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Published at 7th of August 2019 09:20:32 AM

Chapter 40

In a cave, deep into Evergreen forest, a young man was sitting on the ground with his upper body naked .

He was smearing a black liquid on his back while looking at a sheet with a complex rune written on it .

'This beast's essence is good, I'm sparing weeks of nourishment using it and I still have 8 bottles left!'

The young man was of course Noah .

He was using his remaining time for the mission to make use of the goods he chose to keep .

'I bet that the Earth pill will be amazing too . '

In the end, he was too tempted to not keep the brown pill for the dantian .

After a few hours, he stopped his training in the Kesier rune even though he was far from his limit .

He never forgot that he was still in the wilderness, he had to be ready if a sudden attack of a magical beast arrived .

'I bet this smell is keeping them away . '

He looked in the direction of the corpses that were now starting to decompose .

The smell they emitted was awful but Noah didn't care, they had to stay in their spots to create the perfect scenery of a battle .

Noah had already made a plan to appear as innocent as possible and to carry it out he needed 3 days, so he decided to use the days left before them to increase his strength as much as possible .

'I can use two bottles of beast's essence per day, in four days I'll be out of them and I can start preparing for my return to the mansion . I wonder how much of the fifth cycle I can complete . '

A few days after the medicinal bottles were emptied, Noah was carrying a huge pile of items tied together with the clothes of the dead members of the Gray Shadows .

He wasn't going to lift it since its form was too uncomfortable to raise up so he simply dragged the goods with an improvised rope .

'This will leave a good amount of evidence that my version of the story is the real deal . '




Some days later .

Quinn was feeling desperate .

He was camping on the perimeter of Evergreen forest near Mossgrove city waiting for the orders of the Merger family .

Only three soldiers were left standing guard on him, while the other two went to their family mansion to inform the inner circle of the events during the trip .

Yet almost two weeks had passed, and of the envoy from the family there was still no trace .

'I'm totally ruined! Even if they manage to take back the goods I will receive no share from it . I might even lose my privileged position as their merchant . My dreams, my plans, everything is ruined!'

He was completely powerless in this situation and the remaining guards started to treat him with coldness even though the job of protecting the shipment was theirs .

In this world, it was always the weaker one to get the blame for any faulty situation .

"Tsk, if that idiot of a merchant didn't take the path in the forest, everything could have been avoided . "

"You are right, now our position in the guards will be severely affected because of such a greedy man . And we also have to stand here with him!"

The guards were speaking in such a loud voice that Quinn could clearly hear them .

His daughter understood the situation and remained silent for the whole time, scared that one misspoken word could trigger the anger of the soldiers .

It was at that moment that a kid donned in black and sweating profusely exited the perimeter of the forest carrying a big pile of items tied together by clothes stained with blood .

The group from the Merger family stared with wide eyes at the small figure dragging a burden that was four times his frame .

Quinn looked at the items and recognized some of them as the ones that were stolen from him .

He hurriedly got close to the young man yelling loudly .

"Wait, wait! You, kid, where did you get those items?"

The excitement from finding his assets made him speak without any form of respect .

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Noah looked at the fat merchant and answered nonchalantly while continuing o his tracks .

"Found them on the forest . "

Quinn felt finally hope after two weeks of desperation .

"There are some items that were stolen from me between those that you are carrying . Please, return them to me . "

Noah still didn't stop and only asked a short question .

"Do you have any proof?"

Quinn was at a loss for words and only now realized that the young man in front of him could have not been a simple one, he was, after all, coming back from the forest with a great burden on his back .

When he looked at the signs of dragging on the ground he realized with fear that he could not see where the signs started from .

'For exactly how long has he carried such a weigh?'

The guards though had slower minds than the merchant and when they overheard the conversation they arrogantly neared the items .

"Kid, if the merchant said that these are our items then so it is . If you have any complaints you can come to the Merger mansion to apply for a refund . "

The soldiers only saw wealth in the pile in front of them and were already imagining the reward the family would give them when they brought them back .

Just when one of them was about to undo the packaging made of clothes to inspect the items, a kick came in his direction .

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The attack was too fast and too sudden, it hit the soldier chest sending him flying away for five meters before he fell on the ground unconscious .

In the spot where he was previously, Noah was now standing with his right leg still raised .

"So you want to rob my Balvan family of the earned reward from a mission assigned by the Shosti family?"

Noah shamelessly used the names of the noble families to stop their claims on the items .

The group was stupefied seeing a kid knocking out a soldier with just one attack, their attitude became immediately more respectful .

Noah simply snorted and went back to his dragging toward Balvan mansion, yet, before he could move again, Quinn placed himself in front of him with a wide smile on his face .

"Ehm, young sir, I want to apologize for my earlier rudeness . That thing that you are carrying seems heavy, would you like a ride back to your mansion?"

'Oh, it seems that this man is not that stupid . Well, they can be my witnesses if I go with him . '

"I agree, but I have a condition . "

Quinn lightly bowed while speaking .

"Please speak, young master . "

Noah pointed at the pile of items behind him .

"I can take one of those things as a reward so you have to explain to me the effects of the pills in there . "