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Published at 18th of January 2020 08:30:13 AM

Chapter 411
"Give me the book containing the copying technique . "

Noah ordered when he finished inspecting all the darkness related books and scrolls .
The spirit automaton didn't hesitate, a big and old book rose from the pile of goods next to Noah and landed in his hands .
Noah carefully swept through its pages, the copying technique created by Divine Demon defied common reason, it was able to create an endless stream of rank 4 creatures by restraining just a few of them, it was normal to be interested in such a power .
However, he soon understood that he couldn't even make out the meaning of the initial lines that described the technique .
'This can be considered a peak rank 6 technique, maybe even a quasi-rank 7 one . It doesn't even match my areas of expertise . '
Noah sighed as he looked at its contents .
There were written descriptions that he could read, they instructed about the restrictions and procedures to follow to place the many formations down before the technique could be activated .
It was clear that the wealth of a single cultivator, no matter how rich it was, wasn't enough to set it up .
'Heaven and Earth don't allow me to pursue the Attunement method and I have no knowledge whatsoever about formations . Also, there are specific materials needed for the restriction of the magical beasts inside the formation, I don't even know what some of these names mean . '

Noah didn't want to give up on such a strong technique so soon but he knew that he wouldn't be ever able to use it .
The requirements for the usage of the technique were harsh, one needed to be experienced in the Attunement method, able to understand formations, able to capture and restrain magical beasts, and also have many exotic materials .
Only a divine being could meet those standards, even cultivators in the heroic ranks would need the backing of an organization to perform the technique .
'I guess I can only give it to the sect along with everything that I don't need . There is one problem though, what can I even ask in exchange?'
During the days in which Noah was secluded inside his cave, a shocking piece of information was spread throughout the Coral archipelago .
The information came from a team that had survived the trials inside the Inheritance ground, those cultivators came from an organization belonging to the Utra nation .

The information spoke about a known criminal of the Utra nation whose identity was most likely linked to the outsider that had unleashed chaos on the battlefield of the Odrea nation .
The criminal identified in that report was, of course, Noah Balvan .
The cultivators of the Utra nation were the only one that had access to the drawing featuring his facial features so, when they met the copy of David's team, they were able to identify Noah when his hood came off during the battle .
Also, the spells used by his copy matched the reports about the Hooded devil in the Odrea country, that last piece of information was the confirmation needed to link the two identities .

Noah would curse his bad luck if he was to know that his copy had appeared right in front of cultivators of the Utra nation, learning that the copy of David's group had managed to kill most of them wouldn't console him much .
The information soon became renown, the social environment of the archipelago was different from that of the continent, keeping something hidden to the other organizations wasn't possible .
The Hive learnt about it and the Chasing demon sect wasn't an exception .
Many disciples and captains could be seen walking in front of Noah's cave, curious about the real identity of the honorary disciple that they called Zach .

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Yet, there was something that prevented them from investigating further .
Two figures sat on the purple ground in front of Noah's cave .
One was the renown Roy, the only cultivator in the human ranks that held the title of elder .
The other was a woman with white hair whose cultivation level was hidden to the others .
The rank 2 cultivators weren't aware of her identity but all the captains trembled and bowed when they saw her .
That was because the woman waiting for Noah to exit his cave was Elder Iris, Roy's mother, and the manager of the human assets of the entire Chasing demon sect!
The news about Noah obtaining the Inheritance contained in the separate dimension had been kept a secret from the sect but the presence of a heroic cultivator in the residential area for rank 2 cultivators raised many suspects .
After all, cultivators weren't stupid, especially considering that they were aware that Noah had survived the exploration of the dimension with David's team .
Also, according to David's reports, his team had approached the last trial that many had escaped .

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In fact, there was something that his team had completely missed: The escape tokens could be used to forfeit the matches against the copies!
It couldn't be helped, David and the others were confident in their power, they had no reason to test again the tokens after they had failed to work in the ninth trial .
Yet, that didn't apply to all the teams in the dimension: Many cultivators relied on them when death was nearing in the tenth and eleventh trial and, to their surprise, the tokens had worked!
They didn't bring them outside the dimension though but only at the beginning of the mountain chain .
Also, the tokens broke after that activation .
That was one of the reasons why the legal organizations ended up with more survivors, they were used to be on the losing side in the archipelago, the careful attitude developed due to that helped them discover the detail that many cultivators belonging to the underground organizations had missed .
Noah was unaware of all that stream of information that had enveloped the organizations of the archipelago and focused on sorting his space-ring .
He wasn't in a hurry, he could calmly memorize the new spells as he thought about what to ask in return for the items useless to him .
It took him a month and a half to exit his cave and he was quite surprised to find the pair of mother and son waiting for him right in front of the entrance .