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Chapter 393
"I have a spell of the wind element, one of the fire element, and one of the water element, all three of them up to the fifth rank . Just choose which one you want . "

Noah answered plainly, he wasn't aware of Cora's aptitude but he still chose to reveal his belongings .
He had already inspected the belongings of the two cultivators of the Shandal Empire that he had killed, he found those two spells along with a huge amount of resources .
Those two cultivators were both in the third rank, their belongings didn't stop to potions and pills needed to pass the trials, Noah had also found a huge number of Credits, some techniques and spells, and even a few inscribed weapons .
He could have been considered rich before but now his finances and resources had tripled!
Of course, the spells, techniques, and weapons had to be sold since he had no use for them but Noah was still considering if it would be better to just exchange them for merit points once he went back to the sect .
He was still stuck in the Inheritance ground after all, there was no point in planning his action for when he went back already .
"That won't do . "
However, Cora shook her head as she refused Noah's offer .
"Darkness and light are the rarest elements, just by giving the spell in my possession to the sect, I would almost obtain enough merit points to purchase two spells of the wind element of similar power . You need to make a better offer if you want my spell . "

Cora's reply made Noah fall deep in thought .
He was aware of the rarity of his element, the prices for techniques and spells that suited him could only increase as his level rose .
'Her words make sense, why would she accept a random spell of her element when she can just pick one up from the missions' building? Well, I don't know if the third floor has something so powerful but there should be ways to have access to heroic-level spells . '
Noah's attention went on the insides of his space-rings, he analyzed the spells rewarded in the ninth trial and he tried to evaluate their power .
Spells could be strong or weak, battle-related or not, these qualities influenced their values and prices in the market .
Noah didn't have a meter of comparison with spells of an element different from his but one thing was clear: The spells in his possession that came from the separate dimension were all battle-related and seemed quite powerful!
'This means that there is a high chance that the darkness spell in Cora's rings is also powerful and useful in battle . '
After a few minutes of silence, Noah opened his mouth to make another offer .
"I'll give you the wind and water element, you won't find a better offer in the archipelago . "

"Why not the fire one instead of the water one?"
Cora didn't seem moved by Noah's generous offer and promptly asked to change the contents of the second spell .
Yet, Noah only smiled at that question .
"David has a fire aptitude, I'll gain more from giving the fire one to him rather than to you . Mind you, this is my last offer, I can just purchase your spell once we go back in the sect but you would have lost the favorable price that I'm making . "

Noah gave her an ultimatum, he wouldn't just give up on free money after all .
Noah had fought with David and he was also his captain, it was normal for him to know about his aptitude .
Cora stared Noah in the eyes and sighed when she saw that he didn't seem to care about not obtaining the spell now .
"Deal . "

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She took out a long scroll from her space-ring and handed it to Noah, he, on the other hand, handed her the scrolls containing the wind and water spells .
Noah didn't even look at his new spell, he simply stored it before turning to look at David .
"What do you offer for this?"
He asked as he unfolded the scroll containing the fire spell to him .
David wore a complex smile as he went through the contents of the scroll and sighed, taking out a folded scroll too .
"I have only this earth spell up to the fifth rank to offer, the other one in my possession matches my element so I won't give it away . "
"Deal . "
Noah didn't hesitate to accept the exchange, spells of the earth element were more valuable than those of the fire one .
The round of exchanges was concluded, everyone ended up with two spells except for Helga who had one and Cora who had three .

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Cora seemed the one who had the biggest gains but, in truth, it was David the one who had benefitted the most by those exchanges .
He had obtained two spells that matched his element, it was a great advantage considering that they were still in the separate dimension .
As for Cora's remaining spell, she didn't speak about it so the others didn't ask, there was no point in probing her belongings if she had no intentions to trade them .
The fact that they were still in the Inheritance ground also played an important role in making the cultivators in the cave willingly to trade their spells so easily .
Each one of them could have pushed for better prices but their priority was to find a way out of the dimension, the best way to improve their chances was to increase their battle prowess as much as they could before resuming in the exploration .
David and his group stayed inside the cave and in its surroundings for a couple of weeks, they spent that time learning their new spells and thinking of a way to add them to their battle styles .
Noah did the same, his days though were spent mostly outside the cave where he also trained in flying with Heilong's wings .
Dragon's wings were far more suited than bat's wings for flight and Noah's ability had increased a lot during the years when he relied on Echo .
A bit more than two weeks passed before they decided to resume in their exploration, their destination was the rocky structures in the distance .