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Chapter 322
The entirety of the sea was considered a danger zone .

The density of "Breath" in it was generally higher due to the lesser concentration of living beings .
The sea was simply too vast, even if it had numerically more living beings that absorbed the "Breath", its width made up for it .
Noah was still flying, the endless crystalline water prevented him from understanding how far he had traveled, only his mind was useful to keep track of his advance .
'More than one month, no land in sight . '
Noah sighed as he took a pill from his space-ring and ate it, the constant flight was slowly eroding his reserves of energy, only his pills and potions allowed him to continue in his travel .
Another week had to pass before Noah spotted one small island that stood alone in the immensity of the sea .
Noah didn't waste time, he dove directly toward its sandy terrain and landed violently, a small cloud made of yellow sand rose in the air due to the impact .
Noah didn't even wait for the cloud to disperse, he directly laid on the terrain and closed his eyes .
More than one month of travel without any sleep and right after a taxing battle had left him without energy, he fell asleep immediately, the blinding sunlight couldn't win against his exhaustion .
He woke up when the night arrived, the feeling of having his mental sphere refilled was refreshing after such a long period of travel, he was able to assess his condition more clearly .

'My mind and my body have recovered, I will halt my training for a few days just to be sure . My dantian needs to be refilled though . '
Noah took the "Breath" blessing from his space-ring and placed it on the terrain before jumping on it and activating his cultivation technique .
His dantian seemed to rejoice at that act, it greedily absorbed the dense "Breath" of the darkness element that the black vortex redirected toward it .
Potions and pills couldn't replace the "Breath" absorbed through a cultivation technique, they were only a momentary solution .
However, Noah had abused them for more than a month, he felt as if his dantian had been malnourished till that moment .
'Finally, I can relax a bit now . '
Minutes passed, the feeling of having his reserves slowly refilled improved his mood, Noah felt that it wouldn't take much for him to return to his peak form .
Then, a tremor ran through the island, forcing Noah to open his eyes to inspect the situation .
The sand dispersed in the sea as the tremor continued and a huge form could be seen rising from the water and appearing on the surface .
It was a reptilian head, it was seven meters large and four thick, it turned to look straight at the human figure over what Noah realized was its shell .

'Rank 4 Sea turtle, this is so cliché…'
Noah cursed in his mind at the sight of the magical beast that was hungrily staring at the piece of "Breath" blessing below him .
Sea turtles would often wander over the surface of the sea, waiting for a nourishing prey to appear .

Noah was always covered by his layers of mental energy, his presence was hidden from beings with a weaker sea of consciousness, that's why the turtle didn't react to his arrival .
However, the "Breath" blessing had increased the density of "Breath" right over its shell, awakening the beast from its slumber .
"Be good and nothing will happen . "
Noah warned the turtle, releasing his cold killing intent in the area .
He had felt what was like to be a magical beast, the Bloodline inheritance made him experience the mindset of those powerful creatures .
Their behavior was dictated by their hunger, that feeling was so strong that it ruled their every action .

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Yet, there was one instinct that could put a hold even on their hunger: The survival instinct!
Noah tried to convey his power to the beast through his mind waves, he hoped that the turtle would give up on the mineral below him .
The Sea turtle was, after all, his foothold, he didn't want to fight with it .
However, Noah's luck wasn't that good .
The turtle had saliva coming out of its maws, it seemed that it had starved for quite some time already and the sight of Noah's power couldn't stop it from pouncing at him .
Noah cursed in his mind as he took back the "Breath" blessing in his space-ring and warped away from that location, the head of the beast landed there just one instant later .
The Sea turtle had attacked!
Noah reappeared in the air over the beast and performed a descending slash with his two black sabers .
His weapons fused and traced a black line in the air as they stabbed themselves on the turtle's neck .

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An enraged roar resounded in the area, Noah's attack had pierced the natural defenses of the creature and it inflicted a deep wound on its neck .
Yet, the beast was alive and its head shot again toward the human figure that was still standing over it .
Noah warped again, slashing again on its blind spot as he reappeared .
Warp, attack, warp, attack, that type of battle tactic was quite exhausting but Noah didn't mind it, he would rather try to keep the shell intact than enter the complete Demonic form and consume the first foothold that he found in more than a month of travel .
In the end, the turtle lost too much blood and died, more than twelve wounds could be seen on its lifeless neck .
'That was easy . '
Noah judged as he placed again the "Breath" blessing on the shell and resumed his cultivation, the blood that had tainted the remaining sand didn't bother him at all .
'Luckily, it does still float, I should refill my dantian as fast as I can before this place becomes too crowded…'
His attention went on the blood that had dispersed in the sea, he knew that the body of the turtle would soon be noticed by other beasts .
'I might as well refill my reserves of materials since I'm at it . '