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Chapter 299
The cultivators on the desolate mountain stared with wide eyes at the spikes stabbed in the layer of water .

"I wanted to replace the spikes with a rank 3 material too but I don't think that something on that level would survive the explosion . Also, it will lower the actual damage that its capable of so I need to stick with it . "
Noah explained, standing up from his crouching position and carefully inspecting the damages on Leo's spell .
The spikes didn't manage to break through it but they still did some damage, Noah concluded that they were the most powerful aspect of the Instability .
Leo watched his spell with a complex expression .
Noah's weapon was almost useless against rank 3 cultivators but it seemed to be quite effective against those in the second rank .
The casualties in the monthly battles were always red or blue cultivators, increasing their battle prowess would sharply lower that number .
"You said that you could create something similar with just a single rank 4 material?"
Leo asked .
"Yes, it should be doable . The power of the explosion originates from my "Breath" after all, I just need to find a quantity that can be sustained by a rank 3 material and I will be ready to perfect it . "
Noah's answer was honest, he wouldn't lie about that .
The Odrea nation was providing him an endless stream of materials for his experiments, his ability in the Elemental forging method was greatly benefitting from that, he didn't want to stop .
"So, what do you think?"

Lisa asked Leo .
He was the cultivator appointed to control Noah's expenditure of precious materials, he had the last word on his experiments .
"If a single rank 4 material can save our soldiers' lives, I don't see why I should prohibit its usage . "
Leo recognized the power behind Noah's weapon and ultimately approved his creation .
"Then, it's settled . I will start the new rounds of inscriptions after the battle, I should be able to provide some prototypes for the battle next month . "
Noah concluded, moving to return to his room .
"You don't have to fight if you are tired . We can handle the battle ourselves . "
Lisa spoke with a bit of hesitation, the value of Noah's life has increased by a lot after the performance of his creation .
However, Noah simply shrugged his shoulders .
"I have still ninety-eight red robes to kill, how would I reach the required number if I don't fight?"
He left after saying that, he seemed completely uncaring toward tomorrow's battle .
"My Lady, strong personalities are usually the most independent ones, I don't think we will be able to make him join our cause . "

Luke spoke with a soft voice as he watched Noah's figure disappearing in the distance .
She calmly answered, there was wisdom in her eyes as she replied to her protector .
"There is still time . The Empire isn't stupid, they can't allow for so many red robes to die at the hands of a blue one . "
Lisa was right .

The next day, Noah went to the valley where the war was fought and joined the blue troops like he did the other time .
Yet, he didn't recklessly charge inside the enemy lines at that time, such a surprise effect could be used only once .
He simply limited himself to kill as many blue cultivators as he could, calmly waiting for the red ones to join the battle .
However, he soon discovered that he couldn't find a single cultivator in the solid stage alone .

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They were always in pairs, it seemed that the Empire had given strict orders to them .
'Damn, I will be forced to wait till I have another breakthrough if things continue like this . '
Noah moved his attention back on the blue cultivators, if the Empire didn't want to give him an opening, he would create it!
However, he found out that even the blue soldiers had become wary of his presence .
Every time he neared a battle, the soldiers of the Empire would shout warnings to raise their attention .
"The hooded devil is coming here!"
"Watch your backs, he is hiding somewhere!"
"Oh no! The hooded devil took Samir! Regroup around the commander!"
They seemed to have precise battle formations to counter his fighting tactic .
Even if Noah managed to kill some of the isolated blue soldiers, they wouldn't abandon the formation .
Instead, they would group around a pair of red soldiers in a defensive manner, Noah felt that it was impossible to near them while remaining unnoticed .
'I guess I've gained a battle title . '

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Noah sighed at that sight and simply wandered around the battlefield, casually taking the lives of the weaker or isolated soldiers .
Then, as the night neared, the black cultivators entered the battlefield and began to fight at its center .
Noah found a safe position where to watch their battle, even though he couldn't understand their actual power, he was still inspired by their show of strength .
The battle then ended, the Odrea nation had clearly won again but their casualties were larger than the previous month .
Noah had managed to tilt the scales in their favor last time but he couldn't affect this battle, he felt that the Empire was too wary of his actions .
'It seems that I can only place my hopes in the forging, I will remain here for quite some time . '
That realization didn't discourage Noah .
The formation around the country blocked most of the probing of the outside forces and the environment inside it was quite beneficial for Noah's cultivation .
'I should use my time here to solidify my foundation in the Elemental forging method . My mental sphere will be the first to have the breakthrough, I will wait for that before doing a scene . '
It was with those thoughts that he went for the Mausoleum, it was nighttime, it was time to train his dantian .
'I have just reached the liquid stage, it will take some time even with this density . Oh well, nothing I can do about it . '
He calmed his mind and sat on top of his "Breath" blessing carefully placed at the end of the second layer of the Mausoleum .