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Published at 16th of December 2019 06:41:24 PM

Chapter 344
'It's quite simple but the density of "Breath" is not bad . '

Noah judged as he took the "Breath" blessing from his space-ring and placed it at the center of the cave .
'Now, let's see this new technique . '
He was eager to test the effects of his new cultivation technique, it had been too long since he upgraded the training of his dantian .
He sat over the blue mineral and the scroll describing the Dantian's opening technique appeared in his hands, Noah carefully studied it as he understood its contents .
'It doesn't seem too difficult, the only problem is the time needed for the dantian to recover after each training session . '
The Dantian's opening required for Noah to create a link between his dantian and the outside world in order to increase the quantity of "Breath" absorbed during the usage of the Dark vortex technique .
Also, he needed to slightly modify his rank 2 technique to welcome the new practice, the vortex had to have the dantian as its center instead of his hands, which meant that his skin would create some sort of obstruction .
'To sum it up, the larger the cut on my waist, the less obstruction the vortex will have . It is quite gory but I wasn't expecting anything less from an unorthodox technique . '
Hurt yourself to obtain greater advantages, Noah knew that kind of practice too well .

'Well, I should just try it out . '
He had memorized the technique and the "Breath" in the cave was so dense that the time in the outside world wouldn't impact his cultivation that much, he couldn't find a reason to delay his training .
A black saber appeared in his hand, Noah carefully pointed it at his low waist as he focused all his attention to the regenerative proprieties of his body .
Since he became a rank 3 mage, he was able to momentarily halt the innate healing of his Yin body, his control over his whole form had greatly improved when his sea of consciousness reached the last stage of the human ranks .
Then, he stabbed his abdomen, the sight of his own skin being cut didn't even make him blink, the Body-inscription spell had made him too used to that scene .
The saber pierced deeply until it reached a small organ that had a shining surface .
'The technique says that even a small hole is enough, I shouldn't take unnecessary risks . '
Noah reviewed the contents of the scroll one last time before he decisively put strength on the saber, the point of his weapon touched the surface of his dantian and pierced it easily .
Noah felt a burning pain coming from his waist, its intensity was similar to when he damaged his mental sphere .

He took his time, he stood still in that position until he became used to the painful sensation, only then did he dare to move his saber again .
He retracted his weapon slowly, the small hole on the surface of his dantian began to release "Breath", it naturally returned to the outside world without the restrictions of that center of power .
Noah acted quickly but not rashly, he traced a long line on his abdomen with his weapon, enlarging the wound .

Then, he directly stored the saber and joined his hands over his wound, his thumbs and middle fingers were inserted in the wound as he created the usual dark vortex .
Since his fingers were joint inside his flesh, the center of the vortex shifted and neared his dantian that was still releasing the "Breath" stored inside it .
At that moment, a great suction force was generated .
As soon as the center of the vortex met the dantian, its rotation speed increased drastically!
Large amounts of dense "Breath" of the darkness element were captured by the suction force and redirected directly inside the dantian through the hole on its surface .

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Pain, incredible pain!
Noah furrowed his brows and gritted his teeth as the "Breath" entered his dantian and enlarged his form .
Yet, the hole on its surface was also affected by that process, Noah felt as if his waist was being torn apart by a burning blade as the hole stretched together with the rest of the organ .
However, Noah didn't stop .
He had never seen his dantian improving so quickly, he didn't want to stop so soon .
A few hours passed in that way, Noah had his eyes closed and every pore of his body released cold sweat as he endured the painful practice .
Then, his dantian began to show signs of instability as the hole on it became too large, forcing Noah to disperse the vortex and to stop his training .
The vortex disappeared and "Breath" started to leave his dantian again but Noah was prepared for that situation .
The membrane around his heart compressed itself, sending liquid "Breath" in his circulatory system .

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Also, his mental energy enveloped his dantian, greatly slowing the speed at which the "Breath" returned to the outside world .
About half an hour had to pass before Noah was able to stabilize the condition of his body, the wound on his waist had healed almost immediately but his dantian had needed half of the liquid "Breath" inside the membrane to close the hole .
Only then Noah could relax and he slowly laid on the floor of the cave as he assessed his gains .
'This is at least ten times faster than the Dark vortex cultivation technique! However, my dantian needs a few days to completely recover before I'm able to cultivate again . All in all, I say that it's about five to six times faster . '
Noah calculated in his mind as he began to plan another training schedule that could accommodate his new cultivation technique .
'I should be able to do the Dantian's opening twice per week but I should limit myself to one for the time being, I would rather take things slowly with such a dangerous practice . '
His mind was in the third rank so maintaining his concentration while enduring the burning sensation didn't deplete all his mental energy, he was still able to think normally .
'I guess I should practice in the creation of strong wills for now, I don't have the materials to resume my forging and I don't really need any new weapon . I should just focus on becoming used to this new practice for now . '
In the purple halo of his room, Noah closed his eyes as his mind used his ambition to form strong and dense wills .