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Chapter 364
Noah wanted to keep his identity as a transmigrator a secret .

First of all, he had no way to explain it, he was unaware of the reason why he was granted a second life and was transported in this world .
Second, he didn't know how those around him would react at such information .
He didn't know if they would believe it but he wanted to avoid becoming the guinea pig of some powerful existence, it was better to address his fast improvements to the lucky encounters .
'If he really insists, I will just reveal the matters about the Bloodline Inheritance, that should explain part of my power at least . '
Noah thought as he waited for Clive to answer .
His gaze was lowered and he seemed deep in thought but he soon recovered himself while sighing loudly .
"Good for you, I thought you had some kind of technique that could speed up the process . I've always been slow with the Kesier runes and my cultivation technique occupies a lot of my free time… Well, nothing I can do, I'll just have to work harder . "
Clive accepted the outcome of that conversation quite easily, Noah was actually surprised that he didn't probe further .

'Maybe he has a low tolerance when it comes to pain . '
Noah concluded in his mind .
Enlarging the mental sphere was a slow and painful process, it was no wonder that many cultivators would keep its training for last .
"Right, how do I obtain the fourth Kesier rune? I don't feel good when I'm unable to train . "
Noah lied as he asked about the next rune .
He was still enlarging his mind thanks to the "Breath" inside his sea of consciousness but that pace was slow, it couldn't compare to the number one training method .
"Mh, you can request for it but its price is quite high . You can find it on the second floor of the missions' building but it's one of the most expensive items . Even though it can only be used in the human ranks it is still considered a resource in the heroic ranks so it will cost you a lot . "
Clive explained as he went toward a table where the other disciples were gathered .

'So it was like this, no wonder I couldn't find it on the first floor . '
Noah was a rank 2 cultivator, he had never climbed to the higher floor because the missions for rank 3 cultivators were simply too difficult for him .
His spells powered by his mental sphere allowed him to fight on the same ground with weak rank 3 cultivators but his reserves of energy couldn't sustain that power for a long time, they would always be depleted before his enemies .
'I guess I have to accumulate merit points . Joining a faction was the right choice, this is the fastest way to obtain what I need . '
Noah thought as he followed Clive to the table, a large map was laid on it, it depicted a specific island of the archipelago .
"Our target is on a dock on island eighty-nine, we don't know its route nor the crew on it, we actually aren't even sure about the items that it contains but the Leader heard a rumor about a rank 5 material so he ordered for a raid . "

Clive began to explain, he didn't even try to cover Bruce's naïve mindset as he summarized the situation .

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"Since we don't know its route, we can only attack it when its docked . We have a teleportation matrix near its position but it's not near enough, we will be discovered for sure . "
A series of awkward smiles and helpless sighs unfolded in the cave, the disciples seemed used to those kinds of events .
"We do the usual stuff: We run in the direction of the ship as soon as we teleport, we raid it fast, and then we separate to reach these three escape points . Once you are back in the sect, gather in the training area of our faction to assess the gains . Don't hold back, kill everyone that blocks our way, there aren't many soldiers there but more will definitely come after we create such commotion . "
Clive's plan was simple, a normal hit and run situation, the key of the plan was the speed at which it had to be executed .
"Zach, what role do you want?"
Clive then raised his head toward Noah, his team was already used to work together but Noah was a new member, he needed a precise role to blend in .
"I'm awful at fighting together with other persons, I might unconsciously harm them if I'm forced to go all out . "
Noah answered honestly, he wanted the mission to succeed and he didn't want to harm his fellow disciples, he was a member of the sect after all .

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Clive thought for a while before finding a solution to that problem .
"You will be in the rearguard then, your role is to ensure that all your fellow disciples have enough time to escape after the raid . You could also be a runner but it would be a waste of your battle prowess . "
Noah showed a confused expression at Clive's words .
'Rearguard? Does it mean that I won't go near the resources? Also, what kind of role is the "runner"?'
Clive noticed Noah's expression and proceeded to solve his doubts .
"If you are worried about the resources, don't . Every team has strict rules, all the items stolen will be taken out when we reach the training area so to better divide them . We can also trade our belongings to take more of them if we are really interested but I'll explain better later . You just have to swear on your horned face that you won't keep stolen items hidden from your team for now, every raiding team does that before a mission . "
Noah looked at the other disciples and they nodded to him, he was glad that his role didn't influence the number of resources that he would obtain .
"As for the roles, I'm the vanguard, I'll charge ahead and probe the situation since I'm the strongest in the team . The runners are the fastest among us, their role is to sweep the ship clean and then run away with the loot . The others are soldiers, they have to keep the guards busy until the runners have stolen everything . Is everything clear?"