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Chapter 311

A loud thud resounded in the reinforced room as Noah fell from the ceiling and landed on the floor .
"Are you ok?"
Nina was still speechless in a corner, she had long abandoned the idea of understanding his behavior .
'My will is finally able to push my martial art into the realm of the heroic ranks!'
Noah, however, was completely ignoring her .
The breakthrough of his mind had opened him countless possibilities, he just had to understand the limits of his will .
'This is amazing! My mental energy is not limited to the spells, infusing it in the forging process will increase the effects of my creations by a large margin!'
Every superior rank would increase the power of the center of power by a lot, it was needless to say how much the power of his creations would increase if Noah was to forge with his improved will .
A stronger will would produce stronger effects, the "Breath" infused by his own meaning was able to push a rank 3 martial art to the fourth rank, it was obvious that the same would apply to his creations .
Then, he felt two hands blocking his shoulders .
Noah found a pissed Nina watching him closely and holding him still, she was using her real strength, Noah wasn't able to escape from her grasp .
"Stop ignoring me!"
She pouted as she pushed Noah toward the wall .
"If this is some form of injury, you need to calm down before the damage spreads . "

Her words were sincere, Noah could see her concern from her expression .
He smiled at that sight and unconsciously caressed her cheek, his pale hand made a stark contrast with her dark smooth skin as he reassured her .
"Don't worry, I've simply become a rank 3 mage and got too excited, I'm fine . "
His words though had the opposite effect .
"Ra-rank 3 mage?"
Nina muttered those words with an astonished expression and Noah nodded to answer .
"B-but, you are not even thirty!"
He shrugged his shoulders as a reply .
Nina released her grasp and raised her hand to hold the one caressing her face .
"What kind of monster are you…"
She then laid her body on his and together they sat on the floor with Noah caringly holding her between his arms .
"Does this mean that you'll leave?"
She asked in a soft voice while snuggling her head right below his jaw, Noah could feel her words reverberating through his throat .
"It won't be now but, yes, I'll leave soon . "

Noah didn't lie to her, he had been clear about his intentions since the beginning of their relationship .
"I'll miss you . "
She said, adjusting her position in his embrace .
Noah looked at the beautiful woman in his arms and he couldn't help but smile at her sight .
They have been together for more than one year, even if their relationship had started as a simple method to relieve their stress, they unavoidably began to feel some affection toward each other .
"You could come with me . "
Noah said those words even if he knew that they were wrong .

He had managed to escape from his many pursuers because he was always alone, he could easily warp away to make them lose his tracks .
Being with someone, however, would slow his march and hinder his journey, Noah knew that being alone was for the best .
Yet, he felt some unwillingness in abandoning the peaceful feelings that Nina gave him, that's why he spoke those words .
"You could remain here . "
Nina replied to him using a similar proposal .
She was a soldier, she had defended her country for years and endured the battles against the Empire since the moment she became a rank 2 cultivator .

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Her country was everything to her, she was willing to die for it even if that meant delaying the inevitable, that was her pride .
Noah had his ambition but so did she, their goals simply required for them to separate .
Noah didn't answer her, he limited himself to caressing her curly hair .
She did the same, her hand found its way inside his robe where it could caress Noah's chest .
They stood in silence, their eyes were shut as they enjoyed each other's warmth, a sensation that they were so used to feel but that now seemed ready to vanish forever as soon as they released themselves .
"Noah . "
Nina broke the silence, calling Noah with his real name and raising her head to stare at the young man capable of wonders .
He turned his head toward her, her sensual figure was covered by the brightness of her brown eyes .
"Let's just make the best out of the time that we have left, let's leave the sorrow for when you are gone . "
She was smiling as she spoke, Noah couldn't help but lower his head to kiss her in response .
She accepted his kiss and replied with one of her own, the two of them then laid themselves on the floor, uncaring of the fact that there was no mat, to continue with their soft effusions .

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A couple of days had to pass before they managed to release each other, they didn't leave the room at all during that time .
Then, Noah was seen exiting the reinforced room with a determined expression, the aura around him seemed to exude a dense seriousness .
Noah went directly for the central building of the city where a cultivator in the third rank blocked the entrance .
"Call Lisa, I need a meeting . "
Noah didn't waste time and directly went to the point, the soldier nodded at his words and entered the building to convey his words .
Noah's status had become far loftier in the past months .
All the soldiers looked at him with gratitude and respect, he was sharing their same fate after all and his creations helped them in the monthly battles, they considered him as some sort of benefactor .
That's why the rank 3 guard didn't ask any question, he simply contacted Lisa through his methods .
Just a few minutes had to pass before Noah was bought in the main hall of the building where Lisa, Leo, Luke, and Logan were waiting for him .
"What is it? We were planning the next battle tactic . "
Lisa explained as soon as he entered the hall .
Noah crossed his arms over his chest before speaking in a stern tone .
"I'm here to talk about my last battle . "