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Chapter 287
The battle began .

One thousand soldiers charged against one thousand soldiers, both sides neared each other at high speed .
The side from the Empire had robes with an emblem depicting a winged tiger on their chest area, it wasn't hard to recognize them .
However, Noah didn't focus on the wave of blue soldiers that was about to crash on him, his attention was on the red troops right behind them .
'First wave of spells . '
Noah warily thought .
Spells were the strongest weapons of cultivators, it was obvious that they would be used in that battle .
However, spells usually had a wide range of destruction, they would most likely hurt your allies in that situation .
That's why the moment before the clash of the two armies was the only moment when they could be freely used .
Multicolored lights shone from both sides, the cultivators of both armies cast their long-range magical attacks against the nearing soldiers .
Water bullets, fireballs, beasts of any form and color, icy shards, flashes of lightning, golems, and much more, were created and launched from both sides .

The troops from the Odrea nation were organized, they efficiently divided defensive and offensive spells between themselves .
Those from the Empire, instead, cared more about their personal safety, casting far more defensive spells than needed .
An earth-shaking explosion resounded in the valley due to the impact of that uncountable number of spells .
The earth shook and the terrain shattered under that amount of energy, the joint attacks of two thousand cultivators were too much for that valley to handle .
However, the runes of the formation aided the terrain, making it barely able to withstand the tremors .
Screams and shouts could be heard from both sides, no matter how trained soldiers could be, there were always flaws in their defenses .
Some soldiers directly died, unable to defend from the incoming spells, others were injured due to the shockwaves created after their defenses clashed with the offensive blows, casualties were already mounting .
"Your side always wins in this exchange, my men care too much about their safety to accurately react to those kinds of attacks . "
Seth loudly judged from his position at the top of the mountain, he shook his head at his soldiers' performance .
Lisa, though, was used to that scene and was paying attention to the only unusual person in her army .

She clearly saw that whenever a spell came close to the cultivator with a black hood on his head, a black light would shine which completely destroyed the attack .
'He is not using spells to defend against spells… Bold . '
Noah was running toward the incoming soldiers while judging carefully the might of the spells shooting in his direction .
'They are mostly created by rank 1 mages, only a few of them are from rank 2 ones . My swords are enough to destroy them . '
The power of his new inscribed items could be already seen .
Noah had only expended a small quantity of "Breath" because his sabers were able to completely consume the enemy's attacks .

When Noah injected "Breath" in the Demonic swords, their true power would be revealed .
A threatening sharpness coupled by the destructiveness of the black smoke was radiated as soon as "Breath" circulated in those weapons, the incoming spells were swiftly divided in two only to be devoured by the toxic smoke that was automatically released .
Simply speaking, Noah came out untouched from the first wave of attacks!

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He would always store his sabers after he had used them to defend, they were simply too dangerous to be in the open among his allies, he had to limit their usage in that situation .
The opposing army became closer .
Both sides were running toward each other, an earth-shaking clash at the center of the valley was inevitable .
The soldiers from both nations had formations and battle plans to perform but Noah couldn't care less about them .
He was weakened when he was among his allies, his real power could only be shown when he was surrounded by enemies .
Just as the two sides were about to clash, Noah activated his new spell .
His mental sphere hummed and redirected those vibrations toward his eyes .
His vision blurred for an instant but Noah forced his gaze to stay on the soldier right in front of him .
It was a man in a blue robe, he had a rank 4 body and a dantian that matched Noah's one .
Yet, his mental sphere was only in the first rank, it was simply too weak compared to Noah's level .

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The shockwave hit him .
It wasn't something material or visible, just an inaudible tremor that hit his mental sphere .
That tremor though was dense, it ran through the air like a beam made of mental energy that directly pierced the cultivator's mind, creating a hole in the frontal part of his mental sphere .
However, the power of the shockwave didn't disperse, it continued unhindered its march across the mind of the cultivator, creating another hole on the sphere and exiting from its back .
The shockwave then hit the soldier behind him and destabilized his balance, forcing him to halt his march .
As for the first soldier, his eyes lost their light as life abandoned him, he fell lifelessly on the ground without even being able to react .
One spell to kill a soldier and destabilize the one right behind him!
Noah was elated by the power of the Mental tremor spell, its effects completely matched his expectations .
'Simple mental waves can crack a mental sphere but it takes time and a great amount of concentration to do so, I had to endure the thunderstorm when I fought Manuel because of that . This kind of condensed beam, however, is far more effective and takes way less time to prepare . '
The death of the soldier left an opening in the vanguard line of the Empire .
Noah suppressed the burning sensation on his eyes and shot at full speed right in that opening, he wanted to cut through the enemy's ranks all by himself!