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Published at 18th of January 2020 08:30:09 AM

Chapter 415
The world that only heroic mages could see, the laws of Heaven and Earth, the will that the cultivation techniques must carry .

All those pieces of information entered Noah's mind, adding fragments to the puzzle that was the heroic ranks for him .
"Stealing the "Breath" that carries the laws, won't it interfere with the matter?"
Chasing Demon was freely explaining those subjects to Noah and he even wore a faint smile as he did so, Noah didn't want to let go of that opportunity .
Knowledge was what he lacked the most at the moment, the academy had given him a solid foundation but the matters of the heroic ranks had always been too vague, there wasn't much that he could learn about them .
That's why the pointers of a rank 6 experts outclassed any other priority he had before going to that meeting .
"Of course, that's the reason why all the divine beings eventually leave for the Immortal lands, this world would become a wasteland or worse if Gods started to cultivate here . "
Noah fell deep in thought, it was as if a door leading to a bigger and more amazing world had been opened by the patriarch's words .
"Now, let me hear my Master's voice again . "
Chasing Demon asked as he stepped outside the formation and sat in front of Noah, a childish smile appeared on his face when he mentioned Divine Demon .

"Patriarch, I would like to hear my requests fir-"
"I agree to all of them . "
Noah had returned to reality when the message of Divine Demon was mentioned and wanted to set the matter concerning his conditions first but the patriarch immediately agreed, leaving him momentarily speechless .
"But, you don't even know what I'm asking!"
Noah complained, the patriarch's attitude didn't match with his idea of a cultivator in charge of a sect .
"All the resources and techniques up to the fifth rank inside the inventory will be yours to take freely . I also authorize you to use all the training facilities of the sect without the need for merit points and the sect will provide help whenever a danger that surpasses the human ranks befalls on you . Now, the message . "
Noah was once again speechless, all his requests had been accepted so easily!
"Come on, these are just resources, they are there to nurture promising cultivators anyway and you have already met those standards by obtaining my Master's approval . Don't make me repeat my orders a third time . "

After those words, Noah gave up on trying to understand his patriarch and simply sat in front of him while using his mental energy to summon the automaton .
The ethereal boy was already informed about his orders and his eyes lit up as soon as he appeared in the open .
"Rufus . "
Divine Demon's voice came out from the open mouth of the automaton, Chasing Demon's eyes widened when he heard that name .
"I know that you've chosen to train a rank 5 cultivation technique to kill that traitor, mining your path to godhood for the sake of vengeance wasn't your smartest choice . "

Chasing Demon snorted when he heard those words but a bitter smile appeared on his face, his eyes seemed to wander between the memories contained in his mind .
"Well, you have always been the most short-sighted and emotional of my disciples after all, you are being true to your nature at least . "
Noah shifted his gaze when he heard that, he didn't want to look at his patriarch when he was rebuked .

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"You've reached the sixth rank though, it means that you've finally managed to fuse your runes with my formations, maybe you still have hopes in becoming a God… Anyway, what I'm concerned about is how you handle your sect!"
"Back in my days, I would throw all those useless disciples that entered my dimension into a pack of dragons and allowed them to live only if they brought enough heads back! What kind of lofty life are they having here? Luckily for you, my dimension has killed all the useless ones, you can nurture better demons now . "
Noah's expression froze, hearing the more than seventy rank 3 cultivators died in the dimension being labeled as useless was something that he hadn't expected .
He began to see his patriarch under a new light, his status as a disciple of the Divine Demon meant that he had to be extraordinary even among his peers!
"I think war is always the best way to forge the character of the young ones . Just use the conquest of the archipelago as mean to nurture better human assets while you go around gathering the materials needed for my technique, you should have obtained it by now . "
Chasing Demon shot an inquisitor look toward Noah and he didn't hesitate to take out the book containing the copying technique and hand it to him .
The patriarch's eyes widened when he saw the book and he held it with great care as he began to inspect its contents .
"Oh, right . The kid is promising, use him in the war, I don't want him to isolate himself to cultivate like those orthodox bunch, battle prowess must come before the cultivation level in the mind of a demon . Anyway, I hope to see you in the Immortal lands, I still need to punish you for your recklessness . Luckily, there are dragons here too . "
The recorded voice ended and the spirit automaton closed his eyes before Noah made him return inside the ring .

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Chasing Demon had an awkward smile on his face, his Master seemed to have given birth to conflicting emotions inside him .
Then, he simply focused on the book in his hands, his fingers traced the lines of the formations described on the pages as if he was trying to understand their meaning .
"He is really a genius, this technique would be considered a masterpiece even if it was limited to the human ranks . "
The patriarch spoke without raising his gaze from the book, he seemed completely immersed in its pages .
"Ehm, what should I do now?"
Noah asked, he didn't give much weight on Divine Demon's words, he had just obtained unlimited access to the inventory and wanted to take anything darkness related before going in seclusion, there was still a lot that he needed to test .
"Well, you heard him, didn't you? You are going to war . "