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Chapter 313

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Noah exited the main building of the city to return to his room, an agreement had been reached, now it was time to prepare.

'The capabilities of my mind have been vastly improved, forging that many items is not a problem. I even have more free time.'
The third Kesier rune had formed in his mind, he didn't have the fourth one so his afternoons were now free.
That didn't mean that he would stop training his mental sphere though, the Kesier runes were the safest and fastest method that the humans had developed but it wasn't the only one.
Noah had already decided to store even larger quantities of "Breath" in his sea of consciousness to make up for the lack of Kesier runes, his two blood companions radiated virtually no pressure but the "Breath" was still able to affect his sphere.
'Once I find a rank 4 magical beast of the darkness element, the expansion of my sphere should pick up some speed. Well, at least I have a way to continue training.'
Noah couldn't bear slowing the growth of his mind.
Since he was reborn, his sea of consciousness had been his biggest advantage, he didn't want to let go of the center of power that made him a "monster".
The training of the mind consisted in enlarging its sphere, all he had to do was to find ways to increase the internal pressure to obtain a similar effect.
The "Breath" could cover for part of it but Noah still felt that it was too slow, that's why he had finally made up his mind about having a blood companion in the heroic ranks.

The problem was that the Odrea country didn't have any danger zone, he had to wait for his escape before searching for a rank 4 beast of the darkness element.
As for how he was going to spend his remaining time inside the nation, he had already made a schedule.
His nights would continue in the Mausoleum, his dantian was still in the liquid stage, such unbalance between his centers of power was not a good thing, his "Breath" wouldn't be able to keep up with the power of his spells.
The Demonic form spell was part of his plan, he needed to increase his reserves of "Breath" or he would deplete them with one simple activation.
Spells required two types of energy, "Breath" and mental energy.
Since Noah was now a rank 3 mage, his Demonic form would reflect that rank.
However, his dantian was still in the liquid stage, the "Breath" inside it was barely enough to fuel such a powerful spell.
The solid stage was still out of his reach so he could only focus on increasing his reserves of liquid "Breath" before his last battle.
When he returned to his room, Nina welcomed him with a warm hug.

"How did it go?"
"Lisa agreed, I will focus on transforming all the suitable beasts' corpses into weapons before my last battle. I should start immediately, I'm quite eager to test the limits of this new power."
Noah had many things to test with his new sea of consciousness.
He had to tune his martial art to his needs, he had verified its strength but he still needed to integrate it with his battle style which required some time.

Also, he still had to see how his breakthrough affected his forging!
Imbuing his will inside the "Breath" had taken him less than a minute and that was just the refining part!
Manipulating the structure of the materials was a hard task but he was now far stronger than before, he could easily inscribe at a higher speed.
"I know you, once you start training, there is nothing that can stop you. Just be sure to leave some time for me."

Nina said with a pissed expression.
Noah smiled, Nina wanted to make the best out of their remaining time but he needed time to prepare, what he had in mind required a lot of preparation.
That's why he made sure to satisfy her first before starting with his session of forging.
The material had yet to arrive after all, he could spend time caring about the woman that relieved his nights for more than a year.
The materials arrived in a few hours, Nina left him alone as soon as a soldier delivered the goods.
Noah began to work immediately, he was eager to test his new power.
"Breath" was imbued with his will as he held the materials for the Instabilities in his hands, a black membrane was created in a few seconds, Noah was already able to perform those two tasks at the same time.
The materials began to fuse as soon as the "Breath" invaded their structure, their form slowly changed under Noah's control, a blue sphere was created and the gray spikes were carefully layered around its shape.
In less than an hour, an Instability was created.

Noah smiled at its sight, the power that it held far surpassed his previous creations, it was a disposable weapon with the power of the solid stage!
'This is amazing! At this pace, I will be able to create more than ten weapons per day!'
He was amazed by his forging speed, the benefits of a rank 3 sea of consciousness were already showing themselves.
Then, he began to forge a Hidden blast.
Its creation took even less time, its form was simpler after all, he didn't even need to focus during the forging.
A needle with a threatening amount of "Breath" concentrated in its little shape was created, Noah could already see that its power had surpassed each of its previous Hidden blasts.
Less than an hour had passed but two items had been forged, that speed left Noah speechless!
'This will take even less than I thought! Forging, training, I only need three months to be ready for my plan.'
It was with those thoughts that he resumed his forging, he seemed possessed by the new power that he held!