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Chapter 405
The lines of the inscriptions dug the walls of Noah's mental sphere as they fused with it .

Noah wanted to fall on the floor and hold his head but Divine Demon's finger kept him standing, it was as if his forehead was stuck to him .
Noah endured the pain, it wasn't the first time that a spell was directly transferred to his mind but the process seemed slightly different from the last time: What was being passed wasn't a diagram but some sort of formation that directly attached itself to his mental sphere .
The inscriptions enlarged, filling even the part of the sphere hid by Noah's mental energy, it took a while but the entirety of his mind ended up filled by those shining lines .
Divine Demon retracted his finger and Noah fell on the floor, his eyes were closed as he tried his best to stabilize that center of power .
Then, light came from the void once again, it entered Noah's head and helped him heal his sore mind .
The walls of his sphere healed, the small cracks and holes caused by the inscriptions were mended, Noah's half-transparent figure opened its eyes only to see that the environment inside his sea of consciousness was filled by the light radiated by the inscriptions on its walls .
"What did you do to me?"
Noah struggled to give voice to his worries .
His mind had always been his real advantage in this life, he was extremely careful when it came to it .

"I gave you a way to create techniques and methods . Try to insert your mental energy into the inscriptions . "
Divine Demon spoke and Noah sat cross-legged on the floor before following his instructions .
A small amount of mental energy rose from his sea and entered the inscriptions on the walls .
The inscriptions shone with a blinding light and the mental energy was consumed but nothing else seemed to happen .
'What is happening?'
'The light seems to have some kind of smoothing effect on my thinking but that's it, I don't feel anything else . '
'Did I just become the slave of a deity?'
'Is this guy a real God?'
'The God of the Shandal Empire is stuck at the bottom of the seventh rank, maybe that's why it didn't leave the Mortal lands . '

'What are the Mortal lands anyway? What about the Immortal ones then?'
'I wonder if I ended up in some mess . '
'Now that I think about it, each pillar in this room should correspond to the twelve demon sects, the broken one should be the Ravaging demon sect . '
'Wait, why isn't this old geezer answering my thoughts anymore?'
It was only when his thoughts reached that point that Noah raised his head to stare at the smiling will .
A drop of sweat was running down Noah's forehead, yet, in Noah's eyes, its falling speed was incomparably slow!
"Does it enhance my thinking faculties?"
Noah found the answer to his question quickly, his mind was working at an unimaginable speed after all, the answer appeared almost naturally in his mind .
"That's just one of the many usages . This technique is something I made to create my rank 5 cultivation technique . Of course, I've already given you the version that I perfected after becoming a God, it will be a huge help in analyzing and creating techniques and spells . "

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Analyzing and creating!
Divine Demon's words meant that Noah could use the inscriptions on the walls of his mental sphere to study the diagrams of his spells!
A sort of eagerness filled Noah, he wanted to test the limits of this new technique as soon as possible .
"Calm down, we aren't over yet . You are my heir now but I wish for most of the wealth that I've left behind to go to your sect . You can keep the Credits, the resources you need, and anything related to the darkness element of course, but leave everything else to the sect . Also…"
Divine Demons stopped speaking for a moment as he raised his hand and an old book materialized seemingly out of thin air .
"The copying technique is recorded here . My inscribing method is something that I've personally created, it fuses the attunement method with the study of formations but this technique can't go beyond the heroic ranks . I reckon your sect will need it if it wants to take control of the archipelago . "
Noah was about to take the book when its form disappeared, a black ring replaced it in the palm of Divine Demon's hands .
"This ring contains everything left in the dimension, you can keep it but remember to share the items that you don't need with the sect . "

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Divine Demon handed the ring to Noah and then disappeared from his spot, only to reappear on the throne at the end of the hall .
"My main body is still alive somewhere in the Immortal lands, I can feel it . Look for me when you ascend, I'm sure he will want to see your progress . "
The hall began to tremble, cracks formed on the floor and pieces of the pillars detached from their surfaces before falling into the void .
"Remember, only true individuality can reach godhood, the rank of a center of power means nothing if it doesn't carry the will of its cultivator . Keep using the runes and the "Breath" to improve your mind, replace your Yin body with something that reflects yourself, and create a cultivation technique that doesn't follow the paths laid by Heaven and Earth . The world doesn't want you to become a God that's why all its paths lead to dead-ends . Avoid them, destroy them! Become an entity that Heaven and Earth can't imitate nor suppress!"
The hall began to crumble, only the azure throne remained intact as Divine Demon's will spoke .
"Oh, right . When you have time, kill that ungrateful kid who has betrayed the unorthodox sects . "
After those last words, Noah's vision turned dark .
A heavy pressure was applied to his mental sphere, Noah couldn't help but faint after he failed to oppose it .
Divine Demon's words resounded in his mind as he slept, the information about the path to godhood, the individuality, and the limits applied by Heaven and Earth rumbled as he tried to wake up .
When his eyes opened, he found himself in a purple environment, with David and the rest of his team angrily arguing with someone .