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Published at 29th of December 2019 11:25:11 AM

Chapter 378
The Sea dragons had four huge legs and a pair of large wings, their bodies were huge and had a large belly, they almost seemed fat to an inexperienced eye .

Yet, Noah knew, that feature was only a sign of their great defense .
'Extremely lifelike, they could almost fool me . '
Noah stared at the incoming dragons with interest, they weren't like the magical beasts in Eccentric Thunder's inheritance, they seemed made of flesh and bones as if they were real .
However, Noah's instinct told him that they were a creation of the dimension .
After he absorbed the Bloodline Inheritance, Noah's instincts regarding the field of the magical beasts had become extremely keen, it was as if part of the thoughts of the Excavating worm had fused with his mind .
David's team was ready for the battle, they had long instructed Noah about the battle formation that he needed to execute .
Ten cultivators stepped in the vanguard position, "Breath" and mental energy were expended as many defensive spells were launched .
Water walls, vortexes, huge golems, those protections were laid between David's team and the dragons .
The cultivators there were familiar with the separate dimension, they didn't deploy any defensive spell that could hurt the dragons, their innate ability was troublesome to deal with .

Sea dragons could accumulate the attacks that landed on their bodies into sound waves extremely hard to defend against, it was better to kill each one of them in one strike to avoid their innate ability .
The dragons clashed with the cultivators' defenses, their huge bodies bent the spells but they weren't able to break through them .
They were only rank 4 creatures after all, it didn't matter that they were considered as the strongest magical beast, they were still against rank 3 cultivators .
The remaining ten cultivators jumped as soon as the dragons' assault was blocked, Noah was among them .
They were the cultivators that had to kill the dragons, Noah might have been a newly advanced rank 3 cultivator but his status as a rank 3 mage made him perfect for that role .
After all, not every rank 3 cultivator had a rank 3 mental sphere, someone in David's group was still a rank 2 mage .
Noah shot in the air with David at his side, the plan dictated that groups made of two cultivators had to instantly kill one dragon and continue like that until all the dragons were killed .
Noah was paired with David, David wanted to make sure of his power since he was the new member .
Of course, Noah didn't disappoint him .

Noah's arms multiplied as he shot in the air, he resembled a humanoid creature wielding three pair of sabers as he prepared his attack .
The sabers curved the air as they fused into one and lunged right at the nearest dragon .
The dragon was still in the process of stopping itself during the clash with the soft water wall when a dark saber pierced its left eye, diving deep into its skull .
On the other side, David swung his greatsword with great dexterity, severing the dragon's head in half .

The dragon didn't even have time to release a dying cry, it simply vanished into nothingness, some kind of inscriptions could be seen appearing on its body as it turned into invisible air .
'They are indeed different from Eccentric Thunder's one, the creator of the dimension must have used a different inscription method . '
Noah judged after the dragon vanished, he tried to understand something from the inscription but they were far too complex for his level .
David nodded at his side, he was pleased to see that Noah would be able to face the dragon even by himself .

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Yet, the method that they were using was safer, that's why he quickly swept the battlefield with his mental energy and shouted an order before resuming in his assault .
"One part of incense!"
David's order signaled that they only had one minute before more dragons arrived, they had to clear the trial before that or they would be forced to start the battle from the beginning .
However, everyone was familiar with that restriction .
The cultivators in each attacking group didn't waste time, as soon as the dragon in front of them disappeared, they moved toward the next one .
David and Noah weren't an exception, they ran at full speed on the battlefield, targeting the dragons near them .
Five dragons would die with each assault while the ten cultivators not joining the attacks continued to deploy defensive methods to stop their charge .
'They would have already escaped if they were real living beings, it seems that they were programmed to recklessly attack until every cultivator is dead . '
Noah judged as another dragon vanished in front of his eyes, it was already his fourth kill, the number of dragons was reduced to ten in less than forty seconds .

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'It is quite easy, rank 4 magical beasts on this level can't match this many rank 3 cultivators . '
A rank 2 cultivator, when it entered the liquid stage, became able to hurt a rank 4 magical beast .
When it entered the solid stage, it became able to gravely hurt it and even killing it alone in some cases .
When it entered the third rank, however, it became able to completely overwhelm rank 4 creatures in the lower tier .
The beasts in the separate dimension were dragons, the widely accepted strongest magical beast, and there were even thirty of them .
Yet, they had the power of the lower tier, twenty rank 3 cultivators with good teamwork could vanquish them easily .
And that was exactly what happened .
David and Noah inflicted a deadly blow to their sixth dragon, they were extremely fast in their killings so they had time to assist other groups .
After that dragon vanished, the bridge hummed, radiating a soft light that converged in the air in front of David's group .
A token appeared after the light dissipated, it had a labyrinth depicted on its front, David immediately took it as he gestured to those in his team to follow him .
The team reached the walls of the structure at the end of the bridge, only then they heaved a sigh of relief and sat on the floor to rest, the first trial had been successfully passed!