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Published at 1st of January 2020 08:40:10 AM

Chapter 387
Noah had obtained his rank 4 martial art when he entered the academy .

Generally speaking, a rank 4 martial art was able to express the power of the heroic ranks when completely mastered .
Yet, the body and the dantian of the cultivator performing it had to be at a decent level for it to express its full power .
The Three Forms of the Ashura was composed of three powerful attacks and basic movements that added two pairs of additional arms on the cultivator's torso .
The First Form, endless assault, multiplied the cultivator's attacks, making him able to fight when outnumbered .
The Second Form, fusion, concentrated all the blades into one to perform a powerful but slow attack, it had been Noah's strongest blow until a few months ago .
When he entered the third rank, his centers of power had reached the level needed to perform the Third Form .
Noah shouted in his mind as his concentration reached its peak .
The black veins on his body bulged and pulsated to no end, his muscles stretched to their limits, it seemed as if his limbs were going to break due to the pressure applied on them because of that attack .

Veins exploded as his arms completed the required gesture, he had memorized that form long ago but he had always been too weak to use it .
In the slowed world reflected in Noah's eyes, four shadows shot out from his sabers .
Noah heaved a tired sigh as he resumed to run, the injuries caused by his body surpassing its limits healed in a few seconds thanks to the liquid "Breath" in his circulatory system .
One of the four dragons that had attacked was in front of him but Noah simply marched toward it as if it had stopped being a threat .
When Noah reached it, the dragon's body divided in half, allowing him to run right in the middle of the two halves .
The other three dragons were the same, they were still in the process of pouncing at him when their bodies were suddenly halved, their eyes radiated the surprise that they felt when they realized that they were dead .
An unlockable attack that fused the ethereal aspect of the First Form and the power of the Second Form, the Third Form was the apex of Noah's martial art .
'I should probably enter the complete Demonic form if I want to use this attack repeatedly, the pressure on my body is simply too much . '
Noah evaluated as he continued to run inside the dragons' tide, more and more dragons were starting to disregard the dangerous feeling radiated from his black smoke and were turning their heads toward the hooded figure chasing after the four powerful humans in the lead .

David and his group of solid stage cultivators were wreaking havoc at some distance from Noah, the dragons had tried to encircle them but they were too strong, just one of their spells was enough to repel six to seven dragons at the same time!
Noah chased them, they were naturally creating an escape route for him and were the strongest in his team, he would have better chances to survive with them .

Yet, at some point, they disappeared .
'Where did they go?'
Noah was confused, they were right in front of him for the whole time but now he couldn't see them .
Also, the dark area still maintained the features of the other parts of the labyrinth, the mental energy of the cultivators was suppressed and their sight was starting to be affected since they were leaving the place where the shining orbs were levitating, Noah had betted everything on following David and his group!
More smoke came out of his body as he cursed in his mind, his hooded figure was slowly replaced by a fiendish one that had horns and a tail .

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Noah was going all out!
The tide of dragons turned to the remaining cultivators in the area, four of them had suddenly disappeared while many had already died, only about seven rank 3 cultivators remained in the dark area .
Noah felt many hungry gazes staring at him, he was the one that had marched deeper in the darkness after all, he was surrounded by dragons!
The dragons didn't care about their well-being, there was only an endless hunger in their minds .
They pounced through the black cloud formed by Noah's spell, uncaring that their scales were being devoured by the smoke .
Noah, on the other hand, was extremely calm .
He had survived in hopeless situations already without being that strong, his mind was working at full speed to analyze the ninth trial and to find a way out of that place .
'David and the others have disappeared after they reached that point, maybe the depths are right there . '
The only real clue about the test was the aged voice that had resounded after the door closed behind their backs, Noah believed that to be the vital information about the trial .

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'I can warp near there and run but it doesn't hurt to make a short stop before . '
Noah's eyes sharpened as he swept the battlefield, he inspected every dragon that entered his field of view .
Then, when a few dragons managed to surpass the black smoke and near him, black flames enveloped his body, making him disappear in an instant .
A fiendish figure reappeared in another part of the battlefield, the dragons there roared when they discovered the unwanted guest but there was nothing they could do, they found themselves severed in half before they were even able to finish their battle cry .
Only one of them had its head severed, which then immediately disappeared along with the rest of its body .
Then, black flames covered again the fiendish figure, making him disappear from that place .
Noah reappeared where David and his group had disappeared, the dragons there had already marched toward the remaining humans in the area, they didn't expect for someone to suddenly appear behind their backs .
Yet, Noah didn't exploit that surprise effect, his attention was on his surroundings, he was trying to find clues about David's disappearance .
Countless roars resounded as attacks were launched against him, the dragons felt challenged when Noah had appeared behind them .
Then, Noah noticed that the floor ended at some point and that only the endless darkness of the depths of the separate dimension remained .
The attacks were almost about to reach him when he gathered his determination and jumped off what seemed a cliff, his figure disappeared in the void below the ninth trial .