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Published at 15th of November 2019 11:40:06 AM

Chapter 297
"I will begin to work immediately, do you have a reinforced room nearby?"

Noah felt restless, he had never had access to so many materials, his mind was being inspired by simply looking at them .
"No, we never really needed one near the inventory . I can order someone to bring them to you, just give me a list . "
Noah nodded as he neared some of the corpses to check their conditions .
They were visibly old but the most important parts were still somewhat usable, he just had to remove the rotten portions during the forging .
"I will need a complete register of these bodies, the rank and their state should also be added to their information . "
"That's not a problem . The formation keeps tracks of those characteristics already, we just need to make a written copy for you to inspect . "
Lisa easily agreed to Noah's demands .
"Then, I'll go back to my room, I have to prepare . "
Noah returned to his reinforced room .
The prospect of undergoing such an intensive session of forging had put him in a good mood .
He gladly welcomed that free training that Lisa had offered him, his ability in the method would only benefit from that .

Also, since the Elemental forging method was his only real chance in creating techniques of higher ranks, he didn't mind strengthening his foundation in it .
'I wonder how I should proceed…'
Noah began to think about the item that he was going to create to arm the soldiers as he absorbed "Breath" in his sea of consciousness .
A long forging session was about to start, he needed a large amount of harmless "Breath" before the materials arrived .
The first item that appeared in his mind was the Moon needle .
He was already experienced with its form and it was also extremely easy to create, its usage was quite straightforward too .
'I should try that first . '
The list of the corpses arrived, Noah was quite satisfied with the accumulation of the country throughout the years .
'The fact that they didn't have any usage for them is actually in my favor, I can freely choose any combination of materials that I want . '
Noah selected many materials, the majority of them were in the fourth rank .
They arrived shortly after he gave the list to the soldier outside his room, all the corpses that he had requested were inside a space-ring, he immediately began to take the pieces that he needed from each of them .

Then, he set his schedule .
The night was reserved for the Dark vortex technique but the high density of "Breath" forced Noah to reduce the time spent cultivating to prevent too much stress from accumulating on the dantian .
That created a window of time where he could rest, moving the training with the Kesier rune to the afternoon right before he went to the Mausoleum .
The mornings, the moment of the day where he was at his peak, were used for his experiments .
Noah immediately attempted in the creation of a second prototype of the Moon needle, he was using materials of various elements before moving on those of the darkness one .

He would gladly request for those of the darkness element as an additional reward for his services if he managed to create items with materials useless to him .
He didn't think that he could simply steal them, there had to be at least a few knowledgeable cultivators paying attention to him .
The first round of experiments begun, his will was skillfully imbued in the "Breath" inside his mind, the liquid black lake over the sea became a sharp saber without errors .
Yet, he wasn't used to those new materials, coupled with the different elements, his first tests turned to be explosive failures .

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An explosion resounded inside his reinforced room .
Only a few days had passed since his deal with Lisa and his cultivation was greatly benefitting from the new environment .
However, his experiments weren't going that well .
The conflicting elements was a bigger problem than he had predicted, there seemed to be a fixed failure rate due to that .
'Mh, even if I ultimately find the right composition, I would lose twenty percent of the materials in the forging process . These explosions though aren't affected by that . '
The power released by the destabilization of the internal composition of the items was equal to the full power that he injected in them, it didn't diminish due to the conflicting element .
Then, he was hit by a realization!
'Why can't I simply create exploding items? They would be just as the grenades of my previous world!'
That idea seemed so doable that Noah immediately stopped the experiments on the improved Moon needles to begin with that new item .
'The instability between the materials won't be a disadvantage anymore, I can use it as the actual weapon . '
He called for the soldier outside his room and gave him another list of materials, he was impatient beyond reason .

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'The difficulty should be in forging something highly unstable but that can maintain that status until "Breath" is injected in it . '
The "Breath" had to be the trigger for the explosion but he had also to consider the delay needed for a cultivator to throw it .
His experiments resumed as soon as the new corpses arrived, Noah seemed especially captivated by the thought of applying the knowledge of his previous world in this one .
A month passed in which explosions continuously reverberated in the room, their might was so scary that Luke was forced to personally visit him to be sure of his safety .
Yet, when he entered the room, he saw Noah with disheveled hair and a ragged and burned robe .
He held a simple-looking brown sphere that had spikes all over its body .
Noah impatiently asked, his days were so full that he barely had any time to eat .
"The monthly battle is tomorrow, I was wondering if you had succeeded in your task . "
Noah was surprised by that statement, the cycle of training and forging made him lose track of the passage of time .
He straightened what remained of his robe and handed the sphere to Luke .
"This is called Instability, it's the prototype of the weapon that I will create for your soldiers . Be careful though, I still have to tune the delay before the explosion . "