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Chapter 352
'Earth element!'

At the sight of the purple golems, Noah understood Perry's aptitude .
'The terrain here comes from the surface, it's not part of the exoskeleton of the Purple corals . '
Perry's spell made Noah realize that the battlefield was created on top of the exoskeleton and wasn't a part of it .
'It makes sense, the sect probably wanted to create a fair environment where its disciples could challenge themselves . '
The environment could affect a cultivator's battle prowess .
Fighting underwater would be detrimental for cultivators of the fire element while it would favor those with a water aptitude .
In the same way, a cultivator of the earth element would have heavy restrictions if it could not control the terrain around him .
The exoskeleton of the Purple coral was a quasi-rank 6 material while Perry was only a rank 2 mage, it was impossible for him to affect it .
The golems around Perry began to move, they created a trampoline with their arms which pushed the golems that jumped on it in the air .
Noah saw how three golems flew in the air toward him, their movements were clunky, giving them a funny aura .
However, there was nothing funny in the power that they held .
Noah felt a dangerous sensation coming from the golems that were nearing him, they were slow but they seemed heavy, facing them wasn't the smart approach .

That's why he simply dodged, they couldn't fly after all, they had no way to follow Noah as he flew toward another part of the battlefield .
Yet, just as he dodged the first jumping golem, it detonated, creating a shockwave so loud that even Noah's balance was affected .
Noah didn't have time to adjust his position when two other explosions happened .
The audience was protected by the protective layer but the weaker disciples on the stages had to cover their ears to protect themselves from the loud sound .
Noah's balance was in chaos, he couldn't control his wings anymore and he could only use the Shadow step spell to land safely on the ground .
Perry didn't let go of that chance, he charged as soon as he discerned Noah's landing spot .
Yet, when Perry was about to hit him, twenty ethereal sabers surrounded Noah's figure, they slashed recklessly at Perry, covering his body with injures as Noah dodged again .
Perry crashed on the defensive layer, his eyes showed his surprise as he turned to look at Noah .
He saw how black veins had appeared on the white skin of his opponent and a cold aura was radiated from his figure .
First Form of the Ashura!
Liquid "Breath" inside his body!

Two of Noah's abilities were revealed, it seemed that Perry's spell had finally forced Noah to use part of his real power .
'My rank 3 mental sphere can't defend against such a powerful spell by itself, it's time to end this . '
Noah thought about the situation and didn't hesitate to become serious .
Perry was a peak rank 2 cultivator after all, his spells expressed the full power of his level .

On the other hand, Noah was only using his martial arts and relying on his superior battle experience to fight him, without using proper defensive methods, he couldn't defend against the formless shockwaves that the explosions of his puppets created .
Spells could only be blocked by other spells or by techniques on a higher level .
Noah knew that his Demonic form would have been enough to annihilate the purple golems and block Perry's spell once for all but he would probably kill his opponent in the process .
'If I can't defend, I'll simply attack . '
Those were Noah's thoughts as he charged toward Perry .
The latter wasn't surprised, more blood fell from his palm which generated more golems as it came in contact with the ground .
At the same time, the golems that he had left behind ran toward him, Noah found himself encircled by more than thirty golems before he could even reach Perry .

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However, he knew that they couldn't explode .
He was too close to Perry, the shockwave would hurt both of them, the golems were there only as a form of obstruction .
The First Form of the Ashura was performed, more than twenty ethereal sabers attacked the golems around Noah, opening a path toward his opponent .
Perry focused on generating more golems, his face paled as more blood was poured on the ground .
'He wants to see who will last longer!'
Noah understood Perry's intentions .
'This spell is probably his strongest attack, I just need to beat it and the battle will be over . '
Noah's intentions were clear, he wanted to destroy all the golems in front of him and reach Perry .
However, no matter how much he cut those puppets, they didn't stop moving, even those cut in half would still crawl toward him to hinder his advance .
Little by little, Noah was forced back .
It was the first time that he was losing due to the numerical disadvantage, his martial arts had always been perfect for those situations but they were still martial arts, they couldn't match the spell of a rank 2 mage .
When Noah was forced to retreat at ten meters of distance from Perry, three of the smallest golems jumped recklessly on him and began to radiate a dangerous aura .

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'They are going to explode!'
Noah knew that Perry was using that chance to inflict the final blow .
'How caring of him, he is making sure that I won't die . '
There were bigger golems around him but only the smallest and maimed ones had jumped on him, it was obvious that the power behind their explosions would be lower .
'I guess I'll just show him that he never had a chance from the beginning then . '
Black flames surrounded his body as soon as the first golem exploded .
Then, the other two followed .
An even louder shockwave resounded in the area, the protective layer flickered under the aftereffects of Perry's spell .
A purple cloud was generated in the middle of the encirclement, looking at it, Perry was sure that Noah didn't manage to use one of his sudden acceleration .
Yet, just as he was about to relax, black flames appeared next to him .
One thick saber curved the air as it slashed vertically toward his face, the killing intent behind the weapon was so dense that he found himself unable to move, he could only watch as the blade continued in his upward path .
The tip of the saber seemed to miss him, only a small cut appeared on the point of his nose, a drop of blood fell on the ground as the flames disappeared and Noah's unharmed figure became visible .