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Chapter 286
One thousand soldiers for each side, they were staring at each other with animosity and stern expressions .

Yet, there were differences in their attitudes .
The soldiers from the Odrea nation were solemn and focused, they were fighting for their country after all, they were the line of defense that protected their loved ones .
Those from the Empire, instead, had a more relaxed attitude .
They were worried about the imminent battle but they didn't seem that interested in its outcome, also, they seemed far more inexperienced .
'These are just new troops of the Empire while we have experienced soldiers on this side, what a joke . '
Noah understood the meaning behind that battle .
"So, you exchanged your future to become a training ground?"
He couldn't help but ask that question to Logan .
"We do what we must to survive . "
His answer was cold, he didn't appreciate Noah's mocking .
'They are just using your determination to train new soldiers though, I bet that they give away rewards based on their performance . '
Noah had seen a similar situation both in his mansion and in the academy .
'The battle in this country is just a mission for them, they will receive rewards based on their performance and some privilege for their participation . The determination of the two sides is on a completely different level . '

One fought for their country, the other fought for benefits, it was obvious who would prevail .
Yet, the objective of the Empire wasn't to win but to train new soldiers while slowly weakening the Odrea nation .
'No wonder they survived for such a long time, the Empire hasn't a better use for them . '
They had given away their techniques, forever sealing their path toward higher levels, and they were also providing a training ground for new soldiers, what would the Empire gain more from conquering them?
'They are no different from the slaves mining Vostum, they are simply used in a different way . '
Noah sighed, he was beginning to understand the amount of desperation that they had felt through the years .
"Adam, you will join the blue troops on the left side . We usually fight according to our colors so you should only face cultivators on your level . "
Logan reassured Noah while explaining his battle tactic .
"You know, I don't fight well when I'm surrounded by allies, my strength will be affected . "
Noah complained but Logan simply snorted at those words .
"That's your problem, you are part of our country now . Kill as many as you can while protecting those around you, these are your orders . "
Then, he pointed toward the left side of the valley, he was ordering Noah to take his position .
He didn't waste time and went where Logan had pointed, he was soon surrounded by soldiers wearing blue robes, the army was slowly taking the position .

Meanwhile, at the top of one of the mountain peaks .
Lisa followed by her two protectors was coldly looking at a man on the other side of the formation .

"Lady Lisa, you are becoming more beautiful with each passing day . "
The man bowed toward her as he spoke those words .
"Hmph, keep your crap for yourself, Seth, I'm here just to watch the battle . "
One of her protectors took a chair from his space-ring and placed it on the ground .
Lisa calmly sat on it and focused her gaze on the valley below, her eyes seemed to linger on a blue figure with a black hood that covered his face .
That sight saddened her for a second before she wore again a cold expression .
"I see that you have a new outsider in your ranks . What did you give him to make him fight? A martial art? A spell? Or, maybe, yourself?"
Seth mocked from the other side of the formation, causing the anger of the two protectors .
"Watch your mouth trash of the Empire! Lady Lisa is as pure as the day she was born . "
That answer made Seth smile, he enjoyed those kinds of interactions .

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"And what can you even do? The moment you step outside the formation, you will die . "
There was only the defensive formation protecting the Odrea nation from the unmatched power of the Empire, the protector couldn't cross it just to teach a lesson to Seth .
Ultimately, the protector snorted and shut his mouth .
"Lisa, you are losing about fifty soldiers each month, I believe that it won't even take a decade before you'll run out of them . "
Seth continued speaking, uncaring of the cold gazes of the protectors .
"You know, I'm the appointed captain for the missions on the Odrea country, I might purposely select weak soldiers if you manage to please me . "
Seth had a lecherous smile on his face, he was basically offering easier battles in exchange for Lisa's body .
"You lose far more soldiers every time . "
Lisa didn't move her gaze from the valley as she answered, it was almost midday, the battle was about to begin .
"And the Empire is thankful for that . Your help in taking away the trash from our ranks is really appreciated . "
Seth bowed again, there was some truth behind his mocking words .
The battles against the Odrea country were used as a form of training for their new troops .
The Empire was able to skim the ranks of the soldiers, reducing their numbers and obtaining experienced cultivators under their domain .

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Weak soldiers were a burden after all, even for a big country like the Empire .
However, by skimming them in a war, they managed to keep a high standard for their cultivators .
Strength was everything, the Empire had no need for cultivators with a weak battle prowess .
Seth then raised his head and looked toward the sun before quickly lowering it again .
"It's beginning . "
Down in the valley, Noah was in the vanguard position among other soldiers .
The red and black troops were behind them, they were the first line of attack .
A cultivator with a black robe was in front of them, carefully inspecting the position of the sun .
He then raised his hand, the atmosphere in the army immediately became tenser .
Then, he lowered it in a fast motion, loudly shouting to the soldiers behind him .
"To battle!"