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Published at 18th of November 2019 04:31:26 PM

Chapter 276
The forest was dark and filled with tall trees, the night was the perfect cover for a cultivator like Noah .

He didn't think that the rank 4 creatures would have difficulties in the darkness but he wanted to be in a situation where he could escape whenever he wanted, hunting at night gave him that possibility .
Noah was jumping from branch to branch, looking for a pack of wolves that met his requirements .
He wanted to choose the weaker type of wolves and he wanted to study the terrain before fighting it, he wouldn't just barge in a pack of magical beasts without studying the environment .
'There is movement in that direction . '
Echo heard something moving at a few hundred meters from Noah's position, which made him change his course .
Forty or so Thunder wolves sat quietly in that area, Noah could discern their type by just giving a quick look at the beasts .
'They are quite problematic, the joint attack of the Thunder wolves is strong and, with the leader there, I'm afraid I'll be forced to escape before I have a chance of vanquishing the pack . '
Thunder wolves could make joint attacks, the population of their pack was part of their strength .
'I better find something easier to deal with . '
Noah could choose to slowly kill all the beasts in front of him but that would create a commotion in the forest, a protracted fight could only attract other magical beasts .
In another part of the forest, Noah found a pack of Four-eyed wolves .

'They are far weaker than the Thunder ones but I don't know if my mental sphere can withstand so many mind attacks . I should probably look for something else . '
Hours passed, Noah explored all the forest and found more than six packs of wolves .
'Six rank 4 wolves, this danger zone is quite populated . '
Noah was at the top of a tree, silently staring at a group of thirty or so beasts below him .
They were Three-headed wolves, their specialty was close-combat since they relied mostly on their bodies .
The leader of the pack was a rank 4 wolf five meters tall and its three heads exhaled a nauseous smell that could slow the mental faculties of its prey .
'They are the best target . As the weaker type of wolves in the forest, they have been isolated in this remote area, I should be able to act as I want here . '
Two white sabers appeared in his hands and a layer of mental energy covered his figure .
Then black flames covered his body, making him disappear on the spot .
The wolves were silently sitting on the ground .
The leader was at the center of the pack while all the weaker beasts were all around it for protection .

Life in the forest was rather peaceful for them, there wasn't much food in that area but they could at least avoid fights with the other packs .
Then, all of sudden, black flames appeared right over the head of the leader .
Noah came out of the flames and slashed immediately below him .
Thirty fuming slashes cut the air and crashed in a circular area all around the leader, killing all the weaker beasts in the impact .

A circle made of black smoke isolated the leader from the rest of its pack, the weaker beasts couldn't pass through the smoke or else they would die in a few instants .
Noah was alone with the rank 4 creature!
He didn't hesitate, the membrane around his heart poured "Breath" in his circulatory system and an armor made of black smoke covered his figure, transforming him in a fiend .
Full power right from the beginning of the fight!
The leader was still surprised by the sudden event and couldn't block the descending slash that Noah immediately performed .
Six sabers became one and crashed on one of the heads of the wolf .

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Noah was using the Second Form of the Ashura together with the full power of his body and his strongest spell, coupled with the surprise effect, his assault was unstoppable .
The slash pierced the central head and stabbed Noah's sabers deep into the wolf's skull where they released a torrent of black smoke .
The wolf cried loudly and used its frontal paws together with its other two heads to fend off Noah .
Two pairs of wings came out of his back and his legs kicked the air to distance himself from the wolf's attack .
However, he couldn't match the speed of the leader, its fangs managed to land on Noah's body .
Noah was flung away, the sheer strength of a rank 4 beast was incredible but the protection of the Demonic form and the regeneration ability of his body prevented any serious wound .
In that short exchange, the wolf had lost one of its heads while Noah was still at its peak condition!
'My attacks are effective! I can kill it!'
Noah shot toward the leader and the beast did the same, its specialty was close-combat after all, it would never refuse to fight in that field .
However, Noah suddenly halted his charge and dispersed the Demonic form, revealing his face filled with bulging black veins .

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Black flames covered him right before the leader arrived in his position .
It was still confused by Noah's disappearance when it felt a piercing pain on its right head .
Noah had teleported again over it and transformed back in his fiendish form, inflicting another severe injury to the beast .
'Two heads are down, what will you do next?'
Noah stopped his assault and waited for a reaction from the leader .
The wolf had two of its heads hanging lifelessly from their necks, only its remaining one was staring at Noah with venomous anger .
'It has stopped mindlessly charging, it's waiting for its pack to arrive . Well, I can't allow it . '
Noah jumped ahead, creating more than ten ethereal sabers around him .
The leader looked in disdain at the First Form of the Ashura and used its paws and teeth to fend off most of Noah's attacks .
The effects of the First Form were less evident, Noah's attacks could only pierce the leader's skin and inflict some slight damage, they weren't attacks focused on power after all .
Yet, since he had managed to destroy two heads before the close combat began, he held an incredible advantage .