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Chapter 403
Noah's eyes widened, not only did the man just answered his thoughts, but he had also used the word "divine" .

'Is he a God?'
"My main body is, I'm just the will that he left before ascending in the Immortal lands . "
The man on the throne spoke again after Noah thought, he opened his eyes and straightened his posture after he finished his phrase .
Noah felt naked under the man's gaze, he felt as if his entire life could be simply read by that mighty being .
A torrent of questions arose in his mind, be it his godhood, the Immortal lands, or the many doubts that he had about the separate dimension, his mind was filled with uncertainties .
"Slow down, young one . The Inheritance is already yours, there is no point in being so anxious . "
Divine Demon spoke again and tapped his index on the armrest of his throne .
Light came out from the void that surrounded the hall, it converged on the powerless Noah, entering his body and centers of power .
Noah felt his mental sphere and dantian being refilled at an unimaginable speed, even the small cracks on Heilong's half-transparent image inside his sea of consciousness were fixed .

The membrane around his heart was refilled as well, it took only a few seconds for Noah to return at his peak form .
Also, his centers of power seemed even more sturdy after the light dissipated, Noah felt as if his condition had slightly improved .
"Don't even bother to bow, I know how little those gestures mean to you . Mh, Elemental forging method, what a reckless inscription method, no wonder it has almost vanished . "
Divine Demon continued to speak, it seemed to be sorting Noah's knowledge as he casually commented it .
Noah didn't feel good to have his mind read so easily, he suppressed the irritation growing inside him and masked it with his usual cold aura as he waited for that mighty being to finish playing with him .
'He calls himself "Demon", does he have some connection with my sect?'
"Exactly, the Inheritance would have opened only when one of the twelve demon sects reached the Coral archipelago and was strong enough to use it . Well, eleven right now . "
Divine Demon answered Noah's thoughts again as he moved his gaze toward the broken pillar, traces of anger appeared in his eyes but they were soon suppressed as he focused back on Noah .
'Strong enough? Is it because of me that the sect met the standard required by the dimension?'

That time, Noah's thoughts were answered by a loud laugh .
Divine Demon laughed and shook his head before he finally decided to reply to Noah's thoughts .
"Don't think too highly of yourself . You are surely amazing for your level but you are just a mortal, the dimension opened because the Chasing Demon has recently reached the sixth rank, I guess that you weaklings weren't aware of that . "
Those words reverberated throughout the hall, Noah was speechless when he heard them .
'The Chasing Demon, my patriarch, reached the sixth rank?'

Noah's mind was a mess, the sixth rank was one step away from godhood after all!
"Hmph, don't be so surprised, that kid had the right attitude for cultivation and he also had my guidance, he should have reached this level long ago"
Divine Demon snorted and continued his explanation before Noah could even think about anything .

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"As you have already guessed, I'm the ancestor of the demon sects of the Papral nation . I and the God who created the orthodox sects left the Mortal lands long ago but we made sure that our Inheritances would be accessible by our descendants . "
'How exactly is this place accessible? All the organizations in the archipelago are attempting to obtain the Inheritance . '
"Spare me your sarcasm, young one, I'm actually disappointed that it took someone like you to make a demon sect succeed . Your fellow disciples are a bunch of demons just in name, they have long lost their instincts as unorthodox cultivators due to the lofty lifestyle that they make here . Truth to be told, only a lone cultivator like you reflects the characteristics that I'm looking for in an heir . "
Noah was now used to the fact that his thoughts were directly answered, he even gave up on trying to cover them and he couldn't just stop thinking .
"I know nothing about formations . "
Noah spoke for the first time, the meaning behind his words was quite obvious, he was referring to the copying technique of the dimension: Even if he was to obtain it, he wouldn't know how to use it .
Also, a lot of work was needed to place the various formations: Noah recognized the power behind that technique but he would rather have something that increased his personal power .
"I think that you have misunderstood my intentions regarding this dimension . "
Divine Demon spoke and stood up from his throne .

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He had long black hair and was dressed in a seemingly luxurious robe, he stretched his hand in front of him and images began to appear in his palm .
"Teamwork, ambition, a various set of abilities, survivability, those were all the characteristics needed to pass the tests in the labyrinth . "
The images in his hands depicted the nine trials that Noah had faced, he didn't dare to move his eyes from the being's hand .
"Yet, all of these are useless if you can't fight other cultivators, hence the tenth trial . "
The images fused into one that replayed the battle of David's group, everything that had happened inside the mountain range had been registered .
"However, even that would be useless if one wasn't able to take a path different from the one chosen by Heaven and Earth . "
The images changed again, Noah's battle against his copy played out, the fight between the two fiends seemed spectacular when seen from outside .
"My copying technique is the maximum expression of the Attunement inscription method, it can't reproduce things in the divine ranks nor creations that aren't under the rule of Heaven and Earth . Tell me, young one, why was it so easy for you to defeat your copy?"
Divine Demon asked and Noah's eyes were filled with understanding .