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Chapter 391

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Noah's new Blood companion was a rank 4 beast at the peak of the lower tier, it was fully capable of injuring rank 3 cultivators with its body alone.

Also, one of the strongest features of the Body-inscription spell was the speed at which the Blood companion was released by the cultivator's body, it was really easy to be caught by surprise if the opponent wasn't aware of that ability.
Greg saw the enormous reptilian head trying to crush his body, the gaseous "Breath" inside his dantian and the liquid one inside his body were depleted at a fast pace as he tried to block the dragon's fangs.
Then, his mental energy was expended and a huge ape made of flames appeared behind his back.
The fire ape wielded a pair of hammers that it didn't hesitate to smash on the dragon's head.
A loud impact resounded in the area, the hammers crashed on the companion's head, breaking a few scales in the process.
However, to Greg's surprise, the dragon had still more than half of its head intact and, even worse, the missing parts destroyed in the attacks were already reforming!
Greg was a mighty rank 3 cultivator in the gaseous stage, he had fought many rank 4 beasts in his life and had survived the trials in the separate dimension, he knew exactly the power behind his spells.
Yet, a spell that should have destroyed any rank 4 beast's head and even take a big chunk of its neck with it wasn't able to do much against that black dragon!
Abyssal dragons were specialized in defense but those scales seemed to surpass the actual level of the beast, putting its power directly in the middle tier of the fourth rank!

Greg's surprised gaze went on the hooded figure in front of him but he soon discovered that he had disappeared, only some tongues of black flames were still lingering in front of the shield deployed by his teammate.
The woman seemed to stare at him, yet, she wasn't looking at his figure but at a place behind him.
That was because Noah had warped right behind Greg and was already attacking him with his most powerful attack!
Noah's veins turned black and black smoke came out of his six sabers as he performed a slash so fast that even those with a rank 4 body would find hard to follow with their eyes.
Greg's survival instincts kicked in, the fire ape placed itself in a protective stance to block the incoming attack only to be severed by the six invisible slashes that reached it.
Noah's attack didn't stop there, it reached Greg's back and inflicted six deep wounds on it, cutting through a spell had greatly reduced its power.
Greg was about to cast another spell when a fuming head covered his upper body, he could only see the gaseous insides of the dragon before the corrosive smoke exuded by its figure attacked his skin.
Muffled screams resounded from inside the dragon's body, its fuming fangs closed on Greg's already injured waist, severing his body in half and leaving his lifeless legs on the azure sand.

The woman watched the scene with wide eyes, everything had happened too quickly, one mistake was all it took for the hooded figure to kill her companion, Greg was defeated after only three attacks!
Screams continued to sound from the dragon's body, the vitality of a rank 3 cultivator was incredible but his injuries were too severe, only half of his body remained after all.
Noah landed on the dragon's head, the dragon then softly lowered its neck to allow him a comfortable descent on the ground.
Noah stepped off the dragon slowly, he seemed to take his time and he didn't even deign the woman of his attention.
Then, the screams ended and Noah raised his hand toward the dragon's mouth.
The beast opened its maws and three half corroded rings fell directly in Noah's hands which he quickly stored inside his pants.
The woman watched the scene and she quickly made up her mind: She had to escape!
It wasn't a matter of strength, she was quite sure that she was a match for the hooded man.
Yet, she was outnumbered and he had killed her companion, a battle against him, while she was still in the Inheritance ground, wasn't the best option.

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"We will meet again!"
She shouted before the wings behind her back flapped and made her disappear from that place, Noah saw how she was running in the distance, toward the rocky structures.
Black flames covered his figure, he wasn't going to give up on a free reward!
Noah reappeared on a spot in front of the escaping woman, her eyes widened when she saw the dragon coming out of his body and charging at her with all its might.
She quickly changed direction, cutting diagonally as she tried to use the maneuverability of her spell to her advantage.
It was at that moment, though, that shockwaves resounded in the area, she turned only to see that Noah was repeatedly using his martial art to chase her.
She sighed in relief when she saw that Noah was slower than her, he was using a martial art after all, it couldn't compare to the speed produced by a spell.
Yet, she suddenly felt as if her mental sphere was going to break, she was forced to stop her escape to focus on stabilizing her sea of consciousness.
The walls of her mind trembled to no end, it took her a while to stabilize her condition.

That time was enough for Noah to reach her position and to perform the Third Form together with the partial Demonic form.
The woman reacted quickly, her complexion was pale due to the mental energy expended to defend against the Mental tremor spell but her life was in danger!
Twenty or so needles were launched from her hands, they clashed with Noah's attacks.
Noah's slashes were fast but the needles weren't any slower, they pierced each other, expending some of their power.
Six deep cuts appeared on the woman's torso, her robe was soon tainted by the blood flowing out of her wounds.
Noah wasn't better off, a few needles surpassed his defenses and were about to stab his body when a scaled tail enveloped his figure.
The woman saw the tail and was reminded of the dragon that accompanied the hooded man but it was too late, darkness filled her vision as a reptilian head closed itself around her head from behind her back.
The last image she saw was the fuming fangs of the dragon stabbing her neck, ripping off her head from her shoulders.