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Chapter 336

"Do you always recruit disciples in this way?"

Even though he could feel the good-will behind Roy's words, Noah still had too many doubts .

"It has happened previously, I simply can't contain myself when I find someone interesting . "

Roy continued to smile as he answered Noah .

"I have too many questions, I can't just give you an answer right away . "

Noah expressed his concerns but Roy didn't seem discouraged, he simply nodded and began to speak again .

"The Chasing demon sect was one of the unorthodox sects of the Papral nation, we have been expelled a few hundred years ago due to an edict of the Council and forced to set ourselves here . Oh, in case you were wondering, we are one of the branches of the Hive, the leading underground organization of the archipelago . "

Noah's eyes widened after that statement .

'Is this man for real? Did he just tell me such secretive information right away?'

According to Cody's words, the word Hive was a taboo, anything related to it would unleash the full power of the representatives of the continent .

Yet, in that poor-looking tavern, Noah had made contact with such a wanted organization .

'Is he so sure that I will join the sect? Maybe, he has the confidence of capturing me in case I wanted to escape . '

Noah's thoughts inevitably reached that conclusion .

In Roy's eyes, he was only a talented cultivator with a peculiar personality, his ident . i . ty of Noah Balvan and Hooded devil was kept hidden by the Odrea country .

'They don't know my actual power and this gives me a chance to escape . Yet, I don't think I'll find a better chance . '

Now that he knew that he could escape, Noah began to evaluate the position of honorary disciple .

"What would I gain from joining your sect? Which limitations would I have? What kind of role would I play in the organization?"

Noah stormed Roy with questions, since the latter was so open in his answers, he would first solve his doubts before making his decision .

"Well, you would gain resources in relation to your merits; The limitations are quite obvious, you are not to betray the sect and you must swear to serve it . In return, we will swear to treat you properly; as for the role, my sect mainly handles the a . s . sa . s . sinations of certain troublesome individuals from the continent . "

'a . s . sa . s . sinations, that might actually fit me . '

Noah thought after Roy gave another series of honest answers .

Noah had the Mental tremor spell and the Warp spell, silently killing someone and escape wouldn't be a problem .

"What about my freedom? I won't accept a deal that limits my growth . "

That was Noah's biggest concern .

He had always been forced to escape from any organization that had taken interest in him because they would have ultimately forced him to stop his cultivation, they cared more about maintaining their hierarchy than nurturing worthy members .

Roy shrugged his shoulders at that question .

"We are an unorthodox sect, all our members are hotheads with lofty ambitions . I won't deny that there are internal struggles for the important positions but the sect itself won't intervene on those matters . It will be up to you and the other disciples to handle them . "

Noah listened attentively, he still wasn't satisfied with that answer .

"So, can you a . s . sure me that the sect won't hinder my growth in any way?"

Roy nodded at that question .

"The sect is built upon the strength of its members, you will fall if you are weak and you will climb if you are powerful, that's an iron rule in the world of unorthodox cultivators . This part is actually mentioned in the oath that we will swear together . "

The last insurance cleared Noah of any doubt .

He knew far too well the limits of lone cultivators .

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He had long stopped training his body and he was enlarging his mental sphere with his methods, those were the restrictions applied on those that lacked techniques .

Simply speaking, everyone needed a backer in the cultivation world .

"I agree to become an honorary disciple, I would just like to inspect the contents of the oath beforehand . "

Noah couldn't find anything wrong with Roy's conditions so he ultimately agreed to join the Chasing demon sect .

Roy took out a tablet from his s . p . a . ce-ring, it was old and many intricate inscriptions could be seen over its surface .

"Touch it and you will know the rules . "

Noah didn't hesitate, his hand went on the tablet and a stream of information entered his mind .

'Protect the sect, serve the sect, bring glory on the sect, and swear on your name . . . That might be a problem . '

At the requirement of using his real name, Noah hesitated a bit .

Then, he saw that Roy had taken out a seal with a horned head depicted on its surface .

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"This is an inscribed item, it allows me to swear on account of the whole sect . "

Roy explained when he saw Noah's confused expression .

He then pressed the seal on the tablet and spoke solemn words .

"The Chasing demon sect welcomes you as a member and promises to protect and nurture you, may the dantian of those that betray you explode . In the name of Roy red-eyes, appointed elder of the human matters . "

'To think that he would swear before me . '

Noah smiled internally at that sight but maintained a solemn expression on the outside .

Both his hands went on the tablet as he began to chant the required words for the agreement .

"I swear to protect and serve the Chasing demon sect and to bring glory to its name . If I ever was to betray it, my dantian will explode . In the name of Noah Balvan, b . a . s . t . a . r . d of the Balvan family . "

Roy's eyes widened when he heard that name but it was too late, the tablet shone and two black marks shot out of it .

One mark went on the sigil, which brightened up for a few seconds before returning to its normal state .

The other one went on Noah's arm, where it transformed into a tattoo similar to the horned head on the sigil .

From that moment on, Noah was a disciple of the Chasing demon sect!