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Chapter 395
The light coming from the inscriptions, coupled with the azure halo radiated by the sandy material of the building, illuminated the figures of the five cultivators in David's group .

There didn't seem to be any immediate danger, the large corridor inside the mountain range was filled with an eerie silence, it appeared completely deserted .
A series of glances were exchanged by the five cultivators as they silently decided to explore deeper, everything inside that place was telling them that the end of the Inheritance ground was near .
Yet, a problem immediately occurred .
"I feel watched . "
"Me too . "
"Same here . "
Helga's feeling was shared by the others, the light coming from the inscriptions around them seemed to inspect their bodies and it even passed undisturbed inside their centers of power .
Though, there wasn't any harmful intention behind that light and messing up with the inscription of the separate dimension didn't seem like a good idea so they just ignored that issue after some time .
'These inscriptions are similar to those restricting the dragons inside the hills, they seem far more complex though and I can't shake off the sensation that we are looking at them from their insides . '
Noah thought as he continued to follow his teammates .

He was the only one in the group who had some knowledge in the inscriptions' field, he could understand more than his companions even if his inscription method diverged from most usual practices .
'I have a bad feeling about this…'
According to his theory, the purpose behind those inscriptions was to replicate the beings restrained inside them .
Since there were now cultivators in their insides, there was a high chance that their next enemy would be a human!
The illuminated corridor was straight and seemingly endless, David's group carefully marched in its insides for more than a week before the first change occurred .
Right between two tall pillars placed at the sides of the passage, the entrance of a large area became visible .
"We should still be at some distance from the central mountain . Careful, this should be another trial . "
David warned as the five of them entered the large area and prepared themselves for a battle .
The area was a large room with a wide formation on both floor and ceiling, it completely resembled a battle arena .
Then, the sandy walls of the entrance behind them began to enlarge, not even a few seconds had passed but the way back to the corridor had been sealed!

The cultivators weren't scared nor disappointed, they were ready for the incoming battle but there were no enemies there .
Their gazes went on the walls of the room, they felt confused since there seemed to be no way out of that place .
Noah went to inspect the formations, they resembled those that filled the dimension but with a few more complex elements .
In the end, he gave up on trying to understand their purpose, not only were formations different from his method, but those in the arena were also at a high level .

David asked when he saw Noah raising his gaze from the formations and he sighed when he saw that Noah shook his head to answer him .
"What do we do now?"
Nate asked David, it was clear to everyone that the latter was the leader of the group .
"Let's wait for a bit . We'll try to force this place open if nothing happens . "

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David spoke, ordering them to take the safe approach .
Messing up with the inscriptions of a dimension that could remain hidden from the eyes of heroic cultivators wasn't a good idea, David would keep that option only as a last resort .
Another period of training occurred, Noah and the others resumed testing their new spells and adding them to their combat style .
They were all rank 3 mages after all, learning the diagram of spells up to the fifth rank hadn't been a taxing process .
Yet, it always took time to become proficient with every new technique, Noah would always throw himself into a pack of magical beasts whenever he obtained a new technique .
With the absence of magical beasts though, he could only visualize his improved fighting style in his mind for now .
One thing that improved quickly though was his flying ability .
Heilong's wings were bigger and stronger than Echo's ones, allowing him to fly at a higher speed and without the need of the Shadow step spell to remain in the air .
Yet, they lacked maneuverability, an aspect that Noah could only compensate with experience and other techniques .
'I'll think about improving my flight when I exit this damned place… We have been stuck in this area for one month already!'

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Noah thought as he softly landed on the ground, the wings behind his back retracted inside his naked back where the large tattoo of a dragon was .
The other four in his group had long become used to his training routine and couldn't help but be surprised when they saw the many uses that his Blood companion was capable of .
"Maybe I should have asked for this puppet instead . "
Cora commented as she watched Noah reuniting with them, she believed that her gains in the exchange had been great but the young-looking man in front of him seemed to have things more valuable than powerful spells .
"Limited to the darkness element, sorry . "
Noah shrugged his shoulders as he casually lied, the Body-inscription spell was one of his strongest abilities as well as his first spell, he wouldn't give it to others so easily .
The cultivators in David's group weren't tired, they were still in the Inheritance ground so they limited themselves when they trained .
Noah wasn't an exception, flying consumed virtually no energy and he only used his new spell three to four times each day .
Their priority was to be ready for any kind of trial that the dimension placed in front of them, they didn't know the reason behind that waiting but they didn't dare to train till exhaustion in that situation .
Then, before Noah could wear something to cover his upper body, the formations on the floor and the ceiling lit up .
Light gathered at the center of the arena and human figures formed as the light slowly dissipated .
In a few seconds, five cultivators appeared in front of them!