, it can't be compared to a more concentrated "Breath" . '

Noah knew that both those breakthroughs were still quite far in the future, yet he couldn't help but be expectant toward them .
'I should cultivate for a few days and then be on my way, I neither trust that soldier nor anyone in this city, I need to reach some real independent country . Also, I might have an idea about a new technique . '
Noah did exactly as he planned .
He cultivated for a few days in order to revitalize his centers of power and return to his peak form .
The high density of "Breath" of the room coupled with his piece of "Breath" blessing created an environment that surpassed even the best training rooms of wealthy nobles, his dantian was refilled in no time and Noah was even able to improve it by a bit .
'At least my body is autonomously reaching the peak of the lower tier of the fourth rank, my lack of body-nourishing methods isn't a pressing matter just yet . '
After he had recovered, he left the room in a hurry, it was best to disappear before the poor state of the habitation was discovered .

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Noah went for the market of the city, he needed to find information about the actual layout of the continent, he couldn't just blindly follow the coastline like he had done for the past for months .
The journey from that place would be somewhat more dangerous than before, he was now marching toward a powerful nation instead of running away from it .
Noah wanted to avoid meeting soldiers of the empire at all costs, all he wanted to do was to lay low for a few years in some messy country in order to work on himself .
Yet, detailed maps were hard to find in that environment .
Most of them simply showed the form of the continent, they didn't have any detail on them with the exception of a few big cities .
"Don't you have one with political borders and danger zones?"
Noah asked a merchant that was proudly showing his maps to him .
"Are you kidding? That stuff belongs to rulers and powerful organizations, if I had something that precious, I wouldn't have to set a shop in the middle of the street!"
The merchant's answer made Noah frown .
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'In the Capital, all the shops had access to high-quality items . Things are really different in the small cities . '
"Can't you at least tell me where I can find one of them?"
Noah insisted, he was really in need of a detailed map .
"Yeah! Knock on the Lord's mansion and ask for one! Stop botheri-"
The merchant's phrase was interrupted by Noah unleashing his cold pressure and nearing his face .
"Look, I don't want trouble . Tell me where I can find the map and I'll reward you . Let's do this the nice way . "
Noah smiled to the merchant but the latter couldn't feel any good intentions coming from that expression .
He then understood that Noah was being serious and he lowered his head to hide his mouth from the people in the street .
"The Broken Cup has an underground chamber with stolen items . They should be quite precious so that is the only place that could have what you are looking for . "