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Chapter 373
Elder Iris' eyes sharpened, tens of blades made of compressed air were shot from her body in every direction .

The depths of the sea shook, raging currents were created due to her attack .
As the water around her trembled, Elder Iris carefully observed the changes in the environment .
Everything seemed perfectly normal except for a small area that flickered softly, radiating the colors of the rainbow as the wind blades crossed it .
Elder Iris didn't miss that detail, she moved near the area, using the full power of her mind to inspect it .
Yet, she found nothing strange, the colors had disappeared as soon as the blades had vanished .
Another attack was launched, she focused on that area at that time .
The colors of the rainbow reappeared, Elder Iris seemed able to see some sort of passage among those soft lights .
Her hand went on the passage but nothing happened, the hand just crossed the lights as if nothing was there at all .
'This should be the warm current that Sarah found . It seems to be some kind of passage between two dimensions . '
Elder Iris was experienced and knowledgeable like the majority of the cultivators in the heroic ranks, she was immediately able to deduce the proprieties of that invisible warm current .
'Why is it invisible though? Are there conditions to meet?'

Inheritance grounds usually had strict rules according to their creator's intentions, the reason behind their creation would usually concern the passing down of a legacy of some sort .
Cultivators had long lives but they also died, most of them didn't want to disappear or be forgotten due to the passage of time, they wanted for their hard work and techniques to be picked up by the future generations .
Yet, they would be picky about their potential heirs .
Inheritance grounds usually targeted cultivators in the human ranks, not only were they those that needed powerful techniques the most, but they were also easier to shape .
Cultivators in the heroic ranks were already pursuing their individuality, becoming separate existences that had their own training methods .
Those in the human ranks, instead, were still humans, they could still change the training methods to better adapt to those contained in the legacy of an Inheritance ground .
That's why most legacies left behind by powerful cultivators had the restriction that only those in the human ranks could have access to the trials inside the separate dimension .
Nevertheless, just because a door was sealed by conditions didn't imply that there was no other way to open it .
Elder Iris focused, she stretched her hands in the direction of the invisible current .
The water in front of her began to rotate, a small vortex appeared between her hands .
Then, the vortex increased in power, it enlarged and begun to affect more water .

The same radiance reappeared, the warm current wasn't able to conceal itself under the assault of a cultivator in the heroic ranks .

The currents above her head were affected too, Iris' vortex was so powerful that everything in a five hundred meters radius was attracted by it .
Raging waves were created on the surface, the shape of the Great whirlpool was affected due to the powerful spell that was cast in its depths .
The form of the warm current was completely revealed under her attack, its radiance couldn't cover its shape anymore .
Yet, that was all Elder Iris could obtain .
No matter how powerful her spell was, the warm current wouldn't become real, she could only make it visible .
She kept the vortex active for half an hour before she gave up on forcing the entrance of the separate dimension and dispersing her spell .
"Iris, what is happening here?"
A hooded figure appeared behind her, the water around him wasn't able to suppress his words .
Elder Iris had created quite a mess after all, her spell couldn't go unnoticed by the other powerful entities in the archipelago .

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"Marcus . "
Elder Iris greeted him but her eyes were still fixed on the area where the invisible current was .
"Do you see anything here?"
She pointed toward the area, Marcus followed the direction of her hand but he was only able to see the dark waters of the depths of the sea .
"I need to call a meeting with the higher-ups of all the organizations of the Hive, there is an Inheritance ground here . "
Days passed in the archipelago, the atmosphere inside the Chasing demon sect was tense due to the recent events .
Noah did his best to gather as much information as he could, he sent many messages to Roy but he had only managed to learn that a meeting between the higher-ups of the Hive was being held .
"Why do they even involve the Hive? We could have kept the separate dimension all for ourselves!"

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Those words were heard often in the training area where the thieves' faction was, even disciples of the other faction would come there to investigate the matters about the dimension .
Sarah was the one that had discovered it after all, it was normal for the others to think that her faction was the most informed one .
"Thirty dragons in the fourth rank and that right at the entrance of the dimension . We might be able to take down the dimension by ourselves but the strength of the sect will be greatly affected in the process . "
Noah answered the disciple, he was calmly waiting for the meeting to end, he had never left the training area in those days .
"He is right . We have the power to explore it by ourselves but that would mean that we will endure all the losses during the process . Let all the Hive join, we might lose some resource this way but we will also suffer less . "
David added weight to Noah's words .
The disciple was still dubious after Noah had spoken but he was immediately convinced when David agreed with him .
He was one of the captains after all, his words had great importance in the sect .
Then, a buzz sounded in Noah's mind and he picked the notebook from his space-ring, the captains in the area did the same, they had been contacted too .
'The dimension is restricted to the human ranks, even the joint power of the higher-ups of the Hive wasn't able to force its entrance . Elder Iris requests for rank 3 cultivators to form teams and begin the exploration, missions will be affixed on the second floor of the missions' building starting tomorrow . '
Roy's voice resounded in Noah and the captains' heads, the exploration of the separate dimension had officially started!