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Published at 13th of January 2020 06:15:44 AM

Chapter 409
Noah listened to those numbers and his mind began to evaluate the many possibilities that such an amount of wealth gave him .

'I bet I'm richer than a medium-size noble family right now . '
He smiled internally when he realized that .
Yet, he knew that most of those items would be wasted in his hands, not only many resources required an element different from his, but he also had almost no use for the inscribed weapons .
Noah knew that the Demonic swords were the most suitable weapons for him and he couldn't use blades in the heroic ranks, his level simply didn't allow that .
"You spoke about some guidelines, what are they about?"
Noah asked the spirit automaton as his mental energy took a human form, it was easier for him to inspect the items from inside the ring rather than taking them out one at the time .
"First of all, there is a description of the four formations inside the ring, each one can almost stop the aging of specific items . As you can see, the formations must be used respectively for magical beasts, weapons, drugs, and scrolls or books . Placing an item in a formation that doesn't suit its type won't activate its effects . If you wish, you can just send everything causally in the ring and leave the division process to me . "
The boy spoke, pointing a formation whenever he mentioned its suitable type of item .
"Also, Divine Demon left some messages, would you like to hear them?"
"Sure . "
Noah was surprised by the boy's statement but he was quite eager to listen again to Divine Demon .
The automaton opened his mouth and his eyes shone, it seemed that he had entered the "robot" mode again .

"Young one . "
Divine Demon's voice resounded inside the ring, Noah's complete attention went on his words .
"I'm sorry that our meeting has been short, I had to preserve enough energies to destroy the separate dimension and to erase all my traces . Yet, you have my legacy now . "
A short moment of silence occurred before his voice sounded again .
"The walls of your mental sphere now contain my Divine deduction technique, it is fueled by mental energy so it will give you better results once your rank as a mage increases . Oh, your version is limited to the seventh rank, you might want to upgrade it once you become a God . "
Noah suppressed the urge to smile, Divine Demon seemed sure that Noah would reach the divine ranks .
"Just one thing . If I was to discover that you wasted my technique and trained in one of the cultivation techniques contained in my Inheritance, I will personally travel to the Moral lands and kill you . Be safe, young one . "
Silence .
A long silence followed those words .
Noah stood still, the expression of his half-transparent figure inside the ring was still stuck in the suppressed smile from before .
'I guess I don't have other choices now . '

"Oh, one last thing . "
Divine Demon's voice sounded all of sudden, slightly startling Noah .
"I have a message for that kid, your patriarch . Remember to tell the automaton when you meet him . Hmph, I have a thing or two to say about how he trains the members of his sect . "

After that, the boy's eyes stopped shining and he closed his mouth, only then was Noah sure that no more messages were coming .
"Anything else?"
Noah asked the automaton hoping that the threats of the God were over .
"Divine Demon advised giving most of the contents of his Inheritance to the sect . The Obsidian Credits are excluded of course . "
Noah nodded, he didn't hate that idea .
After all, only a small part of the Inheritance was useful to him .
He didn't need any of the inscribed weapons .
He was just one cultivator, ten thousand drugs were simply too many for him .

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The techniques and spells of the darkness element were just a small fraction of the entirety of the pile, everything else could just go to the sect .
As for the dragon's corpses, he was quite tempted to keep all of them .
Like everything else, only a few corpses belonged to creatures of the darkness element but, thanks to his bombs, Noah could easily transform the other dragons in disposable weapons .
'I can simply process their scales, fangs, and teeth to make the spikes for the Instabilities, I won't even need to exchange them for spiked magical beasts . '
Noah ran the various possibilities in his mind but he ultimately decided to keep all the dragon's corpses .
Dragons were considered the strongest magical beast, Noah wasn't willing to let go of any of those materials .
'I think I should start sorting everything out, I'll leave the scrolls for last . '
As the thought about that, Noah, with the help of the spirit automaton, began to choose the items that he wanted to keep .
A few days passed, Noah's mental energy had never exited the space-ring during that period .

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There were simply too many items to evaluate!
The thought of selling any of the items in the ring has never crossed his mind, he saw Credits everywhere his gaze went, what was the point in obtaining more of them?
The spirit automaton was an extremely useful helper, not only was he aware of the name and capabilities of every item inside the ring, but he was also able to advise Noah basing his judgment on his current level .
Sorting the pile of weapons didn't take much, Noah eventually chose to keep a few weapons that matched his element and that he could find useful in the future .
He was keeping the white sabers for the same reason after all, being picky in front of all that wealth wasn't exactly the smartest choice .
With the pile of drugs, he had been far greedier .
The space-ring contained resources till the fifth rank, Divine Demon had carried everything in the sixth rank or above with him in the Immortal lands .
Yet, when it came to pills and potions, anything in the heroic ranks was enough to make Noah stupefied .
Of course, they were only a small fraction compared to the entirety of the pile, yet, they were still miraculous items!
Also, they were specific for each center of power: There were pills able to fix any injury on the mental sphere in a matter of seconds, potions able to regrow bones, even pills that contained "Breath" of various elements .
Noah simply couldn't let go of those drugs, they could save his life one day!
However, he gave up to the majority of the low-level drugs, to those that didn't suit him, and to those of which he had too many copies .
Only the pile containing the spells and techniques was left .