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Published at 18th of January 2020 08:30:05 AM

Chapter 418
Noah sat on top of his "Breath" blessing at the bottom of a bright but narrow area .

He was at the bottom of what seemed a pit, he had to use Heilong's wings to safely reach that place and he couldn't lay down since there wasn't enough space for him to stretch .
Yet, that was the training area that he had chosen .
The pit was in one of the deepest parts of the exoskeleton, in what was supposed to be the leg of the dead beast .
Being so close to the sea and at such a depth created an environment rich of "Breath", its density surpassed that of Bruce's cave when the "Breath" blessing was out in the open .
Also, the purple light radiated by the walls was almost blinding, the mental sphere of a cultivator would be under heavy pressure in that place .
That training area was also used as a special punishment for certain cultivators, being at the bottom of a deep pit, unable to lay down, and under the constant assault of the purple light could break most cultivators' morale on the long run .
However, that place met all of Noah's requirements .
The density of "Breath" there would be amazing even for solid stage cultivators, it reached the limits of what rank 3 cultivators were able to absorb without suffering injuries .
The pressure applied by the light forced the mental sphere to oppose it, such a constant effort would increase the sturdiness of its walls, allowing for longer training sessions that used the Kesier rune .

Also, that area was completely isolated, disciples would rarely venture at the top of the pit, it was impossible to be disturbed at its bottom .
Noah opened his mouth and exhaled a mouthful of a multicolored gas .
The gas then dispersed in the air and Noah relaxed, supporting his head on the wall behind him .
'He said not to make the breakthrough in the heroic ranks with a technique created by someone else but he has never said that I can't use it before that . '
Noah wore a faint smile as he thought that, the feeling of improving his training speed had always put him in a good mood .
The reason behind that improvement was the new cultivation technique that he was using .
'As expected from a rank 4 cultivation technique, its efficiency surpasses any rank 3 technique, no matter if unorthodox or not . '
A book appeared in his hands after that conclusion, Noah swept through its pages but a disappointed expression appeared on his face when he reached a certain point .
The book in his hands contained the description of the rank 4 cultivation technique Dark convergence!

Noah had ultimately decided to use it to replace his Dantian's opening, Dark convergence was simply a better technique .
Cultivating faster and without the need to injure the dantian, Noah would be a fool if he decided to keep using the unorthodox technique .
'I should be fine if I use it till my breakthrough in the solid stage, I hope Divine Demon didn't expect me to stop cultivating until I created a technique . '
Noah decided and put the book away, he wanted to see if he managed to understand the part related to the heroic ranks after practicing it but he obtained no results .

The part related to the human ranks was quite simple, Noah had to form a rotating sphere around his dantian with his "Breath" which would attract the "Breath" in the environment .
That energy would be filtered by the sphere so that only the "Breath" of the darkness element could enter, all the leftover had to be expelled through his mouth .
A scroll appeared in his hands after he put the book away, a bit of eagerness could be seen in his eyes when he studied its contents .
The scroll contained the diagram of the rank 0 spell Shadow steps, a spell that he had already analyzed in the past to create his martial art .

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Yet, Noah wanted to see if he could learn more from it thanks to the Divine deduction technique .
As for why his first thought concerned the Shadow steps spell, it was because Noah wanted to increase his battle prowess as much as he could before the war .
To do that, he had to remove the limitations of his martial art and become able to perform it while flying .
Noah now had a rank 4 creature as a Blood companion, Heilong's wings were powerful, the speed at which he flew had surpassed his running speed thanks to them .
Magical beasts had stronger bodies compared to cultivators, the power contained in Heilong's wings far surpassed that of Noah's legs .
However, if Noah was to improve the Shadow sprint art and use it while flying, his speed in the air would skyrocket!
Noah began to trace the lines of the diagram with his eyes, last time he had only focused on isolating the propulsion effect contained in the circles that appeared under his feet, but now he wanted to completely understand the spell .
After all, he was only a rank 2 mage when he first attempted to study the diagram and he didn't have the technique of a God!
The lines of the diagram began to appear over the sea in his sea of consciousness but Noah's half-transparent figure quickly moved them toward the inscriptions on the walls .

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The inscriptions sucked the lines right away and mental energy was consumed to activate its capabilities .
A stream of information entered Noah's mind, Noah felt as if he was able to understand the creator's intentions when he drew the diagram .
Also, the meaning behind those lines became clear, Noah felt the urge to start over the testing of his martial art .
However, while he was focused on that incredible state, his mental energy continued to be depleted until it eventually reached a critical quantity, awakening Noah from his deductions .
'This fairness of Heaven and Earth sure is annoying . '
Noah cursed when he saw the pitiful state of the sea inside his mind, about sixty percent of it had been expended while he analyzed the diagram .
'It takes almost all my mental energy to study the diagram of a rank 0 spell but there are no dangerous repercussions and it's an extremely quick procedure . I don't lack drugs to refill my sphere and I can always ask for more of them from the sect… Six months, I must become able to defeat solid stage cultivators in six months . '
It was with that determination that Noah took a potion from his ring and gulped its contents before resuming his training .