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Published at 13th of January 2020 06:15:42 AM

Chapter 410
"Hand me everything related to the darkness element and divide it according to their ranks . "

Noah ordered, the spirit automaton could manage the insides of the space-ring far faster than him, it was better to leave those matters to him .
"Do you wish to create a separate block for those that don't have element requirements?"
"No, put everything together . "
The spirit automaton began to divide the pile of scrolls and books after Noah's order, his eyes shone as he entered the "robot" mode .
Noah watched him work, he had probed his capabilities as he inspected the other piles and was quite surprised by the amount of information that he held .
As the spirit of a rank 6 inscribed item, the automaton contained a vast knowledge that allowed him to recognize almost every item that was being stored inside the ring .
'The ring itself is incredibly useful, just the four formations inside it are priceless . If I was to add the knowledge of the automaton, the price of this item would skyrocket!'
Noah thought as he waited for the spells and techniques to be sorted out, he was beginning to understand that the ring was one of the most important items of the Inheritance .
The automaton soon finished his task, less than eighty scrolls and books had been taken out from the main pile .

Noah wasn't disappointed, he knew that the rarity of his element was a troublesome issue, one of the reasons why darkness and light cultivators were so few was due to that .
'I think it's the first time I'm eager to read rank 0 spells . '
Eagerness was showed in Noah's half-transparent figure as it neared the sorted items .
According to Divine Demon, the Divine deduction technique allowed him to study the diagrams of the spells more easily, Noah wondered if he could create more rank 4 martial arts thanks to that .
After all, martial arts were the foundation of the battle prowess of a cultivator, they didn't deplete much energy and some of them had a power that matched spells!
Spells were generally used as supportive methods or finishing blows, they expended a lot of mental energy and "Breath", preventing a cultivator from using them recklessly .
Noah had currently mastered two rank 4 martial arts and their effects in battle were amazing .
The Shadow sprint art could be performed far carelessly than Warp spell, making him extremely mobile without the need for huge expenditures of mental energy .
If a spell couldn't lead to a finishing blow, it was better to use its weaker but cheaper version .

The majority of the items in the pile were rank 0 and 1 spells, techniques, and methods .
Noah recognized some names that he saw back in the inventory of the academy, rank 0 diagrams were easier to copy after all, it was normal to have the same scrolls spread in the world .
Blind, Shadow step, Void cover, Piercing darkness, Noah swept through those names quickly .
There were some effects that he would gladly integrate into his battle style but he was too eager to reach the scrolls of a higher rank .

Cultivation techniques and nourishing methods of such a low rank were simply worthless in his eyes, Noah had already decided to keep them only for research purposes .
The spells were his main concern, their diagrams could be turned into martial arts with enough study and those up to the third rank and above were useful for his level .
It was then time for those in the second rank, Death spire, Entangling darkness, and other spells that Noah had never heard of appeared in his eyes .
Noah quickly read their effects and put them aside, that was not yet the time to start studying their diagrams .

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Only about twenty items remained in the pile that he had yet to inspect, most of them were rank 3 nourishing methods and cultivation techniques but there were some spells among them .
'Demon summoning seems strong, it's a pity that it's only up to the third rank, my Body-inscription spells is simply stronger right now . '
'Dark ray seems good, it might be worth memorizing it . '
'Dark cover increases my hiding abilities but only at night, it should be something worth learning . '
The rank 3 spells soon ended and it was time to step on those of a higher rank .
Noah had three books in front of him, they contained two body-nourishing methods and a cultivation technique, all in the fourth rank .
Noah held the cultivation technique in his hands, his eyes were glued to its contents, that was an item that he had searched for a long time, the key to become a heroic cultivator!
There was a lot that he didn't understand in its description, it seemed that he had to have access to rank 4 "Breath" before understanding some of the contents of the technique .
'It feels like another world . I wonder if I can create something like this . '

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It took a while before he managed to let go of the book, he was only doing a general overview at that moment, he was just deciding what to keep of the Inheritance .
Three scrolls remained from the almost eighty items, they contained two spells up to the fourth rank and one up to the fifth .
'Ethereal form, up to the fourth rank . It's a defensive spell that allows me to become immaterial for a short time . It seems to consume a lot of energy though . '
'Death area, up to the fourth rank . This is an area of effect spell that weakens the living beings in its insides . Really, really strong, but also high consumption . '
The high consumption of mental energy and "Breath" of the spells of the darkness element was something Noah was used to, the Ghostly claws were the only exception that he had found .
'Black hole, up to the fifth rank . Defensive method able to absorb any type of attack, allowing the cultivator to use the pure energy absorbed in an attack . '
At once, Noah knew that he had to memorize that spell .