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Published at 13th of January 2020 06:15:45 AM

Chapter 408
Noah hurriedly returned to his old cave .

He wasn't afraid that the other members of the sect would try to steal his belongings, the restrictions of the oath prevented that, yet, he was eager to inspect the contents of the Inheritance .
The black space-ring contained the items left behind by a divine being after all, he couldn't even begin to imagine the amount of wealth contained in it .
The entrance of his cave opened, Noah didn't change his habitation after he became a rank 3 cultivator because he was too focused on the separate dimension but now he could feel how lacking the density of "Breath" was for his current level .
He casually sat on the ground and held the black-ring in his hands, there was no mental imprint on it, Noah could easily inspect its insides .
The first thing he saw when his mental energy entered the ring was a sea of shining crystals .
There were Obsidian Credits everywhere he looked .
Noah was able to divert his gaze only after he realized that it would take too much to count them, they value had long surpassed ten million Credits when he decided to look away .
Then, he was astonished by the width of the space inside the ring .
'This is simply too huge . '
Noah thought when he saw that the space inside the ring had the width of many kilometers .

'It seems that I won't need my rings anymore, this one is definitely above the human ranks!'
The black-space ring was already an extremely valuable item, coupled with the incredible number of Credits contained inside it, Noah felt as if his efforts in the dimension had been worth it!
Yet, that was only the beginning .
Noah moved his gaze toward a few hills at the bottom of the area .
He soon realized that the hills were just piles of items of different nature!
Noah's attention went to the most striking ones .
He saw how countless dragon's corpses were piled to form a small scaled mountain .
All the corpses belonged to rank 4 creatures of different elements and each one of them was in a perfect state, it was as if those dragons had just died!
'How is this possible, Divine Demon's time had to be even before the previous Royal dynasty, does this ring have improved storage capabilities?'
Noah quickly moved the Credits that surrounded the pile of corpses and he soon discovered that his hypothesis was right .
There was a large formation around the corpses which was similar to the one surrounding the inventory in Odrea nation .

Its purpose was clear, the formation kept the materials stored inside it in a perfect state!
'The value of this ring has just doubled . '
Noah noted that in his mind before inspecting the next pile of goods, he was just doing a quick overview of the resources obtained in the Inheritance, the sorting process would come only after he had a general idea of what he could find useful .
There was a smaller hill right behind the beasts' corpses .
The pile that time was made of inscribed weapons of various types and rank, Noah found some blades that radiated an ominous feeling as his attention focused on them .

Another formation that prevented the corrosion of the items in its insides was around the pile of weapons, Noah decided to stop guessing the value of the ring after he saw that .
The next pile was filled with shining bottles and luxurious caskets, that hill contained a seemingly endless number of potions and pills, the power held by some of them even surpassed what Noah was able to sense .
The last hill was composed of scrolls and books .
Noah's eyes shone when he saw it, it was clear that the accumulation of spells and techniques of Divine Demon was there .
His mental energy went to the first scroll in his sight, he wanted to analyze its contents and start sorting the resources in the ring when inscriptions around the walls of the separate space lit up .

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'What is happening!?'
Noah was about to retract his mental energy from the ring when the light of the inscriptions converged in the air and a young boy wearing a luxurious black robe appeared out of it .
The boy had long black hair and icy-blue eyes, his facial features were delicate, almost womanly, he resembled a younger version of Noah .
Noah was about to speak when the boy's eyes shone and words resounded in the insides of the ring .
"Recollecting last known orders . "
"New master: Noah Balvan, heir of the Divine Demon . "
A robotic voice echoed in the area, the boy's eyes stopped shining when it ended .
He then performed a polite bow before speaking in a more human tone .
"Greetings to master, I'm the spirit automaton of the space-ring . My previous master, Divine Demon, has instructed me to help to handle this rank 6 storage device and has also left some guidelines on how to handle the resources inside . "
Noah heard the words and was a bit surprised but he soon calmed down .
The ring was a rank 6 item, it was obvious that it would have special features .

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Also, considering how big the space inside it was and how many items were stored, it was understandable that its creator had set an automatic helper .
"Did you copy my aspect or were you created like this?"
Noah asked as he relaxed, his mental energy transmitted his words inside the separate space .
"Spirit automatons usually imitate the aspect of their masters, though, I can modify it if you wish . "
The boy politely answered but Noah didn't mind that aspect, he was just curious about the reason behind it .
"How precise are your estimations of the items inside the ring?"
Noah moved the topic to what interested him, the items contained in the Inheritance .
"I don't need to make an estimate, I know all the resources contained in the ring as well as their number, purpose, and name . "
The automaton answered in an emotionless tone, it wasn't a will after all, it was more similar to a program .
"Give me a complete report then, don't be too specific though . "
"Processing . "
Noah ordered before the robotic voice of the automaton answered him .
"The ring currently contains eighty million Credits, five hundred rank 4 dragon' corpses of a various element, eight thousand four hundred thirty-three inscribed weapons of various rank, more than ten thousand potions and pills of various rank and usage, and about a thousand spells and techniques of various rank . "