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Chapter 413
An unsightly expression appeared on Elder Iris' face, she wasn't clear about Noah's intentions so she simply waited for him to explain further .

"What do I mean by everything is simple: I'll be granted the ability to purchase anything I want from the inventory for free, to freely use any training facility of the sect, and, if needed, to request for the help of heroic ranks cultivator when I'm in peril . Of course, my requests can only be applied for matters and resources up to the fifth rank, just like the items in the Inheritance . "
Noah exposed one piece of information about his wealth to show how valuable the Inheritance was, it was clear from Elder Iris' struggling expression that his words were effective .
Roy had long since lost any will to speak, Noah was negotiating with resources that even his privileged position couldn't grant him, it was better to leave the matter to his mother .
Yet, he couldn't help but feel some tinges of admiration when looking at the young man uncaringly sitting in front of him .
The will of most cultivators in the human ranks would just break when dealing with an entity in the heroic ranks but Noah wasn't even sweating under his mother's gaze .
'Such a cold-blooded attitude, to think that he could have ended up in a legal organization . '
Roy heaved a sigh of relief as he thought of that, he felt glad that such a spectacular cultivator was on his side .
On the other hand, Elder Iris felt conflicted .
She knew that she had no leverage on Noah .
The man in front of her had no relationships to exploit and his position didn't have any weaknesses .
You either accept my conditions or I make everything blow up!

There wasn't much room for negotiation after that ultimatum .
"I don't have the authority to accept your requests . "
In the end, Elder Iris sighed as she revealed the truth .
She was just a rank 4 cultivator after all .
She was an unparalleled existence in the eyes of the human cultivators but her power didn't allow her to have much influence on the heroic matters .
"I kind of expected that . "
Noah revealed too, he knew that he couldn't ask for the complete support of the heroic assets to a single elder .
It was with a bit of hesitation that he decided to give voice to his next words .
"Please, bring me to the Chasing Demon, Divine Demon has also left a message for him . "

If a cultivator in the human ranks was ever to ask for a meeting with the patriarch of the Chasing demon sect, it would become the biggest joke in the entire sect, it might even be punished due to its lack of respect .
The Chasing Demon was a legendary figure after all, one of the pillars of the defeated unorthodox sects of the Papral nation .
Yet, when the legacy of a God was involved, exceptional measures had to be taken .
It took a few hours for the higher-ups of the sect to be notified of Noah's requests, the news that he had obtained the Inheritance had been hidden from the human assets but all the elders had been informed about it .

Also, most elders had interrupted their cultivation due to the closure of the separate dimension, like Elder Iris, they saw war looming over the archipelago .
The elders had a long discussion through their inscribed communication items, some of them wanted to directly punish Noah for asking something so disrespectful but they soon calmed down when they heard that Divine Demon had left a message for their patriarch .
Moreover, that message was detained by Noah, they didn't want to indirectly hurt the Chasing Demon by preventing the meeting from happening .
After the matter had been decided, Noah was brought by Elder Iris in the center of the sect, where the patriarch's personal training ground was .
The route didn't follow the usual passages, Elder Iris needed to unlock many secret and underground tunnels with her authority to reach the place where they were standing .

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Noah stood still as he tried to contain his amazement at the sight that had unfolded in front of him .
The last underground passage ended in a vast underground area .
The area was so large that it could match the width of the entire sect with its size .
Noah was at the entrance of a shining purple environment, it would resemble one of the plains near Balvan mansion if it wasn't for the fact that the ground was made of barren crystals .
Also, a short mountain stood at its center, its peak seemed to have been cut off since a perfectly horizontal space could be seen at its summit .
"The patriarch has accepted to see you but I can't go further, you must walk to the summit alone . "
Elder Iris spoke, her eyes looked at the summit of the mountain contained in the large underground area with reverence, her complete devotion could be seen in her expression .
On the other hand, Noah was interested in the environment: That was the training area of an entity in the sixth rank, he wanted to learn as many secrets as he could!
However, he soon discovered that he couldn't feel anything, there didn't seem to be even the slight trace of "Breath" in the plain .
"Go, don't let the patriarch wait . "
Elder Iris gave those last words and retreated, leaving Noah alone at the end of the passage .

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'I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew this time . '
Noah thought as he carefully stepped on the purple plain .
He had the vague suspicion that only the Chasing Demon could grant his requests but he still felt anxious at the thought of meeting him .
Part of his mental energy was ready inside the space-ring, he maintained his connection with the item to be ready to threaten any existence that wanted to exploit him .
However, he wasn't completely sure that his methods would work against a rank 6 existence .
The path toward the mountain was barren, nothing but the purple light of the exoskeleton was in sight .
It took him only about half an hour to reach the base of the mountain where he finally felt something different from the complete desolation of the plain .
The mental sphere of a cultivator was extremely sensitive to dangers and Noah had also absorbed the Bloodline Inheritance, further improving that ability .
When he looked at the plain summit, there was only one sensation that he felt: Powerlessness .
A feeling that, no matter what he did or what schemes he tried, gave him the certainty that they would fail .
It was while enduring that pressure that Noah gulped and began to climb the mountain .