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Published at 19th of December 2019 09:05:14 AM

Chapter 357
Noah was immediately interested in Bruce's faction .

Raiding inventories and stealing the cultivation resources belonging to the representatives of the continent was, by itself, a double victory .
On one hand, the Chasing demon sect would grow stronger thanks to the new resources .
On the other, the legal organizations in the archipelago would be weakened since they would find it hard to nurture their members .
After all, the most important requirements to advance in the cultivation journey were resources and techniques, being able to steal them from your enemy could be considered the best possible option .
"Does your faction assign merit points with each successful mission?"
Noah asked Seth, it was clear that he was more oriented in choosing his faction .
"Of course, we might be attacking our enemy but we are still doing it for the sect's interest, any valuable deed is rewarded with merit points . "
Seth answered with a smile on his face, he had understood that Noah had been captivated by his previous words .
'Kate might help in improving my ability in the Elemental forging method but that's something that will happen anyway as I continue forging . Instead, resources and techniques are irreplaceable, I don't think I'll find a better opportunity than this . '
Noah quickly cleared the last bit of indecision in his mind and stood up when he reached a conclusion .
He performed a polite bow toward Seth as he spoke a few words .
"It would be my honor to join Bruce's faction . "

Displeased looks appeared on the other four cultivators, only Holly seemed disinterested .
Seth stood up and laughed as he walked on the other side of the table to straighten Noah .
"No need to be so formal, my faction is quite open-minded about ranks and cultivation level . Come, I'll lead you to your captain, he will explain more about our work . "
Seth began to lead Noah outside of Roy's cave .
Noah turned his gaze toward Roy but the latter only nodded with a slight smile, he was trying to reassure Noah with that gesture .
The entrance of the cave opened and Seth hurriedly pushed Noah outside it, the sound of the wall closing again after they left could be heard behind their backs .
"Why such a hurry?"
Noah couldn't help but ask that question seeing that Seth wouldn't let go of his shoulder .
Seth showed an awkward smile but he didn't stop dragging Noah along the way .
"You know, cultivators can be petty and our faction has a bad reputation, I didn't want you to question your decision . "
"Bad reputation?"
Noah couldn't understand Seth's words, the sect was an underground organization after all, it was obvious that bad rumors were spread about it .

"Well, we are the chaotic group of the sect, we recklessly chase resources and there have been occasions where Edgar's faction was forced to intervene due to some misunderstanding . "
Noah continued to question Seth's words, he didn't like where that conversation was going .

"Look, there was a time when we received a report about a safe house on island seventy-one . The report didn't come from Holly's faction but we were quite sure about its source . When we barged inside the house, we discovered that the "resources" were instead female slaves intended for the harem of one of the representatives of the continent . We were angry and disappointed so we indulged in that temporary pleasure . You should have seen the faces of the soldiers when they found our whole team naked the following morning . "
Noah didn't have time to question him that he resumed speaking about the misadventures of his faction .
"Another time, we raided a ship that was supposed to have some slices of miraculous meat . We managed to take all of it but we missed the cooking recipe and sold it to Byron's faction . All the disciples below the second rank weren't able to exit their caves for two entire weeks at that time . "
"Oh! There was a time when a batch of rank 3 inscribed weapons arrived in the archipelago . We immediately raided the building that contained it but we didn't gather enough information and we found ourselves against an entire troop made of rank 3 cultivators . The sect was forced to hide for a few months after that matter . "
'I understand! They are mindless idiots!'
Noah gave up on trying to question Seth for fear to discover more misadventures .

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'It seems that I need to be careful about my captain too . '
Seth continued to speak as he dragged Noah through the passages between each area .
Apparently, there was also a time when they ended up in a trap and unleashed destruction upon that island to ensure their escape .
Noah's mood became gloomy as the number of misadventures piled up, he couldn't help but reconsider his previous decision .
Seth led Noah to a peculiar training area where a few dozens of disciples were sitting on the ground .
They sat in small circles and each group seemed focused on a different activity .
"Hey, you cheated! No "Breath" allowed when gambling!"
"Who are you to accuse me of cheating!?"
"I'm your father! I took pity on your mother long ago and gave her my heroic essence!"
"What did you say about my mother!?"
A series of attacks were launched after that brief bickering, the two disciples arguing seemed drunk or under the effect of some medicine .

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"You bunch of worthless scoundrels, can't you see that your vice-leader has arrived?"
Seth shouted and his voice filled the large training area .
Only then did the disciples notice that Seth had arrived and that he wasn't alone .
Their eyes lit up when they saw Noah, some of them immediately stood up and wore the widest smiles that Noah had ever seen .
"Oh, mighty vice-leader, who is he? Is he a new recruit?"
"Why don't you leave him with us? We will surely give him a tour of our exalted quarters . "
"Yes, yes . We will take good care of him . "
The chaotic behavior from earlier disappeared in an instant only to be replaced by a peaceful and trustworthy one .
Seth sighed at that sight and turned his head to warn Noah .
"Never trust any of them unless you are in a mission, I wouldn't dare to shake their hands when we are in the sect . "