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Published at 19th of December 2019 09:05:13 AM

Chapter 359
Noah's Demonic form seemed to have opposed the hallucinations that Alison's gas caused .

Noah became able to clearly see her true form as well as the cause of her strange power .
The pulsating pimples all over her skin seemed ready to explode but there were small pores on them from where the strange gas came out .
Noah could see how the entire area around her figure was covered in the secretions of her pimples, he had been previously affected because he had breathed them .
Yet, when he had activated the partial Demonic form, the previous effects were dispelled, allowing Noah to see what was really happening .
Noah's eyes darted between the many pimples and the invisible gas that caused the dangerous feeling in his mind, he couldn't help but retreat at that sight .
Alison noticed the changes in Noah's gaze, she stared at him in confusion before understanding what was going on .
"You, you can see me!"
She loudly exclaimed and traces of anger began to appear on her expression .
Seth was already far behind but he sighed when he heard her words, a small notebook appeared in his hands and he used his mental energy to send a message to one of the mental imprints on it .
Noah didn't understand that turn of event, he simply continued to retreat at the sight of the extremely repulsing old woman nearing him .
"No one can see my true form! Come here! Let me affect you!"
Alison continued to shout but Noah had no intention of ever coming close to her again .

'What the hell is even happening!? Why is my tattoo not reacting to this threat? And what kind of cultivation technique is that? It seems to work alongside her body but it also uses mental energy to create the hallucinogenic gas . '
Noah inspected Alison's peculiar state and was surprised to see that her technique seemed to use all three of her centers of power .
'It is quite interesting . '
When he understood that her cultivation technique seemed to form a connection between her centers of power, Noah became extremely interested .
However, he had to put those thoughts in the back of his mind since Alison jumped on him using the full power that her body was capable of .
Noah activated the Shadow sprint, a shockwave was generated after he stomped his foot twice, creating a sudden acceleration that made him dodge Alison's charge .
"Don't run! I just want to fix your sight!"
"What fix! Keep that damned gas away from me!"
Noah replied to Alison's complaints as he kept retreating .
Alison didn't give up though, she continued to pursue Noah with all her strength but he always managed to dodge with impeccable timing .
From time to time, Noah's vision would become affected again by the hallucinogenic proprieties of her gas but he would promptly create strands of black smote to fight it .
Like that, they returned in the central zone of the training area where the other members of Bruce's faction were uncaringly gambling and drinking .

Noah landed in the middle of a group of disciples, crashing a rolling dice that those in the group were staring with hopeful expressions .

"Noooo! You destroyed the dice!"
"It was definitely even!"
"What are you saying? I swear on my mother that it was going to be odd!"
"Do you want to hear the story of your mother again?"
The disciples began to bicker but they soon redirected their anger toward Noah who was uncaringly continuing to escape .
"Hey, newbie! Come back here!"
"The price for disrupting a round is to pay back all its participants!"
"Yes! And my mother was a good woman!"
However, they were soon surprised to see that another figure appeared between them .
Their attention was immediately attracted by her figure, Alison's gas made her appear as the most beautiful person according to each of their tastes .

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'It affects even women! What a powerful ability . '
Noah analyzed the situation behind him as he continued to retreat .
He saw that even the women seemed affected, the invisible gas entered their lungs and caused their vision to change .
"You are all so cute but aunt Alison has something to do first, I'll play with you later . "
Alison spoke to the disciples around her but her polite words only awakened the strongest of them .
"Wait, it's captain Alison!"
"Run! Run while you are still able to think!"
"Josh block her for a while! You have already become immune to her mind control"
"No way! I don't want to get close to her ever again!"
Noah listened to the disciples' words and began to think about the recent events .
'Maybe, the tattoo didn't work before because Alison's ability isn't harmful . It just affects the mind of a cultivator but Alison herself doesn't have bad intentions . '

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Noah turned to watch how Alison had started to bicker with the disciples around her, she really seemed to hate anyone who knew about her true form .
'No, someone with that body shouldn't get close to anyone, the sect should make a special oath just for her . '
Noah looked at the pulsating pimples and had those thoughts, he really felt bad about that Josh .
Then, an immense pressure appeared behind him, he felt as if all his centers of power were being suppressed by that suffocating atmosphere .
He turned his head with difficulty only to see that giant man was behind him .
"Are you the cause of this mess?"
The man spoke and his words made Noah's mental sphere tremble, it was with extreme difficulty that he regained control of his body to back away from him .
Yet, a hand appeared on his shoulder as he tried to escape, Noah felt completely powerless in that situation .
"Leader, it's not his fault . Alison was already in a bad mood and he managed to dispel her hallucination, I couldn't control the following events . "
Seth appeared next to the giant man, his stature paled when he was next to the more than two meters tall Leader .
"Oh, did he fight Alison's gas so soon? Is he the new member of my faction?"