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Published at 29th of October 2019 08:05:04 AM

Chapter 263: 263
'Second Form of the Ashura!'

Noah immediately used his strongest attack .
The ten cultivators had their features covered in black hooded robes, he couldn't distinguish them with only his eyes .
However, if he relied on his senses, he could understand which one of them was the strongest .
They were his first targets .
Using his blood companions to create a diversion and executing the Warp spell to catch by surprise the strongest cultivators, that was his simple but effective plan .
His six arms joined together to slash at the incredulous cultivator .
His heart pumped liquid "Breath" throughout his body and his white sabers released black smoke, he was using his most powerful moves without hesitation .
The cultivator below him could just watch as the air above her distorted and a vertical cut severed her in two .
"Surround him!"
An order resounded from the assailants but Noah didn't allow them to take the initiative .
Black flames enveloped his figure again and he reappeared behind one of the remaining powerful cultivators .
One clean diagonal swing with his joint sabers severed the hooded figure in half, of the ten cultivators, only six of them were still alive .
Noah was using the Warp spell with extreme precision, appearing right in the blind spot of each enemy .

Also, that spell made up for the weakness of the Second Form of the Ashura, even though his attacks were slowed by the pressure on his arms, the surprise effect didn't allow his enemies to dodge .
Noah warped again .
The remaining cultivators anxiously turned, they tried to intercept Noah's sneak attack .
However, Noah didn't teleport behind any of them but in front of two of the weakest ones .
'First Form!'
His sabers multiplied mid-air and slashed at the two helpless cultivators .
Ten fuming attacks crashed on them, their bodies were only in the third rank, they were powerless against Noah's offensive .
Then, Noah sensed a strong fluctuation in the area around him and hastily deployed his wings to shoot in the air .
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Two fireballs and two columns made of ice converged on the terrain below him, creating a deep hole on the ground .
'I lost the initiative . '
Noah cursed in his mind as he watched the remaining four cultivators standing around him on the terrain .

They began to execute strange forms that affected the environment around Noah .
Inscriptions shot from their bodies and created deep signs on the terrain that then converged in the form of shining bullets toward Noah .
Another explosion resounded on the mountain .
Noah couldn't avoid that attack and was hit by the joint technique of his enemies, his flying speed was only in the human ranks after all, and he didn't have enough time to warp away .
"Is he dead?"
"Don't know, cultivators of the darkness element have strange spells . "

"Didn't the Matriarch ask to bring him back alive?"
"Are you saying that you have the ability to capture him alive?"
The four cultivators spoke between themselves as they watched the gray cloud in the air that was created by their last attack .
'Quite peculiar, not only were they all women, but they can also perform these joint techniques . '
Noah thought inside the cloud as his fuming armor reformed .

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He had activated the Demonic form spell at the last moment and managed to avoid any fatal injury, yet, that last attack had still managed to break the protection of his spell, arousing Noah's interest .
The women on the ground watched with wide eyes as the gray cloud darkened .
Black smoke covered the air around them and they gasped at the sight of what became visible after a while .
It was a black humanoid figure, with two short horns and a small tail .
It wielded two fuming sabers and its skin was uneven and moving, it didn't have a solid state .
Noah didn't hesitate, it launched a rain of fuming wind slashes toward the ground, disrupting the position of his enemies and forcing them to retreat .
However, his attacks were too deadly and two of them had a rank 3 body, even though they dodged Noah's slashes they were still hit by the toxic smoke .
Screams resounded in the black cloud that was being created on the ground, the last two cultivators knew that it was time to retreat .
Yet, one of them was hindered by a black panther that had suddenly appeared in front of her .
She immediately used her strongest spell to open a path .
Countless ice shards formed right in front of her and then shot toward the panther, destroying Shadow's body repeatedly .
However, Shadow wasn't a living being, its body reformed after each destruction and continued to interrupt the woman's escape .
"Damned beas-!"

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Her phase was interrupted since Noah appeared right behind her and severed her head .
The last of the group was running at a high speed back to the city of Slyfall .
She didn't have time to care about the cries behind her, she could only do her best to keep her life .
Nevertheless, black flames appeared in front of her from which a young man with a cold gaze came out .
She wanted to speak but the man directly slashed at her, his sabers bent the air and neatly severed her legs .
The woman began to fall but Noah grabbed her head and threw her back toward the mountain .
She was smashed on the ground, her head felt dizzy but the pain coming from her severed limbs kept her aware of her surroundings .
Noah slowly walked toward her .
His complexion was slightly pale, he had used the Warp spell for a total of five times and he had also transformed in the Demonic form, his mental energy had mostly depleted .
Yet, he had managed to win the battle virtually unharmed and he had finally used all his abilities .
'It seems that I still can't use the Demonic form and Warp at the same time, they consume way too much mental energy and using them together would just increase that consumption . '
He had deactivated the black smoke before warping, he wanted for the teleportation to be as precise as possible .
Noah arrived in front of the woman and squatted toward her, uncovering her face in the process .
The beautiful face of a young woman was shown to him, yet, that sight wasn't enough to melt his cold gaze .
"I'll be honest, I will never let you live . Why don't you simply answer my questions so I can avoid torturing you?"