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Published at 8th of December 2019 08:20:41 AM

Chapter 337

Roy was speechless, Noah's name still resounded in his mind as he continued to stare at the young man in front of him .

Noah's actions weren't enough for a cultivator in the heroic ranks to take notice of him but those in the human ranks that handled the various reports from the continent knew him far too well .

It couldn't be helped, Noah had created a lot of ruckus with his escape from the Utra nation, having a criminal on the run was a stain on the reputation of the Elbas family, which was the face of the country .

After his escape, information about Noah's features and abilities became widely spread but the Royals had tried to keep that knowledge inside their area of influence .

The three big nations of the continents were publicly enemies after all, it would have been impossible for the Royals to seek the cooperation of the Empire just to capture a criminal in the human ranks .

Yet, the events in the Odrea country had caused some leaks .

The Shandal Empire became interested in the inscription master that hid inside the formation and started its investigation .

Then, during Noah's last monthly battle, when he revealed his abilities, a connection between the Hooded devil and Noah Balvan was made, causing the investigations to reach the informants inside the Utra nation .

In just a few months, Noah's abilities became known to anyone willing to pay for them, only his facial features remained a knowledge exclusive to the Utra nation .

Roy, as a member of the underground world of the archipelago and as an elder handling the matters in the human ranks, had to be aware of such information .

That's why Noah's name surprised him, the reports clearly said that he was still in the Odrea nation, fighting in the monthly battles against the Empire .

"Are you that Noah Balvan? The criminal of the Utra nation?"

Noah was inspecting the tattoo created after the oath when Roy asked that question .

"Even if I was, you can't divulge this information now, am I right?"

Noah said without raising his gaze from his arm .

"That is right . "

Roy answered helplessly .

"And you can't inform the other interested parties, like the legal organizations and the Hive, that I'm not in the Odrea nation, right?"

"As a disciple of the Chasing demon sect, your ident . i . ty is protected . "

Roy answered again Noah's question .

Only then did Noah raise his gaze to nod toward the red-eyed man, he showed a shameless smile as he confirmed his suggestion .

"Yes, I am that Noah Balvan . "

Roy stared at Noah for a while before sighing and ma . s . saging his temples and he continued to sit .

Noah calmly waited for him to recover, he didn't trick anyone this time, the other party simply lacked the necessary information to determine his real ident . i . ty .

'The cover of the Odrea country is revealing itself more beneficial than I thought . '

Those thoughts . . h . i . t Noah's mind as he stared at Roy .

He didn't know if the Chasing demon sect would have approached him if they had suspected his ident . i . ty but he was sure that the meeting would have had a different atmosphere in that case .

His grat . i . tude toward the Odrea country increased again before he was forced to put those thoughts in the back of his mind since Roy finally interrupted his silence .

"HAHAHA! To think that we were forming a team to hunt you down after you came out of the defensive formation . Come, come! We need to go to the headquarters and stop the mission . "

Roy had exploded in a loud laugh before he said those words, he then stood up and gestured to Noah to follow him .

'Well, that was unexpected . '

Noah was surprised by Roy's reaction but he didn't mind it too much, cultivators had peculiar personalities, he had learnt it a long time ago .

He stood up and followed Roy, they went toward one corner of the tavern where the latter placed a few hundred Credits on the floor .

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A formation lit up as soon as the crystals touched the floor, symbols and runes seemed to appear out of nowhere as they created a complex diagram that encircled Noah and Roy .

"Did you manage to set up teleportation matrixes under the representatives of the continent's nose?"

Noah asked .

He didn't sense the formation until it was activated but, when it did, he understood the purpose of its diagram .

"Hmph, we were on the archipelago long before the representatives arrived . We are the one that set the teleportation network, the continent has just taken control of the matrixes that we couldn't hide . "

Roy snorted as he explained the situation to Noah .

The light radiated from the formation reached its peak and Noah felt an incredible pressure on his mental sphere .

He was forced to close his eyes during the process to defend against the force pressing on his mind .

The teleportation lasted only a few seconds, when Noah opened his eyes, a purple world appeared in front of him .

The color was similar to the halo on the sh . o . r . es of each island but that place was an underground location, the sky was covered by a metallic purple ceiling .

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'Where is this place?'

Noah wondered .

He was sure that he was still in the Coral archipelago, the purple halo was the proof that he was somewhere near the exoskeleton of the dead pack of magical beasts .

Yet, what he saw gave him no further hints, he could only understand that he was somewhere under the level of the sea .

"Let's go, we need to reach the central area of the sect . This zone is reserved for the caves of the elders . "

Roy spoke to him and began to walk in a certain direction, Noah didn't dare to remain behind and followed him as he continued to inspect the environment .

'The density of "Breath" here is far higher than that in my rented room . I wonder where is this place, I have never seen anything similar in my map . '

Since his map and his gaze couldn't make him understand his location, Noah simply decided to ask .

"Where is this place?"

Roy didn't seem surprised by his question and gave a quick answer as he continued to walk .

"These are the insides of the exoskeleton of the Purple corals . "