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Chapter 294
A wave of dense "Breath" came out from the bottom of the passage and swept over Noah and the other two cultivators .

'Mausoleum? Is this some sort of inscribed room?'
Noah had lived in habitations with an enhanced density of "Breath", the capital of the Utra nation was filled with such buildings .
However, they were always tuned for cultivators in the human ranks, the most valuable ones were in the center of the city, near the Royal Mansion .
Generally speaking, a higher density of "Breath" quickened the cultivation speed but only in certain quantities .
Each rank of the dantian had a different purity of "Breath", cultivators in the first rank couldn't just absorb the "Breath" in rooms made for rank 3 cultivators, their dantian simply couldn't endure such a training speed .
That's why it was always better to have a slow but constant training rather than a fast and immediate one, putting too much stress on that organ would just produce injuries .
Yet, the "Breath" in the passage was barely enough for cultivators in the second rank, Noah didn't understand how a mighty rank 6 existence could be satisfied with just that .
Lisa understood his confusion and continued her explanation .
"The formation around the country is powered by the "Breath" inside it, our ancestor used his whole essence as its core in order to surpass the limits of the heroic ranks . The defensive formation will always be his masterpiece and the proof that he was worthy of reaching the divine ranks, he simply needed more time . "

Then, she pointed at the various inscriptions on the walls .
"This formation, however, was used to create his training chamber . It gathers the "Breath" from the underground and it's linked to the sea where the density of "Breath" is generally higher . Not only did it prevent the creation of danger zones but it also gave hope to his successors . "
The inscriptions on the wall formed intricate diagrams, they even ended up in runes that flickered with a pale white light .
'Such a majestic work, it should be on par with Eccentric Thunder's dimension . '
The records about these mighty existences were taught in the academy, Noah was aware that Eccentric Thunder had been at the peak of the heroic ranks in his prime .
'He created his inheritance right before undergoing the Heaven Tribulation for the divine ranks, this ancestor should have had a similar thought when he created this environment . '
"The Mausoleum has six layers, each one of them is specific for a rank of the dantian . This is just the first one, cultivators in the first rank are currently training here, please don't disturb them . "
At the end of the passage, a wide shining room unfolded in front of Noah's eyes .
The underground room was filled with mats and many youths could be seen quietly cultivating on them .

They were a bit more than fifteen years old but their concentration surprised even Noah .
'At least a thousand of them, these kids should be the new generation of the nation . There is already someone in the liquid stage between them . '

Noah had to admit that such a feat surprised him .
'The pressure radiated from the inscriptions also affects the mental sphere, the ancestor really thought about everything . '
The light in the room was generated by the formation .
Lines and runes shone with a pale white light that covered the entirety of the room, exuding a halo that pressed on the mental sphere of the cultivators, increasing its sturdiness .
Lisa never stopped walking and reached for a passage at the end of the room .
As soon as she entered the passage though, her brows knitted together as if she was suffering from some sort of mental attack .

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Luke sighed and promptly enveloped her with a layer of mental energy, mitigating the pressure in the passage .
'Oh? Even the weight of the formation increases as we descend . '
Noah barely noticed the increased pressure, his mind was too stable to be affected by that .
Yet, Lisa was only a rank 1 mage, her mental sphere could not endure that environment .
"In the second layer, cultivators in the second rank are training . "
Noah had understood by then the layout of the Mausoleum, it was simple but efficient, it helped both the dantian and the sea of consciousness, truly an excellent training ground .
"So, you lasted until now because of this place . Your higher experience in combat coupled with a faster cultivation speed was barely enough to keep you alive . "
Noah commented as he inspected the luminous lines of the corridor, he really couldn't understand the meaning behind those inscriptions .
"Hmph, the Empire thinks that our soldiers will be depleted in ten years . We can last at least for another century with this place . "

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Lisa snorted as she thought about Seth's words and explained the situation to Noah .
"How isn't it aware of this place? I thought that the deal forced you to give up all the cultivation methods in the heroic ranks . This place is useful till the sixth rank, right?"
Noah expressed his confusion, he wouldn't believe that the Empire didn't mention such an amazing place in the requirements of the agreement .
"This formation can't be moved so it's protected by the formation on the borders of the country . Also, it can't be considered a cultivation method, we can't surpass the human ranks without techniques after all . I believe that the God and a few higher-ups of the Empire are aware of this place, but the common soldiers should be in the dark . They probably hid this information to give hope to their troops . "
'It seems more like a loophole in the agreement rather than an explanation but, well, it's not really my business . '
"Why did you show me this place?"
Noah moved the topic back to his situation as they reached the second layer .
The room there was a bit smaller than the previous one but there were still a few hundreds of cultivators training there, Noah could recognize a few of them from the battle on the valley .
"Inscribe for us and I will allow you to train here . Of course, if you could make cultivation techniques to break through the heroic ranks, I would be even willing to give you my crown . "