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Chapter 402
Noah recklessly dove between the barrage of fuming spikes, his Blood companion took less damage than the opponent's one, he couldn't care less about his reserves if the enemy's expended more of them!

Also, he wanted to find a chance to clash directly with the copy's weapons .
When using the Third Form while in the Demonic form, the increased sharpness and corrosion of the Demonic swords could almost be neglected because they didn't directly touch the opponent .
However, if Noah managed to force a direct clash, he was sure that the capabilities of his sabers would cut his copy in half!
The copy's sabers were strangely at the peak of the second rank like his, yet, they didn't seem to carry the same corrosion nor his same meaning, they were just good inscribed weapons .
'The technique has probably tried to compensate for what it wasn't able to replicate… Well, this battle is mine anyway . '
Endless coldness was radiated as his focus sharpened, Noah was ready to take the approach that would end the battle in the quickest way .
Heilong flew through the barrage of spikes and crashed on its copy, the latter was already heavily damaged by the Instabilities and its body further broke under the weight of the Blood companion .
Noah couldn't find an opening in the copy's defense so he simply threw more Instabilities .
The two Blood companions were entangled as they fought while protecting their masters inside their bodies .
The Instabilities exploded, their blasts together with the spikes they released injured the dragons .

Yet, while Heilong was still able to fight due to the low number of injuries that it suffered, its copy was beginning to have difficulties in its reconstruction .
Heilong assaulted recklessly, its copy was able to endure its attacks but the damages suffered from the spikes forced it in a passive position .
Meanwhile, Noah threw even more Instabilities and Hidden blasts toward the copy of the dragon .
Also, ten ethereal claws came out Heilong's body and entered its copy, they quickly found Noah's copy and attacked its internal organs .
Noah was going all out to force an opening in his opponent's defense!
Whenever Heilong's copy was about to reform, Noah would throw more bombs .
Ethereal claws would follow the explosions, a barrage of attacks filled the area where the two dragons were fighting .
Heilong had started to break apart, the corrosion from the opponent's Demonic form, the clash with a companion of similar strength, and the spikes of the Instabilities had ultimately started to affect even its superior defense .
However, since it was in that condition, its copy was in a far worse state .
The dragon's body was in pieces, Noah was almost able to see the fiendish figure of his copy inside it .

Hidden blasts were launched together with ethereal claws inside the fissures of the enemy dragon, Heilong stabbed its head in those fissures as soon as the needles exploded .
A hole was created in the copy of the dragon, Noah's copy was out in the open, enduring the damage that the Ghostly claws caused .

Noah came out of Heilong's head as he ordered it to keep the hole open, his sabers became one and the air around it curved, the veins on his arms exploded as the Second Form was performed .
The Second Form after he mastered his martial art was Noah's strongest attack in close combat!
The copy couldn't do much, it raised its weapons as it mimicked Noah's attack, two black sabers clashed inside Heilong's copy .
Just like Noah had predicted, the copy's sabers couldn't endure the sharpness and the corrosive abilities of the real Demonic swords .
Noah's attack cut through the enemy's Second Form and reached its body, dividing its torso diagonally .
The copy's abilities seemed to freeze when that slash was completed, the smoke released by its Demonic form stopped moving and even its companion halted its reconstruction .
Then, everything started to vanish into nothingness .

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Noah saw that and dispersed his spells, he had gone all out in that battle, the only reason why he didn't suffer injuries was due to Heilong's protection .
Yet, once he had understood that the copying technique couldn't reproduce the effects of the Elemental forging method, the battle had been completely one-sided .
Using the Instabilities and Hidden blasts that he had prepared before joining David's team, he has slowly destroyed the companion's defenses .
Then, he used the superior defense of Heilong to pave a way toward his copy, it was just a matter of making their sabers clash at that point .
'It didn't hesitate in using the Demonic form though, I hope that those who have faced our team are dead . '
Noah sighed when he saw how uncaring his copy was in revealing its abilities, he couldn't help but think again at the possibility of having his identity revealed .
He was about to sit on the floor to recover when the light of the formation shone again .
'What now!? I'm almost exhausted!'
Noah had fought using the Demonic form for the entirety of the battle, it was the only method he had to defend against the enemy's corrosive smoke .
Also, he had used the Ghostly claws many times, together with both his martial arts and the expenditure of "Breath" needed to reconstruct Heilong, it could be said that he was almost empty of energies .

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No matter how he cursed in his mind though, he couldn't stop the light from surrounding him and applying a familiar pressure on his mental sphere .
'I'm being teleported!'
Noah immediately recognized that pressure but there was nothing that he could do to oppose it .
The scenery changed in front of his eyes, the dark-area transformed into a large hall filled with the light radiated by the azure sand .
Twelve pillars stood straight at the sides of the hall, six per each side, Noah saw how one of them was broken .
Void surrounded the hall, that place resembled some sort of isolated platform .
A tall throne made of an azure mineral was placed at the end of the hall, a middle-aged man could be seen silently resting with his head supported by a hand .
'Who is he?'
Noah thought as soon as he managed to have a complete view of the hall .
The mouth of the man moved and an aged voice resounded throughout the entirety of the hall .
"I'm the Divine Demon, the creator of this dimension . "