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Chapter 267
Noah resumed his march toward the nation of Efrana .

His centers of power had recovered and he had decided the route to take, staying near the border of the Empire would only increase the chance of being found by the Royals .
The road toward Efrana was long, Noah needed to cross many nations and danger zones of which he only had a few information .
However, that was far better than his initial situation .
'This country is basically deserted, there are only some sparse danger zones, yet, I should find more human settlements in the next one . '
Noah reviewed the information on the map in his mind as he proceeded to walk in a strange rhythm .
He would take short steps, then he would suddenly accelerate, then he would stomp his feet repeatedly .
If anyone watched his actions, they would label him as a mad man .
Nevertheless, Noah was actually training!
He had isolated the lines of the diagram of the Shadow step spell that produced the propulsion effect of the black circles and he was currently trying to recreate those lines with his body .
What he knew about the creation of techniques were only the theories and the records of previous cultivators that had succeeded in it, there wasn't a set method for that .
Every new technique was extremely personal to the cultivator that created it, it reflected his attitude during the creation process and his preferences, there wasn't an established method for that procedure .

Yet, it was recognized that there were three main stages: isolation, experimentation, and perfection .
The isolation stage indicated the part when the cultivator decided and identified the effects that his technique had to have, it was called that way because most cultivators isolated certain parts of a diagram like Noah had done .
The experimentation stage consisted of attempts in the reproduction of those effects .
Many trials were needed when creating the forms of a technique, Noah was currently in that stage, trying to find the movements that produced a propulsion similar to the Shadow step spell .
In the end, the creation of a technique entered the perfection stage .
Once the wanted effects were successfully isolated and reproduced, what was left to do was perfecting those forms so that they could have the intended power .
Only after all those stages had been completed, a technique could be considered finished .
Noah had yet to find the right movements .
He would attempt in every kind of different move that he felt imitated the lines that he had isolated, however, he still couldn't achieve any results .
His body was partially made of "Breath", he didn't need to use the one in his dantian in that process, once his movement met the required rhythm, the propulsion would be produced .
That's how his days were spent .

Noah had previously decided to alternate two days of march to three days of rest and cultivation, he didn't want to neglect his training because of his travel .

Personal power was the most important thing in his mind, that wouldn't change based on where he was .
He spent his time traveling walking in that strange manner, limping and jumping around to synchronize his movements with the chosen lines of the diagram .
The other days were spent in caves or inside trees, making full use of his "Breath" blessing to obtain the best results from his cultivation technique .
His dantian steadily improved in that period and his mental sphere did the same, Noah could already feel that a breakthrough was nearing .
Three weeks had to pass for a change to appear .
Noah was still running in that strange manner, he was moving slowly, his training had a huge impact on his traveling speed .
Then, he pressed twice on the terrain, using just enough strength to continue moving forward, and the effect that he was expecting so much finally showed itself .
Noah felt a slight propulsion when his foot touched the ground for the second time .
He immediately stopped and focused all his attention on his left leg .

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He tried again to make the same exact action but he didn't manage to match the previous rhythm .
However, Noah tried again and again, he had finally found the right movement, he couldn't allow his body to forget that sensation .
Forty-one was the number of times that Noah repeated that movement before he was able to produce that effect again .
Noah didn't stop, he had to automatize that form before he continued to move .
The number of failed attempts between one successful form and another shortened .
It went from forty-one to thirty, from thirty to twelve, from twelve to four .
It was only at that moment that Noah stopped using his left leg and began to train with his right one .
Failed attempts piled on but Noah was becoming more and more used to that form .

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When he managed to complete the right movement every four attempts even with his right leg, Noah returned to use the left one .
The day became night and the sun soon rose again in the sky .
Noah hadn't moved from his position for an entire day .
Two deep holes had been created on the terrain due to the constant repetition of that gesture, Noah's legs were buried in them but he didn't seem to care .
There was only the form of his new martial art in his mind!
When the sun disappeared again on the horizon and the night enveloped the world, Noah stopped his training .
He forcefully kicked his legs free and sat on the ground, his hand went autonomously under his chin as he fell deep in thought .
'I can now execute this form without making mistakes, the easy part is over . '
His body was basically still at its peak condition, he didn't use much strength while he memorized that move .
'The problem now is that I have to increase the overall power of this move, it can barely match a weak rank 1 martial art in this stage . I should first learn to perform it with my body and "Breath" at the same time though, I'll think about increasing its power later . '