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Chapter 273
A table filled with delicacies was placed right in the middle of one of the most luxurious rooms of the Ballor mansion .

The table divided the cultivators in the room according to their families .
June, her father, and the Patriarch of the Ballor family were on one side while William, Rhys, and Adrian were on the other one .
"Lord Otis, I want to express my appreciation for allowing us to meet the heir of your family today . "
Adrian spoke in a polite manner to the Patriarch of the Ballor family .
Otis was an elderly man with short silver hair and a long white beard, he waved his hand at Adrian's words with a wide smile on his face .
"This is just a small matter, we are happy to help the Balvan family . "
The Ballor family was just a small-size noble family, even if they were in a different domain, they had still to respect a more powerful family .
"I've already spoken to my daughter, she has agreed to answer all your questions . "
June's father joined the conversation, expressing his good intentions toward that meeting .
June didn't speak, she simply stared at Rhys with cold eyes .
"Thank you, Lord Max, we just want to ask a few questions to your daughter . Specifically, we would like to know what kind of relationship did she have with Noah . "
Five heads turned toward June who simply continued to stare at Rhys .
Max pressed his hands on her shoulder and spoke to her in a soft voice .
"June, they have asked their question . "

June nodded .
"I know, I was just confused . "
"Confused by what exactly?"
Rhys asked that question, he had become quite impatient under her gaze .
"You know, when they told me that you had driven out a genius like Vance, I imagined that you were some kind of powerful asset . It seems that I was wrong . "
June plainly answered .
She was really surprised that Noah's father was only an ordinary cultivator, her mocking though was purely out of anger .
"How dare you!?"
Rhys stood up from his seat and was about to slap her when William grabbed his arm .
"My Lord, she has a rank 4 body, you will only hurt yourself . "
Rhys' pupils constricted as he stared at the young woman in front of him and he coughed loudly before sitting again .
"I'm sorry for her temperament, it's my fault if she came out this wild . "
Max performed a slight bow but he was unable to hide the proud smile that had appeared on his face .
The truth was that the Balvan family could bully them but they couldn't touch June at all .

Not only was she a former student of the academy, but she was also actively working for the Royal family, her position was too high .
Otis Ballor had simply approved the meeting to silence any rumor concerning June's relationship with Noah .
"It's fine, you too please forgive my brother's temper . You can imagine how this situation is affecting his mental health . "
Adrian spoke .
He didn't care about June's words, they were true after all, he just wanted to obtain any valuable information .

"So, were you in a romantic relationship with him?"
He asked .
June lowered her gaze, that question reminded her of the one that Noah asked her back in the academy .
"No, we were just fighting partners . "
"But you have lived together with him for quite some time, right?"
"Yes . "
"I wonder if you have learned anything from your cohabitation with him . "
Adrian led the conversation right to the part he was interested in .

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June lowered her gaze again, her mind reviewed the memories that she had of Noah .
"No, he has always been extremely careful, he has never revealed anything about himself . "
Otis coughed lightly to join the conversation .
"June, he is a criminal, try to remember something at least . "
However, his words only triggered June's anger again .
"What something? All I knew of him was that his name was Vance and that he was stronger than me . He has never spoken about himself, he has never asked anything to anyone, he has basically spent three years cultivating like a madman!"
William lowered his head at those words, they perfectly described the youth that he remembered .
"So, you don't know where he went?"
June shook his head at Adrian's question .
"No, he didn't trust me either . "
Silence enveloped the room, the cultivators from the Balvan family understood that they had just wasted their time .
William wanted to speak but his position didn't allow him to do so, he was just there to try to understand any hidden message in June's words .
'You forsake even this girl's affection…My disciple, I'm really sorry . '
He couldn't help but blame himself for Noah's trust issues, his position had always been complicated in the mansion, he had never had the ability to actively help him .

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June, on the other hand, was just venting her anger .
She had joined the meeting to learn more about Noah but she had been clearly disappointed .
Her anger didn't come from the men in front of her but had birthed from Noah's last words .
'If you ever try to use that power to harm me, I will forsake all the good moments that we had together and kill you without hesitation . '
She clearly remembered those words spoken while she was receiving the inheritance .
'In the end, you couldn't trust me . '
Her anger came from that single moment .
Noah had nothing, no one to rely on, no one looking after him .
He was carrying the burden of Eccentric's inheritance and he had to give it to someone .
He had chosen June but he had done so because of the situation .
That realization had hurt June and she was still carrying that sorrow .
Her hands tightened in a fist every time she thought about that moment, that last interaction with Noah .
'I bothered you so much about your true self… I was really an idiot . The next time I see you, I'll make sure that you understand my position toward you . '
With that resolution in her mind, June stood up from the table and left the meeting, going back to cultivate .