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Published at 25th of November 2019 12:30:05 PM

Chapter 318: 318
The spear made of air was already above him, if Noah hadn't reacted that quickly, he would have been hit by it already .

Yet, he had managed to react just in time, using his most powerful attack to stop the incoming spell .
A shockwave occurred over his head, the clash of those two attacks sent him flying, Noah was able to recover his balance only after he rolled on the ground for a dozen meters .
Only then he could raise his head to stare at the elderly black cultivator that had tried to assassinate him .
He had white hair and a short black beard, thick black eyebrows and shining green eyes, Noah could clearly feel that he was far stronger than him .
'Rank 3 mage, rank 3 dantian in the gaseous stage, he is too strong for me!'
His mind was able to identify the power of the assassin, he internally heaved a sigh of relief seeing that he had been barely able to block his spell .
The shockwave had pierced his attack and destroyed the armor of black smoke, a long wound could be seen on Noah torso which poured blood over his blue robe .
His Demonic form spell had the power of the third rank but it was still fueled by liquid "Breath" in the second one, it couldn't express its full power .
The man in the air, however, was a rank 3 cultivator, his centers of power allowed him to express the true strength of his level .
'Wind element, he is probably using a spell to fly . '

Noah judged quickly, he could see that the man was standing mid-air on a seemingly invisible platform .
"So you really are a rank 3 mage, what a sight . "
The man spoke, his voice resounded in the battlefield, suppressing all the soldiers around him .
Yet, Noah had already stopped listening to him .
His Demonic form was restored and the liquid "Breath" in his circulatory system worked at full speed to heal the wound on his torso, only a few seconds had passed but the blood had already stopped flowing from it .
The black smoke radiated by his spell inevitably reached the soldiers of the Odrea country around him, some of them died on the spot at the touch of the corrosive smoke .
Nevertheless, Noah didn't dare to face a rank 3 cultivator without using his strongest spell .
His life was more important after all, he didn't care if he was blamed for the friendly fire afterward .
The black cultivator raised a hand to prepare another spell but Noah had already acted!
Dozens Hidden blasts shot toward the black soldier as Noah stomped twice on the terrain to activate his martial art .

Explosions rang out one after another, enveloping the assassin in a gray cloud .
Noah didn't dare to stop his offensive, he retreated, launching fuming wind slashes toward the cloud, the gray smoke was slowly devoured by the black one as his attacks piled up .
Then, a gale swept the area, dispersing the dark cloud and revealing the unharmed black soldier .
His expression though had changed from a relaxed one to a stern one .

He had been tasked with the assassination of the hooded cultivator but his sneak attack had failed, his position was noticed by his target just as he had launched his attack .
Then, he watched as Noah unleashed that firepower without hesitation, the sight of his allies dying didn't even slow his retreat .
'What a brutal opponent . '
He couldn't help but have that thought .

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Noah could easily deactivate the Demonic form and stop endangering his allies but he prioritized his safety, uncaringly causing casualties among the army of the Odrea nation .
"Stop running!"
The black soldier cursed loudly and created another spear which he aimed toward the escaping Noah .
Yet, as he was about to launch it, another aged voice resounded in the battlefield .
"Do you have no shame? A mighty rank 3 cultivator sent to assassinate a blue one, the Empire has really fell to its lowest . "
One of the black cultivators of the Odrea country appeared in front of the assassin .
It was an elderly woman with gray hair and a hunched back, she also stood on an invisible platform in order to float in the air .
Noah heaved a sigh of relief and dispersed his Demonic form, the Odrea nation had finally reacted to that threat .
His gaze went on the trail of death that he had left as he escaped, bodies and corroded limbs could be seen on the path that he had taken .
'A bit more than thirty casualties, this spell is really uncontrollable…'

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The sight of his dead allies didn't stop him, Noah waved his hand toward the black cultivators in the air as he returned toward the battle between the two armies .
"You little rascal!"
The black cultivator from the Empire was angered by that gesture and wanted to pounce him but was blocked by the elderly woman that forced him in a one versus one fight .
The attempted assassination of the Empire was a signal for the black soldiers, they joined the battle even if there was still some time before the sunset .
The black cultivators from both sides engaged in a spectacular battle but Noah wasn't in the mood to watch them .
He had luckily survived the assassination but that dangerous feeling was still lingering on his mind, he had to vent it somewhere .
The soldiers of the Odrea nation opened a way for him to join the vanguard, they shot reverent gazes as he passed through their ranks and some of them even bowed .
It couldn't be helped, a blue cultivator had survived the sneak attack of a black one, that feat was something that even legends struggled to tell .
As for the allies that he had killed, they didn't seem to blame him .
Noah had warned them many times to stay away from him when he went all out and the number of lives that had been saved thanks to his weapons far surpassed the deaths that he had caused .
It was with a suffocating killing intent that he rejoined the battle, his sabers bent the air as he jumped toward the remaining soldiers of the Empire .