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Chapter 272
While Noah was busy traveling and training, the Utra nation had been filled with rumors about him .

The first cultivator of the darkness element that had appeared in decades was, in reality, the bastard son of a medium-size noble family .
His crimes became widely known and many linked tragic events to his person .
Doris' disappearance was one of them, cultivators couldn't think that she had vanished because of personal matters anymore after they had learnt that Noah had been in her same hunting area .
Phoebe and Manuel's death were the same, a second investigation on their weapons revealed some conflicting clues about the cause of their deaths .
Yet, while the most powerful nobles viewed his figure as a stain on their authority, the weaker cultivators thought of him with some reverence .
Noah was a man that had defied his status to became stronger, he had hidden among the most powerful organizations in the country and was now on the run .
'My dear disciple, I've really failed you . '
William was in the outer circle of the Balvan mansion .
His mood was sour as he looked at a picture portraying some of the most dangerous criminals of the nation .
It was needless to say that Noah was among them .
'You have really grown, not even those lofty heirs in the academy were your match, it seems that the whole world has underestimated you . '
His eyes showed some affection as he remembered scenes from the past .
'You were just a smart kid in a difficult situation back then, how could you end in such trouble?'

He sighed .
He knew that Noah had grand ambitions but he had never thought that they would lead him to become a man wanted by the whole nation .
'Please, be safe wherever you are and, if you can, abandon the hate that links you to this family . Abandon all of us and only look at the road in front of you, we are lost causes anyway . '
Sandford and Mark neared him and sat on his table .
"Vice-captain, that kid is crafty, I honestly pity the next organization that will welcome him . "
"My brother is right, he has managed to escape from the Royal family, the Balvans will never find him . "
They tried to lift William's morale a bit, they had fought together with Noah after all, they had more feelings for him than for their masters .
"You guys… Do you know that I can have you hanged because of these words?"
William smiled and teased the brothers who laughed back .
"You should be happier, the kid is safe and well and is becoming stronger every day that he is on the run . Old men like us can only watch as the new generations take over the world . "
Mark commented but then he took a glance toward his brother .
Sandford nodded and wore a stern expression .
"William, the family wants to go to the Ballor mansion and have a meeting with their heir . Noah has lived together with her for quite some time so the Lords want to ask her some questions . "

William's brow arched at those words .
"Did my disciple finally manage to think about something that is not cultivation?"

Sanford showed a proud smile .
"It seems that my teachings had some effects on him . *Sniff* They grow so quickly, one day you are hunting rebels with them, the next one they make noble girls fall in love with them . Such a good kid…"
Mark suppressed a laugh at Sanford's act and William couldn't help but release a happy sigh as he shook his head .
The last period had been a tense one for him considering his relationship with Noah, but Sandy and Mark had always supported him, easing some of that tension .
"So, they want me to go to the mansion?"
Sandy and Mark nodded at the same time .
"You know him better than anyone in the mansion, they want you to hear the girl's story to see if you can understand where he went . "
William snorted at those words .
"Hmph! I've betrayed him once, I won't do it again . However, I suppose I should see this woman, she needs my approval if she wants to be with my disciple!"
Mark and Sandy couldn't suppress their laughter anymore, they understood William's intentions, he was simply eager to know more about Noah .

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Some days later, in the central part of the Ballor mansion .
June was silently cultivating .
She was in a dark underground room covered with inscriptions and a shining orange rune was in front of her .
"I've created countless techniques but only a few of them could be considered actual masterpieces . You lack the talent for runes but you are quite good with formations . Remember, Heaven and Earth is petty but also fair, every road can lead to the same result, you just have to find out how . "
Eccentric Thunder's voice resounded in the room, the rune in front of June carried some of his teachings .
"Runes, formations, inscriptions, each one of those methods can be used for the creation of new techniques . You have a big advantage since you have my whole inheritance but you can't slack off on your study of formations, the day will come when you'll be forced to create something by yourself . "
"The first thing will be something to replace your damned hat!"
June shouted at the rune but there was no response .
The rune carried only registered teachings, there wasn't any will in them .
She sighed looking at the inanimate rune, it wasn't her first time hearing that explanation but she still couldn't force herself to spend hours in the study of formations .

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The constant stream of rumors about Noah made her wander in the memories that she had with him .
Their first battle on the air-ship, the events in the Royal Inheritance, their cohabitation spent stealing Ivor's wine .
However, Ivor was now dead and Noah was a criminal, her happy memories had been turned in constant guilt .
'You hid so much but still decided to trust me with Eccentric's inheritance . I acted so grumpily and spoiled and yet you have never asked for anything . '
She clearly remembered Noah, she remembered how his cold gaze stared at the world with indifference .
'Vance, where are you?'
She missed him, Noah was basically her first friend and he had given her an incredible opportunity, asking only to not use it against himself in return .
'In the end, you couldn't even trust me . '
Noah's last words made her feel regretful, she wished to do more for him but he had vanished and she had no idea when he would come back .
"June, the envoy from the Balvan family has arrived . "
June came back to reality after that communication and she immediately stood up, trying to suppress the anger that she felt .